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To Live Is to Suffer Full Album Lyrics

Jenner - To Live Is to Suffer cover art

To Live Is to Suffer

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSpeed Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-19)
1. Factory of Death (4:51)
When the time of darkness comes
When the fear's the one who rules
Madness' spreading evil times
That takes away each helpless soul

Millions of poor exiled people
Are judged on hardest punishment
They'll walk alone for eternity
On this returnless road with no dignity

Like sheep before butchery
Waiting for death in this death factory

Middle classed family man
Alien of the higher race
Acting nice with cheerful smile
He stands on this damned place

Master of his own handcraft
He's the fear of this death factory
No child no woman can escape
The cruel punishment cause they're all guilty

Because they're different in their mind
Or just because they are alive

They'll die looking behind
They'll die in the darkest night
They'll die burning alive
You die, blood's all around

Day by day it's all the same
Merciless butcher slays their necks
This blond boy, little girl, a woman or oldman

It doesn't matter they all have
Cruel and painful destiny
They'll fall down one by one
In the plash of blood
And be left there to lay

The pride of his own family
He's wearing the badge of the best employee


Sometimes on the deadly night
Sinless face appears in his dream
Then memories of victim's screams
Slowly start torturing him

He often dreams his drowning in red ocean
Of human blood, waving with his hands
Searching for salvation, searching for help
He's trying to scream but his voice's failing him

He's afraid of his own shadow
He can't run from own skin
Who live from the sword
Will die from the sword
All the evil will be erased by time
Like it's never been alive
But the billions of innocent souls
Shall live forever
2. Hear the Thunder Roar (4:32)
Here comes the trouble, staring at me
There shall be justice, just wait and you'll see
Sky's turning black and you're feeling scared
Hoping that soon it will end

The power of evil is rising in town
Never surrendered, still standing strong
The thunder is coming to ruin their homes

Hear! The thunder! Roar! 2x

Just hear the thunder roar
Your face has turned to stone
It's coming back for more,
For each and every soul

Here comes the thunder with all it's might
Chasing and killing all in it's sight
Remember, your story has just begun
Take all you can and run

Screaming and bleeding, caught in a trap
A heart cries for freedom, there's no turning back
The winds of tomorrow are ringing the bell

Hear! The thunder! Roar! 2x

Out from the sky came the sound of death
No time to be wasted, there's no place to run
Pray for your head, pray for your life
3. Demon's Call (6:02)
Who are you just standing there
At the end of the road
Your wings are spreading, heart is melting
Why is all this for

Why do you whisper in my ear
Why would I trade my soul
Can't you see I finally realized
I'll try to continue on my own

So it's the sign of destiny
I hardly breathe and I can't sleep
So is that only left for me
Enter the gates of your dream

Why do all those magic words
Spin in my head
Chest is freezing from inside
Blood's boiling in my veins

It's hard to resist your call
Even harder to understand
I'm shivering I can't control all those games
Games you want stop playing on your own

Every night your shadow
Just appears on my wall
Through the window I can hear you scream
"I want it all!"

I can almost feel the demons
Scratching on my door
Stop sending them cause I'm afraid
And understand
I don't wanna lose my mind again

If it's my aim I must achieve
Then wrap your hands around me
If that is only left for me
Take me away to your dream
4. The Heath Is Coming Again (4:00)
Feeling dead inside, no emotions and thought
Your soul has died and then you're caught
Taken away in the night

Unaware of your plight
Think you're enslaved
Unknowing that you're saved

Who are we and do we exist in here
Is it real or just another dream
If we question it do we disappear
Is it just a fraud, twisted evil scheme

So scream and shout
Looking for right way
Seeking the light of the day

The heath is coming again
Grabbing my soul
The heath is coming again
Surrounding us all

Are we puppets dancing on the string
Switch us on or leave us to cling
We never feel it, never know it
Do we have free will or do we submit

Texture changes, never the same
Twisting inside, playing their game
Now more than ever we all need it
Raw power might be a new seed

5. On the Judgement Day (5:14)
The place of awful suffering
Awaits for everyone
The place of horror, dying hard
Lessons to be taught
Eternity's a lot of time
So try to leave a mark
They would give all they had
They'd run deep in the dark

Deadly thunders reaching us
Cries of sinners' souls
In the flame of damnation
You suffer the most
Journey to the other side
to the devil brought
Right into the final round
Encased in their sins

In the dead of the night
Strange procession moves
Chains break deadly silence
Souls' freeze inside
Evil returns to evil
You'll pay for your sins
All the eternal sinners
In the front of the gate
On the judgement day

Cold sweat down their bodies
Heat is burning them
Servants cry the tears of trial
Praying for the end
Eternity's a lot of time
For thinking what you've done
It proved to be a punishment
At the place of death

Those condemned souls
Will remain unnamed
Ignorant and full of hate
On their own straight way
Anger, lust and violence
Are spreading through the round
They are coming closer
But can't even make a sound

Fright and fear can be seen
Right in their eyes
While the merciless death angel rise
And leads their way down
All the pride, strength and greed
Have disappeared
Is there a hope for the salvation
There's no regret on the judgement day
6. How Deep Is Your Greed (4:47)
Man, what more could you go
When you have everything
You own entire world producing energy
Sipping our blood through straws of slavery
Harvesting our souls as we give lives for thee

So I ask, where more could you go
What more could you rule
The goal of power is just to have more of it
With useless artifacts
You're climbing our backs
Manipulate the outcome of history

As fast as lightning strikes
Things change before our eyes
Confusion fabricating, masses buy the lies
Those who see through the vile cabal
Labeled as madmen paranoid
None will be laughing as we all enter the void

Civilization erased
No single human trace
Consequences of vast, misconduct and greed
Nature forces rebel
A whole new meaning of hell
Nothing can save you now
You brought this on yourselves
7. Silent Killer (3:26)
Feeling it but you can't see
It is killing you slowly
Trapped inside never ending terror
Nothing left here to live for

He's hunting, killing, destroying, slaying
Will he ever know the reason why
He's searching, chasing, hounding, massacring
Watching us, he's the silent killer

Damned, possessed, think you're insane
He rules the game causing you pain
Twisting your mind more and more
You're trying to escape but it's too late


Living in fear, the future is clear
You can't escape from the silent killer
Dying to live, living to die
Silent killer will lead you to your grave

Your end is near, just close your eyes
Don't feel the fear, just prepare to die
8. Opened (On the Table) (4:20)
Smell of intestines fills out the room
Bloody instruments hinder your doom
Yet I still get to have my way

With your lifeless frame
They would call me insane
If they knew what's in my brain
Yet I save so many lives without me you would die

Socially acceptable, channeling my anger
Opened, on the table, I dig in

Sterile environment houses this act
You couldn't stomach it, now that's a fact
What a person's like on the inside

I witness first hand
They would lock me away
If they knew what's in my brain
Yet I save so many lives
Without me you would die


Cutting skin and ripping flesh
Mortal wounds to prevent death
Bringing satisfaction to me
Saw through bones, needles pierce
Blood all over, feels so fierce
If only the world could see

Detach limbs, tear out hearts
Kidneys, lungs, all body parts
This feeling is so orgasmic
There is no such friend to me as human anatomy
And death itself will set me free

They'll never stop me, death sets me free
My insanity's your ticket to live
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