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Lividity Full Album Lyrics

It Dies Today - Lividity cover art


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Submitted by level 4 chelsea485 (2015-03-16)
1. This Ghost (2:54)
Crossing my mind a thousand times
The cost and personal sacrifice
Hateful words in notes and melodies

This excuse, undeniable truth
Reaching ears faster than you can move

(this ghost shall burn my own shelter?)
The last place I expect to cover my eyes from fevered discontent

(if they could change)
Change, would we admit?
These empty promises they give
Never telling us to live
Our will cannot be broken

Plaguing my mind a million times
The loss and personal sacrifice
Spiteful words in chords and melodies

This abuse holds true
Still nothing can escape through the worst of it all
Or just regret

(if they could change)
Change, would we admit?
These empty promises they give
Never telling us to live
Our will cannot be broken

This pride we hold so closely
Our will cannot be broken
Instilled until the day we die
Our will cannot be broken
2. Reckless Abandon (3:54)
Place these fingers over the holes in your flesh
But you'll never find the pieces that you lack

Searching nameless city streets and abandoned hearts
For your salvation
Nothing will save you here
Borrowed time, forgotten miles, faceless tragedy
This lost city's demise

We'll be the ones to break this mold
You've spent way too long to get this wrong
Your perception and your walls between everything
Catch your breath, you'll make amends
You'll be free at last

This point of despair
Revealing force with no acceptance of the present situation
This place of desire deserted with no one but yourself to blame


You're making promises you can't keep
Turning your back
Too weak to stand up or face the road of the righteous
Your wrists unbound, it's in your hands... now


Your chance for reinvention
Your chance for reconnection
Your chance for this redemption
You'll be free at last

Wrists unbound, it's in your hands... now
Your wrists unbound, it's in your hands
3. Thank You for Drinking (3:01)
I'm calling last call
You're still intoxicating
Lies and deceit used like a fist (of cowardice)
Cornered and battered
You'll burn every bridge before too long
While your self respect is gone

Lay your head down
There's nothing left for you here
Lay your head down

Suspended in a revolving door of the blind
Of all these faceless acquaintances
Which will take the place of us
Only time will tell (only time)
This undeniable truth shall be known
The meek shall inherit the earth
And the weak shall...

Lay their heads down
There's nothing left for them here
Lay your head down

Absolve your veil of lies, dishonesty and pride
Reveal your rightful self
With the scourge of a thousand voices

With the scourge of a thousand voices
And the rapture of these legions ignite
We'll see you in hell
4. Miss October (4:10)
To all that's safe, our memories
Our justified angst
So consumed with no escape

Just time to wait
Bury our distress to console
Isolated, we let out self denial

A faint memory of a fall left black
Only three words left to say:
I fail you

I'll pay my respects with what I have left
We're so close to home, yet we're falling apart at the seams
And memories guiding us to sleep

Call your name
It's been so long
It falls on deaf ears
Tragic failed attempt at redemption

Photographs discarded, re-emerge
Only to throw me deeper still
Into remorse and regress, two years ago
And these familiar places are becoming foreign

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus]


Nothing is safe, not memories or visions of you
So confused with no escape

Only three words left to say:
I fail you


Guiding us to sleep...
5. Bled Out in Black and White (3:12)
Disconcerting feeling has opened my eyes for the very last time
This faith stirs an echo
I hear amongst the safe and perfect waste

A slow fear still creeping in
Invasive and persuasive like a whisper softly convincing me to move on
Lay waste to all the tangible explanations
Nothing's as it seems

Spit out the words to this question
The validity of my future faults

Carving my intentions with this blade of distinction
Digging deeper still in my skin
Twisting slowly, opening the wound

Spit out the words to this question
The validity of my future faults
Spit out the words to this question
Where do I begin?

This line scored from ear to ear
Telling a tale of exsanguination

These (immanent?) fingers pressed against my neck
Bleeding out the destruction I command

This calm stirs an echo
I hear amongst the sacred perfect waste
A slow fear still creeping in
Invasive and persuasive like secrets quietly convincing,
And missing the moral in these eyes
6. Martyr of the Truth (3:37)
I wanna breathe you in, senses realized
At first sight, this day imagined... waiting
Wanting for so long
Gaining this long lasting epiphany
A dream well within my grasp

Laid out for me to follow
But with every intention is fulfilled
I wanna breathe you, in senses realized
At first touch my veins are on fire
This can't be real, could not be absolute
Unfeigned feeling of compassion
Rises through the pores of my skin

Before us, for us
This collapse holds true
Before us, for trust
Faith in this renewed
7. Nihility (3:17)
Take these shards of meaning
Extact all your precious lies
Buried deep inside

Empty cavity that conveys your nihility
Precocious smile and state
It's your vaccant stare and amorous gaze

Nothingness of your world consumes
Expressing the vile abandonment
All that is precious and good
Has it been lost or merely forgotten?

Take blackened hearts that you forsake
Press these words...
Understand that the pain you don't feel
Holds you back again

This harsh reality still must be addressed much too soon
With this copious disregard for this at all

Negligence as your personal best
Your foul palm and fingers, not delicate enough
For this pure body trusting of your touch


Reflux and distress...
Not meaning an thing
But breaking you down...
Complete disdain

8. Life of Uncertainty (4:52)
This avenue, this home takes everything but gives back solitude
A proud departure from the rigors of a mundane breath
Expelled from the depths of a blackened sea
Expelled from the lungs of a gasping child

Strangled with a noose
Benign of provocative engagement
Coursing through these veins is the will to persue the unthinkable,
The diligence of so many before us

To achieve this reverie
The only way because we chose this...

Life of uncertainty
With this life of uncertain means
We can still believe and face change in a life of uncertainty
Life of uncertain means

A collapsed paradise, laid waste to the masses
The ample saturation almost
Choking the life out of us
But enough air to breathe through this permeated dream

We extort respect and honesty,
But guile and cunning require our defenses

Evoking our purpose and objectives
Forming this alliance that shapes and molds without discretion
Our intuition

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus]

Calling out with steadfast senses
Possessing all the answers that are questioned
And revised until the end of time
Worth and want tested with an action of advocation
Describing our fate and delicate delivery...
Of this hate

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus]
9. The Architects (3:33)
Condemned ones void of any signs of life
Retribution of words to decide
Our hands with recklessness at our throats

Affording disregard of these vessels encountered
Take pity on the precious hope and what we construct
With vigorous intent

We are the architects of suffering
Everything in a trail of desecration
Everything we have fought for thus far

Blueprint and design of our future, held in our hands
Still on a path of self-destruction

Mark our words...
There will be nothing left of this fabricated shell
Dismantled brick by brick
Consummate just one more fix

Another day withered away without justification
Falling apart anticipating to reconcile
Pacify and divert the bane of our existence

It seems the only way to abandon and deprive of reason
We can't spare ourselves the strain we bestow
Our bearing firm, self deprecation
Can we afford to defend our reality today?

Everything with a path of degradation
Everything we have paid for thus far

We are the architects of suffering
We are the architects of criminal desire
We are the architects of suffering
We are the architects of such imperfection
We are the architects of suffering
We are the architects of such imperfection
10. Complacence Without Pursuit (Lividity) (4:36)
Your stagnant truth, this buried youth
Wake up wrought with atrophy
Your scars will heal
Take my hand, I'll guide you through
Strip your thoughts of this treacherous road
I'll bring you home

Your heart beats with shallow depth
Lividity is certain
Still breathing with shallow breaths
Your failing wish dissolves

Carve your niche
You'll scream your name
You'll follow with no avail
Clawing through the sediment you'll be corrupt no more
Pressure unnerving, clutching you closer


Your pulse weak this darkened day
This crushing calm to the back of your head


Your heart stopped beating
Of life worth saving
I'll hold you closer
This one last breath
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