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Into Oblivion Lyrics

Into Oblivion - Into Oblivion cover art

Into Oblivion

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2017-06-11)
1. Into Oblivion (7:25)
Shadowed presence infiltrates the streets
Vortexes of chaos open
At random intervals they unleash their power
Through dark ritual
Incantations against the light
The demons rise to feast
Blinded, cancelled eyes ignore it
Mindlessly pursuing their own deaths
Soon they will be soulless
The fire that dimmed in their brains
Now dims in their spirit
They suck the waters dry
Blacken the ground
Yet still the fire dims
Smothered, dying in gluttony
No truths illuminated, no sky left open
Calculating brains yet cancelled minds
The demons lie in wait... To consume
Hymns are sung
To invoke an age of strength
For both demons and the soulless
Careen forward INTO OBLIVION
Where power lies
Where death lies
Where Will rules eternally
And we will die or flourish
And the minds and souls that know not the Will
Will meet their ends
Blessed Oblivion
We Invoke Thee
Eternity itself for us to explore, rule, and surrender ourselves unto
If we cast aside all and embrace Oblivion
Strip aside all armor and embrace Oblivion
Descend, Oblivion Descend, Oblivion Descend, Oblivion
2. Stormcrow (3:02)
Born in the heat of violence
Of senseless bloodshed and strife
War is my mother
The sword is my father
There is no reason
Slaughter those who oppose
Our way of thought
They will taste my blade
Dishonorable Reaper!
Ungrateful collector of souls!
Vultures and asps will feed for eons to come
Never to hunger or thirst
For decayed flesh whets the palate
And blood quenches thirst.
Those felled by my blade
Have tasted my wrath
The blood on my chest will fade
Badges of blood lust and rage
Wielder of hate! Passer of judgment!
It is too late
Another death-seed planted
To continue the function of the father.
3. The Corpse Legions (2:41)
Though trained in mind and body, the corpse walks without aim,
Bereft of direction, save that of the moral phallus,
Which waves from far away, reminding him that his fight is just.
As the bullets fly onwards and earth heaves upwards from combustion,
The carefully gilded veneer covers a mind bent on survival.
No gold leaf can cover this: To survive is to eliminate them.
Verily, the directionless sicken me,
And from birth I was taught to fear the Stormcrow.
Why then does my mind tug towards the heaving of earth and the falling of flesh?
A question for another time, for truly this is the reward of all pretense.
Desolation reigns in part, waiting eagerly for the next patch of life to be obliterated.
The sword falls and the rifle rises, in both implement and bearer.
The time of cowardice is nigh.
Bloody, corpse-ridden cowardice, from whence the soul stinks earthwards.
4. The Sepulchre (8:13)
Imploded and collapsed illusions
Torn from hedonism's path
Ripped and sundered from compassion's soliloquy
Away from sympathy
Exploded from collisions with reality
Taken on unknown trails through the dark
Lost among paths attractive and terrible
No true way to be found
Arrival at a sepulcher within a graveyard so gray
The chilling fog enveloping the headstones of the dead
Charnel houses all around
Misty, majestic, as that very thought sickens me
Majesty and honor in death and suffering
Grand sickness of inversion
My pools of vomit sullying this place
And I cried as I had sullied this newfound beauty
Why must the fog fall so gently and fill me with horror that I cannot deny my love for?
The deaths surrounding me
Melting falsities into a tormenting pool
I was tempted once more by the lights outside the sepulchre
Beauty and day
Curse this darkness
I retreated from it
Lost once more amongst paths I dare not speak of
Time itself drained among these swathes through existence
Innumerable years irretrievable
Never to be lived again
All forgotten in the shallowest of light
The return to the sepulchre
Clothed in wisdom's lead vestments
But lightened by this return
Wisdom seemed not so heavy
I saw my path as clear as day
In the blackened, charnel-housed sepulcher
And onward I tread this path
5. Triumvirate (7:36)
Returning to the place of my tribulation with curiosity,
I glance anew at the sepulcher,
Knowing now that there is more than I ever perceived there to be,
As knowledge awakes in it's all consuming thirst once more.
Slashing so that blood may flow free,
Scarring to bend the flesh to my will,
Spending days un-sustained,
All the while gazing at the tombstones and mausoleums.
Away from the world while a challenge awaits me here: myself!
Submit to me, weak flesh, for I shall make something of you!
Weeks in a state that the unknowing would question,
and verily call me insane,
While I sought for knowledge among scars, blood, and stone.
While I purged through pain to seek sanity that others could not venture unto.
Through the blood then,
a portal appeared,
And gazing into it I saw Oblivion.
Possibility in every shade of darkness and light,
A whole world to be molded in my hands!
Once more I cried for my flesh to submit to my will,
And I blazed through unto the vortex.
"Cast Aside All Armour and Embrace Oblivion" The words echoed in my form.
Corporality lost, I went through eternities.
Time and time again,
I envisioned the wisdom and might of ages passed,
And with furor and rage gazed at the pitiful portrait of my own time.
What had we done? Rested on the laurels of others.
What had we made? Conveniences, not greatness.
What had we felt? No true love, no true hate.
What were we? Slaves not heroes.
The music of idiots, the pleasure of fools, The knowledge of machines, and the power of nothing.
The rage began to mix with another feeling: Joy!
I may mold my own time to greatness,
Though my very form be extinguished in it's doing.
I knew then, I must return to corporality,
and remake this world
If in burning it must be,
then burn the world shall,
And shall the flames never cease until the world is renewed,
To be flamed and grown in infinite cycles of time!
Reluctant to leave things which I could never describe in speech,
I raced back with blends of joy in saving,
and sorrow in leaving.
Glancing through this infinity,
I then saw a sight wondrous.
Others, imbued with the same power that I had gained,
Ones of wisdom and power, hard gained as my own.
In this moment, I knew triumph should be, and would be, had.
6. Utter Ruin (10:02)
This beautiful ocean of blood and ruins before us
Let there be more
Ruin, ruin, descend upon this people
Die in your own pitiful consequences
Sheep, evolve, or die leaderless as you could never lead yourselves
Mountains of your own kind fall upon you
Perish utterly, die in utter ruin
Our chanting, our incantations, our rituals, our love for this
Propels the ruin further
Burn it all, let the ashes be the foundation for a new world
Reveling in the destruction of this one
I hear the beautiful trumpets of war
Explosions to bring their temples of decadence to naught
Factories that destroy life, destroying the soul
Towers of the parasitic ones
Topple down upon the hives of sheep
Tyrannical parasite and host united in death's eternal embrace
United in the ash and rubble
Their gold means naught
Symbols of the now rotting leech
Throw it to the fires as well
Cancelled, decadent, and dull minds watch and drool
As the fireball extinguishes them
More ash for the futures to come
A bullet, a bomb, an earthquake
A vortex of wind, a flood of rain
A deluge of flames
For every dwelling
Of every sheep
And every leech
Their gods of gold and plastic
Melt into pools which the worshippers suffer in
Skin to muscle, torment
Muscle to skeleton, death
Skeleton to ash, our orgiastic pleasure
Birth out of destruction
To the horizon we fly Over their useless corpses
7. By This Marvel Overthrown (7:24)
The forest retakes the ruins
Stone cities lie dead
Life's force flows again once more
As mountains break the cavities
Drilled within
Rivers flow once more with might
The forests grow over the ruins of roads
That led nowhere
In man's great folly
Rejoice! The old generation has died
Parasites cleansed
We, who have survived
Survived only by the grace
Of the Earth
The soil which has not betrayed
Those who have not broken faith with it
The cancelled eyes and darkened minds
Died in torrents of rain and thunder In plagues, in tremors of war
And of themselves
No gold, no electronic dreamworld illusions, no social status, no soulless machine
No ruler could ever have saved them from that
From their own corrupted spirit
Their carcasses littered the world
More useful dead, as life itself consumed them
They, who possessed no greater love for it
The wolves took them, and lovingly fed them to their pups
And the wolves grow strong
For every month, at night
They howl at the full moon, unafraid, and fearsome
And we, who have not only survived, but thrived
Stand, by this marvel overthrown
And we gather around the fire
As we stand in its entrancing smoke
We grow stronger, as the cycle returns to order
Oblivion our gate, we shall fly,
Towards the heavens, not above the earth, but within
To the boundaries that will not exist, when we get there
Come demons! Come angels!
Let those with fire burn bright and illuminate the earth!
I answer the beckoning flames even to charring the flesh
For fire shall be my law, the destroyer and creator, restorer
Away with ages past, pass away linearity, the journey is now the goal!
8. The Shattering Ascent (7:35)
9. To the Throne in the Void (6:54)
Wearisome feet tread onward from the innate journey,
As muscle, bone, and viscera are transformed by inner will,
Through will's realization of stellar connections,
As abstract calculations manifest.
All possibilities and outcomes of all journeys race by,
While the will screams for more and yet is unsatisfied,
Projecting energy to race even further,
Even to ruin.
Oblivion becomes no mere entity,
As I disappear, and the finger looks within to gain knowledge of the hand.
The Throne in The Void is empty, for Oblivion is no single thing,
No rotting emperor over disintegrating lands.
Will alone, ever-exceeding will, propelling eternal growth through a desire,
For triumph over itself, for nothing else is.
Birth and decay mere cycles to fuel the ever stronger beating pulse,
All lives and dies within.
Among the racing concepts, severed lines emerge,
Forming a forest of emptiness and visions of grandeur unrealized.
Severed by Oblivion, dead arms and legs of the infinite-limbed reality,
Useless attached, rotting severed.
Revelry in wisdom-brought insanity, bloodlust of a rage and joy unknown,
Sorrow has no place here, nor mercy, for rotting and dead limbs generate insects.
Through flesh piles, all indecision and burden is released, while the gaze turns once more,
To the infinite stream of journeys, with pits, mountains, and oceans,
Ready for conquest, for Oblivion's war is truth and growth.
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