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South of the Earth Full Album Lyrics

Iron Man - South of the Earth cover art

South of the Earth

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal
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Submitted by level 3 grimreefer (2016-04-23)
1. South of the Earth (6:07)
Sit alone here in the dark
And scratch the paint from the walls
Ringing deep inside my head
Is starting to splinter my skull
It resonates from below
And echoes mental stillbirth
Crawl myself to the source
To be with it south of the earth

Compassion trampled away
I'll laugh when it finally dies
Psychosis becomes my deliverance
Seduced by the truth in her lies
Born of the wrong kind of family
Too happy to pass on their curse
Pass me a shovel or spade
So I can bury them south of the earth

Usher yourself to my madness
The night man will show you a chair
Observe as I stare into space
Oh what am I watching out there
A face, a memory, illusion or dream
That's crying for all that its worth
Seeking redemption from jaws of contempt
Maybe its south of the earth

Seeking relief from the bonds of grief
Seeking the lie hidden in the belief
Seeking delight in the aftermath of blight
Could it be south of the earth
2. Hail to the Haze (5:00)
Hail to the hallucination - come here to placate
Slip into my mind where I'm confined and take me away
Hail to the sutures that stitch up an essence broken

But how much longer - how much longer
How much longer can they hold before they explode?
But how much longer - how much longer
How much longer can the strain conceal the pain?

Hail to unconsciousness - altered and benign
It cannot heal, but I can't feel so I don't care
Hail to the haze that comes to keep my demons at bay

But how much longer - how much longer
How much longer inside can this monstrosity hide?
But how much longer - how much longer
How much longer must I wait to release my hate?

Hail to the clarity - a hammer in my head
Confirmation of fears becomes so real and is congealed
Hail to the chemicals - ingest my final escape

But how much longer - how much longer
How much longer in this state will I be awake?
3. The Whore in Confession (6:41)
There's a whore in confession - and a river of tears and blood to see
Try to drown the depression - take the edge from misery
Maybe learning a lesson - the price for a god to forgive a crime
There's a whore in confession - for the first and final time
Absolution raining down - retribution draining now

Raining down - so hard - so hard, those below it drown

The outpouring suppression - too much sin for one lone man to hear
Any chance of regression is torn away by dread and fear
Spilling out of aggression - self-hate for a life that's come undone
There's a whore in confession - tongue burning in the sun
Absolution washed away - execution wishing for a stay

Washed away - wishing - pleading
Begging, crying, dying, lying for another day

Bless me father, I have sinned - again and again and again
None to go and seven down - til I'm six, six, six in the ground

A lost war with obsession - the tears and blood pool on the floor
Just a single session can't purge this filthy whore
Hypocritical lesson - the flock just would not understand
This whore in confession holds a bible in his hands
Absolution gone to dust - scattered by the wind's disgust
4. The Worst and Longest Day (6:30)
Finally it's time at last - I have you back in my grasp
Cracks in your heart set free one most unholy seed
Your worst mistake, you see - you thought you'd defeated me
Now I've just one request - all that you love more or less

Laid to rest

Apart for these many years - I missed the sweet taste of your tears
I claim what's grown so cold - your dismembered, weakened,
broken, bloody, dying soul
Know that you'll never find a way to relieve your mind
Embrace the slow decay of your worst and longest day

I allowed you a taste of life so sweet
Bitter in your mouth going down as the horror repeats
I left you alone long enough for your guard to die...

Fall to your knees and pray - see if God will listen today
Silence - the final clue - He has forsaken you
Depths of my malignancy - drown in there eternally
The worst and longest day after day after day after day...
5. Aerial Changed the Sky (2:16)
6. IISOEO (The Day of the Beast) (4:55)
On the day of the beast the sun rose in the east
With a glow that just seemed wrong
He frowned at the sky and his heart said goodbye
To a home where he'd no more belong
The wind from the west had his weakness assessed
Lightning, thunder and rain
The bracing of foot was a hope burned to soot
The wind and the rain brought his bane

With valiant fight he rose to his might
In an effort to turn back the horde
Then in dismay it all washed away
Betrayal he'd feel evermore
Beaten and down he looked all around
The beast now blocked out the sun
His wounds open bled - spirit near dead
He realized the end had begun

In this year of the beast the sun dark in the east
With warmth that's remembered by none
He sits there alone with a heart turned to stone
As dreams fall away, one by one
The beginning has ended with force full intended
And trust that has withered away
The ending is here and now hope disappears
The beast has proclaimed disarray and pain
7. Half-Face / Thy Brother's Keeper (Dunwich Pt 2) (7:56)
Cries rise from up the attic - abomination in a tomb
The curious would wish to look upon you
The keyhole would reveal an empty room
Are you smiling as you leave the house of Whateley
Escape the fifteen years you spent in there
Your first look at the Dunwich countryside
Footprints form but there is nothing there

Your lot in life - a plague unfurled
Passed down - wizard, brother, you unto the world

Cries are silenced 'neath the wreckage
Mercifully they're spared Cthulhu's call
A fortunate reprieve from Armageddon
Signed in blood when you crushed down the walls

Your father holds the key - your brother could not set him free
To open the door of time and space
Return where you were born - that cold dark winter 'morn
Bring the Old Ones to this place
His audience you seek - reunion on the peak
Eradicate mankind from Mother's face

Daylight breaks as you begin ascension
Watched in horror by a frightened town
They can't see you, but fix on your pursuers
Desperation as you're hunted down
A chemical discovered by your brother
Brings your form into the naked eye
Shattering the air with screams and terror
The incantation chanted makes you die
8. In the Velvet Darkness (5:13)
Something whispers my name
I answer but no one can hear

Picked up off the floor - thrown inside a door
See it close behind
Dim light on the walls - shadows in the halls
Ministry unkind

Minions walk alone - cataleptic drones
The eye is in the sky
Forever looking on - an endless sea of pawns
Clinging to a lie

Needle's sting I recognize
Staring down the barrel of eternity inside
Needle's caress - the horror dies
Staring down the barrel of eternity implied

Hands behind my back - cable with no slack
Noose is before me
So long I have fought detrimental thoughts
Tonight they claim victory

Needle pulls me from the dream
I still go on as do the screams
Needle's sting so far removed
Staring down the barrel of the debt that's been accrued

You have an invitation
To join me in the velvet darkness
Something calling your name
Don't answer, because it might hear
9. The Ballad of Ray Garraty (7:38)
Paradise awaits for those who will challenge their fate
Promised utopia looms - with agony ripe to consume
In its obscene bloom - in an unclean womb - to its foreseen doom

Road in front of me - stretched as far as I can see
Day and night become the same - looking on this landscape inflamed
Immersed in pain - enthralled with the game - such a shame

The sadists gather to catch a glance
Of pawns in rows who perform the dance
The thought of rest is a distant glow
A quick-fading memory of life long ago

Friends fall down and die - can't bring myself to cry
Wallow in mud to preserve the pace for the fools who deserve the race
Who deserve this place - who without a trace will dissolve in face

Long road's end in sight - pulling forward with all of my might
Crosshair watches til all is done - into the arms of the angel I run
Into her arms I run - into her arms I come - in the blazing sun

The sadists gather as paradise falls
Its implications are lost on them all
Too lulled into sleep to see past the disguise
And shedding no tears as paradise dies
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