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Nails | Full Album Lyrics

Intrinsic - Nails cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Speed Metal
LabelsDivebomb Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-12-10)
1. State of the Union (4:36)
Decline and fall
We once stood so tall
The future was at our command
But the years of neglect erased the years of respect
Now we bury our heads in the sand

We got so used to taking life so easy
Made us soft - it made us weak
Everything's been handed to us
Freedom we take for granted
See right through the enemy promises they make
Simple topics -
Ideas for simple minds mass consumption
Soothing words meant to sedate you1

Out of sight - Out of mind
Tunnel vision - future blind
Gamble with the fate of the next generation
For the short term bottom line

Once we had such pride and believed in the leaders we could trust
To protect and to serve
Seem like so many empty words
Who can we turn to now
Power is held in the hands of the few
A status they seek to maintain
O say can you see the burning oil fields
Who profits this time? Answer me!

One day - we the people might be in control
One dream - to create a world far beyond war
One hope - more money spent to educate than to kill
Last chance - we hold it in our hand
One voice - who will be the one - is it you?

Social classes stratified - population pacified
Self-expression suppressed
Apathy prevalent - democracy irrelevant
Diagnosis terminal - prognosis is grim
2. Fight No More (6:39)
Six feet four - strong, young and handsome
Leader of a nation so proud
Look in his eyes - he already knows you
The power to see deep inside

The will live up to what I say
I will live up to what he has to say

Born of the land they once roamed so freely
A culture so ancient - unspoiled
Strangers that first seemed so friendly
Now threaten all they know
Attempts at treaties are useless
Enforcement is futility
No respect for what they hold sacred
No choice but so fight and defend

Through my eyes I see truth
For what my people stand for
With my eyes I see pain
Conflict can't be avoided
In their eyes I see greed
To fulfill their manifest destiny
From sea to shining sea….

The creative powers drew no boundaries
When they formed this land
And you cannot buy that which is not owned
Your book of truth is a hypocritic tool
Which my people will not stand for
Freedom's parting breath
Has widowed many in my tribe
And from where the sun now stands
I will fight no more forever

Lies are free - The desire of a confident man
Coming forth to take my land
Our guns will bring them to their knees - Fight!

Burning so hot with the spirit
Fighting for all they know
Taking the ultimate journey
Departing - never to return

And I will die a caged man!
3. Die Trying (3:49)
Indecision is deciding
Medicated weekends
Trying hard to keep on trying
All the while divide

Pushing hard - pushing back
Time to take a stand
Measure up - hold you down
Catch up when you can

I think I see heaven
You don't have to live up to what they expect
As long they say you died trying

Indecision when decided
Feeling incomplete
Getting high to keep from trying
Living on the street

Make a mark that doesn't scar
Closer to the soul
Paper signs on every corner
Eye to eye we roll on by

No words can heal
It only comes by show

Every day we grow exposing
Layer some with tears
Two of the same can't be together
Prejudice - fear

Eat the flesh - drink the blood
A global masquerade
We decided - we're divided
Heaven manmade

You don't have to live up - Die
You don't have to live up - Die
You don't have to live up - Die

You don't have to live up to what they expect
As long they say you died trying
4. On Gossamer Wngs (7:43)
You've been set free at the age of 18
Life's path is leading you nowhere
So you bit and you kicked - with the last lick
The first taste of life makes you sick

Hiding your face from the street lights at night
Surviving off what you can steal
You pray for deliverance from this living hell
Paying the price to be free

Living up to what they expect - pressured success
Lies nothing but lies
Signs of a lost soul showing in you
Knowing you'll always be left on your own

Walking in circles with no place to go
Distorted visions and goals
With each day that passes the future grows dark
The innocence withers away

Hiding your face from the street lights at night
Surviving off what you can steal
You pray for deliverance from this living hell
Paying the price to be free

I pray for someone to save my soul
On this path that I walk - I'm alone at night
I remember the fright as a child with no light
Just set me free
Sometimes I think I'm crazy

Forced to accept a life on the run
Fear becomes Strength as it grows
No use for faith when you're living in fear
Haunted by memories of home
But all bridges have been burned
It's too late to return to a house of broken dreams
Nerves are wearing thin
The fabric of existence is ripping apart at the seams
5. Pillar of Fire (5:11)
"Leave on your way," Ramses said
"Gather your flock - the desert awaits you
Take all the torment that surrounds you
Your God of the slaves has left my son dead"

Brother - go forth and tell all the people
The journey's long - our fate unknown
Death in the desert is better than bondage
Relying on faith - the exodus begins

Light my way with a pillar of fire
Light my way

Open your eyes - look to the night
There's a pillar of light
Light to help you get away - just in the nick of time
Light to help you get away - follow me
Open your eyes - look to the night
There's a pillar of light

Thunder of horses - chariots follow
Our way is blocked by the edge of the sea
Lord of hosts will do battle for us
Ramses - behold his mighty hand

Scaling the mountain - reaching for truth
The newly delivered - now faithless and vain
Cast down the word on all that are evil
To live by His law and not that of man
6. Mourn for Her (7:13)
She once was a wonder - pure and new
From the child the beauty grew
Now she's been ravaged by excess
A sin to which she can't confess

I fear it's much too late
Seems the damage has been done

I used to watch the wind
Stroke through her golden hair
I'd lose myself in her deep blue eyes
Seldom angry - often calm - romantic fertility
Always by my side - all we need she provides

We speak of hope for tomorrow
But do nothing today
We're losing our grip
Poison runs through her veins
She's fading away
Overcome by the pain
Mourn for her

We open the book to find we're on the last page
Raise the curtain - they've set the stage
An old and tired woman who can give no more
The curtain closes - return to void
7. The Vicious Circle (4:51)
Zack and Snake had a meeting on the corner
Snake with a gleam in his eye
Zack relayed plans to pull a job
Snake replied, "Do or die!"
See - neither one had a grip on reality
Reality was getting high
Wake up every morning
With a whip - snap - pipe crack - kick back
"Ooooo - that one registered, man"

Driven by the need - Just one more
Hits you like shot - Gun to the head
On itself it feeds - Eats you alive
Tangled in the rocks - Can't break out
Will it ever stop?

Friday came like any other day
They went through what they had to do
Snake was looking down the barrel in the mirror
"If anybody moves - they're through!"
Zack was cold as he lit up the bowl
Snake listened as the smoke went through
Snake's palms got sweaty - said, "One for the road"
Zack knew Snake couldn't refuse

The boys were hard - evil with an attitude
Hose on head -
Iron fist punches were packed with lead
Glass was breakin' - life was shakin'
"If anybody moves, they're dead"
A cop in disguise with a gun on his thigh
Shot 'em both between the eyes

Watching the smoke swirl in a vicious circle
Puts life in - takes the soul out
We all got goals
8. Denial (7:31)
Listen hard to what I'm saying
Judge not but use your best judgement
Of character and heart -
If it sounds too good to be true
Take it - and you were doomed from the start

Beggar - With your confidence so proud
To save me is the furthest from your mind
Chooser - Say the chosen one speaks to you
Abomination to you and all your kind
Donator - This song goes out to you all
Seems you've lost touch with reality
I want to catch you before you fall
Masturbator - On your mind body and soul
In the dark - He's Hyde
In the light he's a Jeckyll
and he beckons to your every call

Denial preys upon your soul

I used to be a racist - used to be a bigot
I've been known to burn a cross or two - but
that's all through now
I stand my ground in this town
Both far and wide I set aside my past
Which is here to haunt me
I taunt you with my name - did you get it?
Please to meet you

Instigator - Selling tears for lies
Seems you've lost touch with reality

I want to kick you before you die
Manipulator - Said he'd seen you coming
You bought the prayer - he took the dare
Now dark is the light - where were you on the night?

Listen hard to what I'm saying
Judge not - but use your best judgement
Of character and heart -
Take it - and you were doomed from the start
Do you believe everything you hear?
Then maybe you deserve what you get
So go ahead…take it
9. Yikes! (4:13)
10. Inner Sanctum (5:43)
I feel alone and cold
No trace of feelings in my empty soul
Shrouded by the fears
Staring through eyes - beyond tears
It's been a long and lonely road
I've lived two lives or so I'm told
In search of internal peace
Desperation and anger soon will cease

Seems like I've been here before
I look to the past but see a closed door
Struggle to take a glimpse outside
The courage to look I cannot find
The future's a window for me,
but black clouds obscure what I can see
Confined by these walls - the days go by
Turn into years in a blink of an eye

If you could only picture what I feel inside
Could you hold me?
Or would you run and hide?

Hope feels so far away
Gathering strength to get through
the day is all that I have left
Existence resembles the void of death
11. Dazed & Confused (Led Zeppelin cover) (5:05)
Been Dazed and Confused for so long it's not true.
Wanted a woman, never bargained for you.
Lots of people talk and few of them know,
soul of a woman was created below.

You hurt and abuse tellin' all of your lies.
Run around sweet baby, Lord how they hypnotize.
Sweet little baby, I don't know where you've been.
Gonna love you baby, here I come again.

Every day I work so hard, bringin' home my hard earned pay
Try to love you baby, but you push me away.
Don't know where you're goin', only know just where you've been,
Sweet little baby, I want you again.

Been dazed and confused for so long, it's not true.
Wanted a woman, never bargained for you.
Take it easy baby, let them say what they will.
Will your tongue wag so much when I send you the bill?
12. Too Late, But Not Forgotten (6:04)
Many years I plied my trade of ruthless termination
And many perished from my dark career
Any thoughts of guilt are buried deep within
For doubt will lead to hesitation

I'm a murderer to some to others I'm a savior
A mercenary killing for my pay
I carry out this sentence in the name of human law
Ignoring that which says, "thou shall not kill"

I recall the teachings of
Teachings of the faith in God
Teaching of His love
Believing in His only son
Salvation in His name

The life I take today is the life that's take many
A guillotine that's turned to volts
Body jolting - foaming - bleeding -
crying - frying - dying
I look to my peers - job well done

Severed souls hold the choice -
forgiveness or damnation
Many of which I've seen repent
Those that don't have sold their souls
and are cast into the fire
An evil end with no retirement

Righteous - Justice - Not Worthy - Salvation

Take an eye for an eye - a life for a life
I am his victim's agent of revenge
With their tragic legacy I'll justify his death
and in the end the mortal sin be cleansed

He says his final prayers
and walks the last and lonely mile
His sordid tale is drawing to a close
The priest turns and frowns
as they strap his body down
I flip the switch - the end will now begin

I stand before and praise your name
Receiving judgement for my righteous rage
The lives of many - I take the blame
The sins of many I call my own
I ask not for forgiveness
I reap what I have sown

Too late, but not forgotten
13. Cannabis Sativa (4:24)
I know a guy named Mike
He plays his guitar every night
This man is straight as an arrow
Pass him a pipe - say that he's shined it
But you know he can always find it

Now here comes Chris
It's true he like his Cannabis
and he smokes each hitout of a bong
Just when you pass out
You can take a look about
Chris can bong out all night long - yes he can

Cannabis Sativa - The cheeba - Gets you high
Cannabis Sativa - The cheeba - Gets you high

Now we get to Joel
When you ask the man he'll just say no
So save your breath and your time
Excuse him if he's rude, but of all the things he do
This man doesn't want to lose his mind

Almost done and I gotta share it
A connoisseur and his name is Garrett
Ask him and he'll say - ganja is the only way to go
But his last hit - this man will not share it - don't you know

Now we get to me
If you must know I do not smoke the weed
"That's a likely story!"
But when I've had too many cervezas
Persuasion becomes so so easy
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