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The Cry of Love Full Album Lyrics

Jimi Hendrix - The Cry of Love cover art

The Cry of Love

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPsychedelic Rock
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  2
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1. Freedom (3:25)
You got my pride
hanging out of my bed
You're messin' around with my life
So I bought my ...
You even mess with my children
And you're screamin' at my wife, baby
Get off my back,
if you wanna get outta here alive

Freedom, give it to me
That's what I want now
Freedom, that's what I need now
Freedom to live
Freedom, so I can give

You got my heart
speak electric water
You got my soul
screamin' and howlin'
You know you hook my girlfriend
You know the drugstore man
But I don't need it now
I was trying to slap it out of her head

Freedom, so I can give
Freedom, yeah
Freedom, that's what I need

You don't have to say that you love
if you don't mean it
You'd better believe
If you need me
or you just wanna bleed me
you'd better stickin' your dagger in someone else
So I can leave
Set me free


Right on, straight ahead
Stay up and straight ahead
2. Drifting (3:48)
On a sea of forgotten teardrops
On a lifeboat
Sailing for
Your love

Sailing home

On a sea of old heartbreaks
On a lifeboat
Sailing for
Your love
Sailing home
3. Ezy Ryder (4:10)
There goes ezy
Ezy ryder
Ridin down the highway of desire
He says the free wind
Takes him higher
Tryin to find his heaven above
But he's dyin to be loved

He's tellin me livin
Is so magic
Something is forever
So he claims
He's talkin' bout lyin
It's so tragic baby
But don't you worry bout today
We got freedom comin' our way


How long
Do you
Think he is gonna last
Carryin' out on a gas (? )

See all the others say
'do what you please'
Gotta get the brothers together
And the right to be free
In a cloud of angel dust
I think I see me a freak
Hey motorcycle mama
You gonna marry me? ha,ha


I'll be stone crazy
Love comin in at you
Stone crazy baby
4. Night Bird Flying (3:50)
She's just a nigh bird flyin' throught the night
Fly on
She's just a night bird making a midnight, midnight flight
Sail on, sail on
Well, she's flyin' down to me
But, 'til tomorrow got to set her free
Set her free

So all we got, baby, is one precious night
All we got is one precious night
Throw your blues and shoes and things
And lay it down under the bed
Just wrap me up in your beautiful wings,
Better hear what I say, yeah
Oh, carry me home
Please take me through your dreams
Inside your world I want to be

Until tomorrow no tears will be shed
Hold on 'til the sun gets out of bed
Hold on, hold on, baby
Fly on
5. My Friend (4:38)
Hey, look out for my glass up there, man!
That's my drink, man, that's my drink, alright...
Make it a double, or eh...
Somebody has to sing
Some body will sing?
Somebody will sing, right?
(I don't know!)

Y'all pass me that bottle,
And I'll sing you all a real song
Let me get my key, ahum!

Well, I'm looking through harlem
My stomach squeal just a little more
A stagecouch full of feathers and footprints,
Pulls up to soap?box door
Now a lady with a pearl?handled necktie
Tied to the driver's fence
Breathes in my face,
Bourbon and coke possessed words
& quot;haven't I seen you somewhere in hell,
Or was it just an accident? '
(you know how I felt then, and so..)

Before I could ask 'was it the east or west side?'
My feet they howled in pain
The wheels of a bandwagon cut very deep,
But not as deep in my mind as the rain
And as they pulled away I could see her words
Stagger and fall on my muddy tent
Well I picked them up, brushed them off,
To see what they say,
And you wouldn't believe..
`come around to my room, with the tooth in the middle,
And bring along the bottle and a president'

And eh sometimes it's not so easy, baby
Especially when your only friend,
Talks, sees, looks and feels like you,
And you do just the same as him
(gets very lonely up this road, baby)
(yeah, hmmm, yeah)
(got more to say!)

Well I'm riding through la (huh),
On a bicycle built for fools
And I seen one of my old buddies
And he say, 'you don't look the way you usually do'
I say, 'well, some people look like a coin-box'
He say, 'look like you ain't got no coins to spare'
And I laid back and I thought to myself, and I said this..
I just picked up my pride from underneath the pay phone,
And combed this breath right out of my hair
And sometimes it's not so easy
Especially when your only friend
Talk, sees, looks and feels like you,
And you do just the same as him

Just got out of a scandinavian jail,
And I'm on my way straight home to you
But I feel so dizzy I take a quick look in the mirror,
To make sure my friend's here with me too
And you know good well I don't drink coffee,
So you fill my cup full of sand
And the frozen tea leaves on the bottom
Sharing lipstick around the broken edge
And my coat that you let your dog lay by the fire on
And your cat he attacked me from his pill?box ledge
And I thought you were my friend too
Man, my shadow comes in line before you
I'm finding out that it's eh not so easy
Specially when your only friend
Talks, looks, sees and feels like you,
And you do the same just like him

(lord it's so lonely here, hmmm, yeah)
(pass me that bottle over there...)
Yeah, yeah, okay...
6. Straight Ahead (4:42)
Straight ahead
Hello my friends
So happy to see you again
I was so alone
All by myself i just couldn't make it

Have you heard baby
With the wind blown round
Have you heard baby
A whole lot a people comin' right on down
Communication, yeah, is comin' on strong
I don't give damn baby
If your hair is short or long
I said get outta your grave ha
Oh everybody is dancin' in the street
Do what you know
Don't be slow
You got to practice what you preach
Yeah ha
Cause it's time for you and me
Come to face reality
Forget about the past baby
Things ain't what they used to be
Keep on strait ahead
Keep on strait ahead
Strait ahead baby
Strait ahead baby

We got to stand side by side
We got to stand together and organize
Send power to the people, that's what their screamin'
Freedom of the soul
Pass it on, pass it on, to the young and the old
You gotta tell the truth and the truth yeah
They're gonna need a whole lot of lives
Because one of these days baby
They'll be runnin' things
So when ya give 'em love you better give it right
Woman and child and man and wife
The best love to have is the love of life
That's about all baby

Hello, my friends
It's so good to see you again
Now i've been all by myself
I don't think i could make it alone
I don't think i could make it alone
7. Astro Man (3:32)
Here I come to save the day

A little boy inside a dream just the other day
His mind fell out of his face and the wind blew it away
A hand came out from heaven and pinned a badge on his chest
It said 'get out there, man, and do your best'

They call him astro man
And he's flyin' higher than
That faggot superman ever could

Oh, they call him cosmic nut
And he's twice as dense as donald duck
And he'll try his best toscrew you up
The rest of your mind
Oh, look out! my guitars

Astro man, flyin' across the sky two times higher
Than that old faggot superman ever, ever could
Ever could

There he goes, there he goes
Where he stops, no one knows
There he goes, there he goes
He's tryin' to, tryin' to blow out the rest of your mind
He's gonna blow out the rest of your mind
Talkin' about lookin' for peace of mind
Astro man will leave it in pieces
Have you put our trouble behind him
Make you fly around in pieces
Yeah, blow out the rest of your mind
Astro man will blow out the rest of your mind
He's gonna blow out the rest of your mind
8. Angel (4:25)
Angel came down from heaven yesterday
She stayed with me just long enough to rescue me
And she told me a story yesterday
About the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea
And then she spread her wings high over me
She said she's gonna come back tomorrow

And I said, "Fly on my sweet angel
Fly on through the sky
Fly on my sweet angel
Tomorrow I'm gonna be by your side"

Sure enough this morning came unto me
Silver wings silhouetted against the child's sunrise
And my angel she said unto me
"Today is the day for you to rise
Take my hand, you're gonna be my man
You're gonna rise"
And then she took me high over yonder

And I said, "Fly on my sweet angel
Fly on through the sky
Fly on my sweet angel
Forever I will be by your side"
9. In From The Storm (3:41)
Well i, I just came back today...
I just came back from the storm.
I said: "i just came back, baby...
I just came back from the storm.
Yeah, from the storm.
Well, I didn't know it then,
But I was sufferin', sufferin'
For my love to keep me warm.
It was so cold and lonely, yeah.
The wind 'n' cryin' blue rain
Were tearing me up.
It was so cold and lonely.
The crying blue rain was tearing me up.
Oh, tearing me up.
I wanna thank you my sweet darling
For digging in the mud and picking me up.
Thank you so much!

It was a terrible rain that was burning my eyes.
It was you my love who brought me in.
I love you so much,
I'll never stray from you again.

I just came back baby.
I just came back to get my baby on her way.
Yeah, yeah.
10. Belly Button Window (3:37)
Well. I'm up here in this womb
I'm looking all around
Well, I'm looking out my belly button window
And I see a whole lot of frowns
And I'm wondering if they don't want me around

What seems to be the fuzz out there?
Just what seems to be the hang?
'cause you know if ya just don't want me this time around,
Yeah I'll be glad to go back to spirit land
And even take a longer rest,
Before I'm coming down the chute again
Man, I sure remember the last time, baby
They were stlll hawkin' about me then
So if you don't want me now,
Make up your mind, where or when
If you don't want me now,
Give or take, you only got two hundred days
'cause I ain't coming down this way too much more again

You know they got pills for ills and thrills and even spills
But I think you're just a little too late
So I'm coming down into this world, daddy
Regardless of love and hate
And I'm gonna sit up in your bed, mama
And just a grin right in your face
And then I'm gonna eat up all your chocolates,
And say 'i hope I'm not too late'

So if there's any questions,
Make up your mind
'cause you better give or take
Questions in your mind
Give it a take,
You only got two hundered days

Way up into this womb
Looking all around
Sure's dark in here
And I'm looking out my belly button window
And I swear I see nothing but a lot of frowns
And I'm wondering if they want me around
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