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Integral Full Album Lyrics

Inverted Serenity - Integral cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-01)
1. Yugen (5:09)
Revere the bewildering
Sift the endless
Extol the pulchritude
Unfathomed and astounding
Descry through patulousness
The coalescence of wonder and perplexity
Propels a journey of understanding
One in which infatuation unfolds this world
Only to proliferate interrogation
Tangible yet so elusive
It is within yet it is out of reach
Perpetual journey to inception
Incipiency subsists to intrigue
The coalescence of wonder and perplexity
Propels a journey of understanding
One in which infatuation unfolds this world
Only to proliferate interrogation
At ease with the equivocal
Confoundedness thwarts ignorance
At peace but not surrendered
With satisfaction the questions still persist
Conceited perceptions
Induce a digression
Of cognizance
The ken of ones insignificance
The extrication of pious shackles
A beckoning of humility
The elation of
This world
This life
To live
Let not the veil of blue submerge you
Into disregard
You're less then nothing
And yet you are
2. Everscending (5:44)
Timeless geometric codes
Vortex, energetic flows
Surging thought at the helm
Breathing the substance of air
Return to the unseen realm
I endure the migration
Through the turbulence
Coiling vibration
I endure the migration
Waking hibernation
I enduring the migration
Deploring expectation
I endure the migration
The circumstances do not matter
For life provides the tests
And the lessons come after
The place here
The time now
State of being
The root of it all
3. Grasp of Impermanence (4:24)
Grasp of Impermanence
To me, come
Ignited by the flame
Assaulted by the pain of the past
Leave me
Guide me to nothing
Look through life
Ever deeper
The great deceiver
Of what we'll be
Torn asunder
By memories
Grasp of impermanence
I've come to determine this
Grasp of impermanence
Left here to reminisce
As I erode
4. Coeur (4:47)
I'm lost in aim
Dragons temple
Of pain
Immersed in a helical frenzy
Glimpse of the lore in query
And be the one speaking to you
I've been, I've felt
I've lived , I have known
That through the throes it is sewn
That the throes it is grown
This is
To live
As king
I am the witness
Emanating right from my core
Emanating life
5. Integral (5:14)
6. Under One Sky (4:39)
Under One Sky
To survive mankind
Must work as one
For the good of
The global tribe
Asleep, consuming ourselves
In organic inanity
They say you'll be saved
If you behave
How can they claim
To know what you deserve
At the end of your earthly days
Trapped in a gaze
Exit the cave
Strive to grow
In harmony
Why choose ruthless competition
As a means to prosperity
Under one sky
To live and die
Within the
Womb in which
We grow in
7. Breath of Life (7:16)
The whisper of the trees
The dirt, the wind, the endless seas
That surround my being
All unfolding as it should be
Born at a given place and time
Like vintage years of wine
The qualities of the year
Flow inwardly in sine
What is always ours
In the language of the stars
Personal connection of worth
To breathe is to be Earth
Contract and expand
The seed, the tree
The flower, the fruit
Open to be endless
8. Volatile Thist (3:10)
Desire to deprive the senses
Wane cognitive defenses
Animal brain and ego inflated
Regret of the memories faded
Realization now aware
Lust melts into despair
Binge and walk a fine line
Purge the hate from inside
In the heat of the moment
You forgot
That I was alive
9. Wrought (Rot) (4:51)
Skin of living thought
Grow synchronized
To rot
Organically animated
Half garden, half machine
Physical phase (Phase)
Phi-cycles I face (I face)
All fears erased (Erased)
I see through the dance of the cosmos
As I plunge into the unconditional
To eternal stillness
10. Elemental Abyss (5:49)
Consumed in the garbage of the circus
Mirror forgotten
Lead to be lost at sea
Neglecting what lies beneath the surface
Inflicting disgust
It reflects back to thee
All beliefs expire
Fall apart at the seems
Black and white
Whole in-between
Fire, Earth, Air, Water
An abyssal game
Orphic endeavors
I forever
Defect of surreptitiousness
Arcane artifice revealed
Discernment of simulation
Abrupt gasp in submergence
Let go
The depths
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