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Creation of a Monolith Full Album Lyrics

Into Oblivion - Creation of a Monolith cover art

Creation of a Monolith

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2017-06-11)
1. Dawn's Conquest (6:33)
2. Creation of a Monolith (20:42)
Enslaved since birth
Shackled by the linear
With heavy, axiomatic chains
Withering away existence from reality
Exposing a decrepit vacuum
Rendering the beholder
Suffocating in pungent miasma
In subservience mangled
Bound and tethered by the ropes of frail mortality
Flames dimmed, doused by celestial torrents
Sky waging war on the earth
An endless cycle of crushing divinity and uplifting sacrilege
The truth eroding from the hordes of waves
Every current thrashing it mercilessly
Yielding a distorted perspective
Marring perception, deformed by the reverberations of hollow existence
Fixation on pieces, grand design obscured
The Mind hungering for more than the piece
The Body refuses sustenance until the goal is perceived
The Spirit, still relentless in its pursuit of the grand design
Exceeding the primitive threshold
Eyes liquefying and darkness invades the mind
The Body begins to decay, the goal unperceived
Determination of the Spirit is fading; secrets of the grand design are escaping
The mind starves, for the individual pieces yield nothing
The splendid rose of reality withered away…
Until the shackles began to rust, the nonlinear prevailing
Existence flourishes in the soils of reality
Revealing the journey
The miasma dispelled
As the ropes rot through and allow transcendence
Flames igniting, the celestial torrents cease
Sky at peace with earth
Divinity and sacrilege reach the state of equilibrium
Form taking shape through erosion
And visions are cast towards revelations
Reason and beauty in ethereal marriage
No longer crippled
Indeed, this is where the masters cultivate!
Countless processions through a mighty forest

Realization piercing the mountain mists
Dialogue forming comprehension
The forging of truth
Portions of eternity coagulating into design
Memetic flow through conduits
Each interlocking in eternal sustenance
From learning and transcendence
The grand exchange
Forming the monolith
Erupting into sight
Slowly ascending the oceans depths
Overwhelming hollow existence
Injecting substance into shells until they explode
Illuminating the celestial realms
Creating space for the heroes of a new age
The overseer of all that is to be brought forth
The restorer of honour and the creator of value
The symbol of power
The life-force that will course through veins
That will liken glory and hardship to heart and sword-arm
An everlasting testament to those that cower not from mountain or ocean
To those that rise and embrace storm and tidal wave as kin
Acknowledging the soil and cloud as mother and father
Worshipping cycles of life and death, pain and pleasure
Then storming into battle
Breaking the bonds
Sustenance avails, yet never to ceasing the hunger
Calmness descends, but never to stagnate
Ever driven in pulsing lucidity
Currents and waves cannot erode the monolith
Every crash of thunder: its’ clarion call of victory
A roar of assertion
Winds and torrents will never douse this flame
They are its’ sustenance!
3. The Animate Statue (18:28)
I tread this world devoid of any understanding
Consumed by reason
I glance with blank eyes as opportunities are laid to waste
My touch is unfeeling, destructive, and desolate
The chilling fog and frozen moon render no feeling
I look to the celestial fields
And begin the dissection
The stars, whence have they came?
Galaxies, the secret to their patterns
The universe, my thirst for beginnings and ends
Through logical operations, the whole goes unperceived
Grace withers and dies, unrealized and unappreciated
By metamorphic pupils, surrounded by the Iris of marble
Soul rot from within, corrupting my pewter flesh
Wolves come to consume, unsatisfied by flesh of stone
Nature revolts at my pitiful stone carcass
Unloved by arms of granite, embraced by the heart of ore
Pierced by revelations from Gaia and the Four Winds
I embrace mountains, galaxies, flames, and thunder
Questions remain
But opportunities seized and realized
I have become one with the Void
Coiled in the roots of Apollo and Dionysius
The metamorphic gaze becomes observant and powerful
The marble Iris radiates like the sun
The stone chips away from hardened flesh
Realization permeates inwards, soul resurrection
4. Gift of the Scourge (12:27)
From ashes arisen
Possessed by the flame within
The wearisome pursuit to absorb knowledge
Observe. Judge. Destroy.
To find truth
Obsessed by its implementation
With journeys through the ethereal sands of time
Falling through quick sands
Mastication of the many grains of dagger blades
Each time a conquest
Each time a rebirth
Each time a renewal of Self
Elements of consciousness boiling in a cauldron
Reacting with the air of the meta- realms
The insane alchemy
Galvanizing the Will
Intertwined with strength
Fortifying the virtue that will supplant all others
Those Calloused hands will reach to the Cosmos
And caress Infinity, causing dispersion and reformation
Fingers stir clockwise to formulate galaxies
Counterclockwise to create constellations
No mortal can severe with terrestrial strikes
Nor understand its celestial manifestations
Bone will break, minds will dissolve
Severing the failing hands that hold
Rejuvenating those that create and scourge with equal measure
Casting down plagues and the gentle touch of rain
Incantations against all
In harmony with hymns for a stronger age
One with all vile and sacred
Defined insanity
5. On the Throne's Heavenward Path (24:46)
Thunder’s fury resonates on the plane
Gaia’s flesh cracks and chasms formulate
Orion’s aim is true with stars for projectiles
Searing the flesh with meteors and sky flame
Bear witness to this fury!
Justice in Her purest form
Raining sulfur on the wicked and the good alike
Pure and impure, both of flesh, lacking
Blasphemy and prayer are ignored
Heavenward roaring scorned
Never acknowledged pleas
A blare of trumpets that bursts heart and ear
As She continues her mighty war path on all life
Carving landscapes for Her creation to begin anew
To thrive on the destruction of forlorn existence
On Fate and Destiny, each beloved, Her strands laying across the cosmos
On the turn of the wheel, She who is enthroned at the center!
She laughs at us, knowingly and sardonically
Imparting both her grasping beauty and scorn
Dissolving the superimposed barrier on reality
Thus bearing the fruit of assertion
I am eager to join the fray
It is Her I pursue
Enthralled by her spells
Seduced by utter ruin
Reveling in the ever beating pulse of the universe
I draw my weapon…
My blade pierces and burns; Thunder
My feet stomp and crush; Earthquakes
My eyes strike fear and desperation; Flames
The obliteration of paradise
My heavenly holocaust!
My drink of fire and lucid intoxication!
A single grove remaining, I leave unspoiled
The offspring of Poseidon and Gaia
I approach and take seat on my throne of rock and waterfall
The fury of Aquarius eroding flesh and rock
And descent within initiates
Behold, my keys are true and infinite!
They lead downwards to my center
Where the wounds from Chaos are fresh
Yet they heal with Reason
In concert the two work
The energy is bound
Directed Possession
Divine Victory
Overcome I am, striking at the wheel’s center, piercing in action!
I reflect upon the explosions
Unfolding, flowering manifestations of her fury
Nay, beauty!
In Victory, I consummate it!
I reflect upon creation
Morphing, fitting into the divine shape of life
Fulfilling blind matter into eternal forms
Roots cover the chasms, striking out into the Void
Vines suffocating glass and concrete effigies,
Long since abandoned for the Eternal War,
Constricting and reducing them to rubble
Eternal return to ash, dust, and sand!
Beasts feast on the carcasses amidst chaos
Ravenous in hunger, vital in life
In blind, unknowing reverence, they circle
About a single sapling, emergent
The shred of life, long forgone by the past age
Witnessing this turmoil
Sustained by its’ bitterness
As the sun bursts through the horizon
A single ray of light falls upon it
Glory in a barren wasteland, the true ground
Carved masterfully by Nature
6. Janus (11:24)
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