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Ex Oriente Lux | Full Album Lyrics

Ism Of Karawan - Ex Oriente Lux cover art

Ex Oriente Lux

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSludge Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-26)
1. Gavotte Voodoo Melody
2. Ethos Fermata
I eyed through the substance of all meaning,
realized the purpose of existence and decay
and weaved as another Penelope the perseverance of my end.

I sipped all of this catastrophe I was given,
became the vicarious of what the Reaper represents
and my irritating heart clenched many hands on the cross.

I lacerated all of Man's fake will,
shattered their deceiving, modest words
and burned their promises - left on the cuff.

I drank from the pond of everlasting breath,
settled their dead oxygen hash
and inhaled all of the luscious deceit they've luxuriated.

What kind of hypocrisy shall I render
to gain the trust of those weak hearts?
I denied to offer another lie or a tainted truth.

I'd rather be maimed than become a sour hope
in their bitter, wistful lives.
I chose to stutter the truth even if it's painful.

My intents are wiser than ignorance.
Scraping away the filthy holiness
that lairs in the body foam of sin's dangers!

Sickle hands cure smeared,
wounded angel's paddle,
the lore of minds seeped with true knowledge:

Through the grains of darkness, I swing
as a drain of cleansing rain!
3. The Devils in Lloyd Seagull
The winds of life freshen your mind and you're bound to the pieces
with which you were provided since your birth,
but you managed to glue them and finally stare
at the whole picture of your once tedious moments.

You were a wounded animal imprisoned in a den of hyaenae
but now you've become the lion that rules the jungle
and you're not scared to outcrop your body in these fields,
ignoring the eagles that fly above your provocative flesh.

Paled by the beauty of dear faces, you lighten through dark
and you ooze through the sadness you've not even sensed.
You presume upon your difference by repulsing the woe
and breathing the fresh parts through the toxic air.

Only the breeze touches your thoughts but not the storm,
so the heavens unfurl as a present box in your eyes.
Rain can't soak the holy grounds of your kingdom
even if you've heard the storm approaching your heart.

If only you could see with these open eyes, dear son,
and taste of the misery that hangs from your eyelids
and still seeks an entrance in your white world.
If only you knew there are other colours, too!
4. Dark Brown Plymouth
It is sad to see you drowning
in petitions and a handful of prayers,
shirking the need of remembrance.
You hustled to abandon, I know,
the keepsakes of those petulant times
but the smell of apples still scents from that car!

You didn't keep your childhood dryeyed
and your mind was cramed by remorse,
drawn in the horn of regret.
Your eyes are painted with the colours of shuffle
and there's a split on your lips
which erases the surmise of a different past;

and you traipse so unwilling
through the corridors of your nightmares.
You're thirty something, yet still to grow
and you carry in woe your flyblown name
to the places you bid adieu to your innocence:
You construe it as a predefined destiny!
5. The Culmen of Goblins
Glinted through the innermost memories
as a star that shone bright not,
for the hours spent and the days which passed
left only bittersweet moments
in a mouth full of coffee and sugar.

Flogging through the brain,
then murders the heart.
It is grit that is needed for the eye
to get used to this blood scenery.

Shuffling out so unwilling of habitualness closures.
So used to the warmth of this love,
so sad to see this ending once again,
emotionally bankrupt with intestinal breath,
slung from the passionate wishes (proven so fake),
sordid and desert!

I heard you droning the sounds of human decay.
A trance and a silence is all you can offer.
I saw your face cockling
for the futile trips of your substance completeness;
Though, even a smile as insatiable as yours
gave me hopes.
6. Cully Culpa Cultrate
Scribble the death of one's emotions in a shit paper
and send him a hell!
The oddities have to end all of this boredom.
Avoiding to meet the cohorts the eyes can born -
remains the ashamed!

You were the bile not but the neurotic conclusion
and you created this fallow final act
of two souls which used to be binded;
and who dares blame the carver in spite of the butcher?

A so sad reclusion of decisions
that smuggled the whole cowardice,
a thorough mutation of character,
a perfect total transition spurned the useless half of the whole self
and ashes were lost in the breeze!

You stalk the darkness of futility
without even knowing,
disturbed the silent waters and tranformed to its ribs.
What a morose dementia awaits for you!
What a fair judgement!
7. Delenda
The thriving of pieces in complete blue loneliness;
It couldn't get worse - a threnody of sordid sense.
The soppy sweet eyes of some stilly innocence,
the great depress and a poltroon fence.

Stealing away part of some other's offense
is frivolousness. Oh, you lack of tense!
And there's more than the grudge on the face of the oppressed -
it's the wilderness through all this mess.

By jaundicing life, in the jaws of death you invest
your cleverness, oh, that to woe it interconnects.
Then you're infusing your dreams with idiocy and blindness.
You ever run; Oh, your soul it bursts!
8. Bog Trotter Caligo
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