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Manifestation of Eternity in a World of Time Full Album Lyrics

Inverted Serenity - Manifestation of Eternity in a World of Time cover art

Manifestation of Eternity in a World of Time

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Lyrics > I > Inverted Serenity Lyrics (19) > Manifestation of Eternity in a World of Time Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-01)
1. Satori (5:00)
Asking myself why am I here
Living to overcome my fears
Something is wrong
Its been bothering me for years

Then I started to care
I became aware
Conscious expansion
Fueling my passion

Eons ago my soul was ready
To experience Earth
Vibrations HEAVY
There's no right or wrong
On this pulsing sphere of matter
Learn thy lesson and move on
And watch the veil shatter

For clarity
Of everything
I am everything

I the living light
God in amnesia
2. Behind the Eye (6:34)
Behind the eye - Lies a secret so divine
Once it opens you find a stable state of mind
Behind the eye - Make binds to severed ties
Defined to see in lines
And don't believe their lies

The oceans are rising
Volcanoes erupt
We've fucked up this Earth
And we're shit out of luck
When this day cometh open thy third eye
Midst all the chaos
Ascend to the sky

Cover the sky
Ignition of light
Balancing the left and the right
Existence unites
The pendulum swings

Shift draws near
Time is quickening
Cycle unending
Evolutionary shifting
De-calcify the gland
Geometrically sublime

Embracing this curse
Through the multiverse
Cyclical time forward and reverse

Ascend to the sky
3. Canonized Plagiarism (4:20)
What makes my word less divine
Than the contradicting word of your deity?
Basing your morals on allegorical myths
That were never meant to be taken literally

Read between the lines
The ancient wisdom disguised
The science of spirit

You manifest your own reality
The power within
Intrinsic infinity

Canonized Plagiarism

4. A Lesson in Unity (5:14)
Along the veins of Gaia
Sights set to the sky
A golden light there yonder
Multiplies the wonder
Eye single open
Curiosity mixed with thrill
Amazement unspoken as it guides us up the hill

Hominid body did not know who they were
Pineal gland activate higher-self assured

Me to be

Connected to all things as consciousness grows

Feeling their love
Soul pulling away
Higher-self reminding my spirit to stay
In third dimension
Incarnation unfinished
Assist in ascension
Make duality diminish

Fractals containing knowledge
Oneness experiencing self
Evolution to golden era
Freeing us from this hell
5. Embracing Electomagnetic Metamorphosis (4:13)
I am a soul
That acknowledges the mass mind control
My life will be well spent
I will not repent

There's no reason for me to
Oblige to the dogmas that are bound to you

These strange tales you say
Misled to believe its the only way

There's no reason for me to
Oblige to the dogmas that are bound to you

Continue to kneel to your elusive saviour
I'll live my life, divine in human nature
Preached by self proclaimed authority
Faithful paradox, conversion by force

Im not going to fall for your lies
It is my right to criticize
Don't you see hell's a state of mind?
Obedience through fear in the illusion of time
(Everything's fine)
(Thou art divine)

I am a soul
That acknowledges the mass mind control

There's no reason for me to
Oblige to the dogmas that are bound to you

I don't fear my own demise
6. Ascetic Cycle (2:39)
Erasing what's inside
Its never coming back
I can't decide whether
I should hide or attack
Becoming what I am
Disorder exceeding
Soul consuming
Rage could surface


Grasping my last thread of stable cognition
Procrastinate to avoid internal conflict
These ways of malice won't seem to unstick
Maiming my mind
Making me fucking sick

But its my choice

Stripped from my once used mental armor
I thought this was only a theory
Now you've become my very own author
You write the pages of my life story
7. Forbidden Catalyst of Awakening (3:23)
If you question reality
I know a trick to set you free
It lies within the soil of Earth
A creation of cosmic worth

Banished but not forgotten
Light the fire
Expansion Transpires

Don't let the tyrant sway your strife
This flora will increase
The beauty of life
So put your flame into the sky
Inhale the clouds until you die

Forbidden catalyst

The answer is harmless yet wrongly locked up
Birthed from a seed how could it be corrupt?
In a system flawed beyond belief
For a flora with a unique leaf
Desired within the soul
To encompass
To hold
The immaterial gold
The essence of creation unfolds

Vibrations are high
One with the sky

Your burdens set free
As you enter SERENITY
A new state of mind
Overlooked beauty defined
8. Dr. Boom (Hidden track) (2:59)
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