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Of Despair and Self-Destruction Full Album Lyrics

Insanity Cult - Of Despair and Self-Destruction cover art

Of Despair and Self-Destruction

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2017-04-10)
1. Prologue - The Light That Drowned Itself (4:24)
2. Seeds of Lesser Gods (6:55)
As we are seeds of lesser Gods
We shall walk on
And we will have
to crawl and roam
and demean our poorest soul
For we desire nothing less
and nothing more

As we are seeds of lesser Gods
As we are sons of morbid love
As we are sons of mortal Gods

Γιατί είμαστε γόνοι ταπεινότερων εαυτών
προερχόμενοι από τη ζήλεια κατώτερων Θεών
Δίχως βλέμμα και φωνή
Χωρίς χέρια να αγγίξουμε
τα τέσσερα φεγγάρια
Πατέρες άστρων και φτωχών
Γιατί είμαστε απόγονοι κατώτερων θνητών
Είμαστε γόνοι ταπεινότερων εαυτών
Είμαστε γόνοι κατώτερων Θεών

And thus we die
And thus we spawn
inside the ruthless winter cold
So none shall speak of us
nor in a withered voice and old
For we are always born
from a lesser sky
and with a lesser soul
As we are seeds
of pain and norms
As we are the offsprings
of every lesser God

Γιατί ως γόνοι κατώτερων Θεών
Προχωράμε αέναα
ως το τέλος των λιγοστών μας ημερών
Ως γένημα πύρηνων ιδεών
Γδάραμε μια χούφτα μέρες
των εχθρών και των πιστών
Γδαραμε τη ζωή μας για μια χούφτα μέρες
Γδάραμε τη ζωή μας σε μια χούφτα σκιές
Γδάραμε τη ζωή μας για μια χούφτα σκιές
3. All Now Are Wounds (7:46)
Your thoughts are already bleeding out again
For the still hours of the night to crawl
Again upon the suffering of All

Rip out my eyes
Tear up my soul

Forever I had stood alone and my breath was carved in me
Then torn
As I lived inside my wounds inside my loss
My words came to this craven cry
This final moan

The light drowns itself on despair
And for the second time tonight I stroll in blind pain
No paths for me
No more wounds for the beast in me to feast
No more wounds for me

Hear out my cries
Before you deny my soul
My gaze behind the lie is dying for so very long
Tear out my eyes
So I can rest my soul
All now are wounds

Stare at my bleeding words and my bleeding veins
Stare at my at my bleeding thoughts and tell me they’re not bleeding in vain
Stare at my perfect loss and my perfect cage

Tonight is the first of my last days
Forget about my cries
So you shall forget about my soul
Cause in chains I will be
In chains I have lived
And in chains I was spawned
4. IX (6:03)
Submit into your pain
A bottle of confusion
A lifeless flow
into your veins

Don't stop until you kill away your brain

In silk and blood
In ice and glass
Cuts of paper upon your eyes
You lay down
Now you may sleep
In sweat and cries

Your voice echoes
through the entirety of frailty
Your outside turns to ruins

Crawl away your thoughts
My nightmares are proud of their doings

In liquid days
all of you is growing old
Paper cuts upon your eyes
Paper cuts upon your soul

Until you rest your open veins
take as needed for your pain
5. Interlude - The Bitter Wind of Remembrance (8:29)
6. In My Abysmal Dreams (6:06)
I tried to smile
but the pain has been carved to my face
I tried to swim
but my tears had me drown

And the sun was overwhelmed
And the moon was casted to the ground
to crawl and breath and die alone

I tried to walk
but no path was paved for me

So my dreams like falling leaves
do not blossom anymore
in the cities of despair

Η τιμωρία μου πηγάζει από εμένα
και με καλεί να την ερωτεύομαι
ξανά και ξανά
μέχρι να μισήσω τον εαυτό μου

Η τιμωρία μου γενιέται από εμένα
Τρέφεται από τα σπλάχνα μου
και απ' το μυαλό μου
Δίνει πνοή στο Χάος
Παίρνει πνοή απ' το Χάος
Παίρνει πνοή από εμένα

I tried to speak but my cry
was reveled by the many
I tried to sing but my voice
came in fragments
I tried to see but my stare
has been forever blind
I tried to live but my life
had been denied

So the dusk has come
to devour every light
So the night has come
to slaughter my every dawn
7. Birth of Eos (8:42)
To bring in light the thing that has been known
A breath beside the stars
Comes to be at the yesteryear of dawn

The son of light, the father of none
The son of despair, the father of all

I begged the days not to come
Not to tread upon my body and my heart
To hold still
So I would dream and I would scream
To lay down my voice in serenity

And the tormented ones
In the early days
Shall count the hours like stains of blood
Drawings of a restless life
A structure of blissful times

That’s burned before it’s born
Beyond the vault of a nameless sky
the light was born and the light will die

Beyond the vault of a formless sky
My truth comes to be nothing more than an elegant lie
Beyond the spawns of a dreadful life
as they tore away my breath they demand from me to smile

Birth of Eos and the birth of stars
Is followed by the cold of morrow and
The End of All
The End of light and
The End of Us
Is dreamt by my voracious sorrow and my desperate soul

Now all the stars are gone and the sky is dead upon me
Now all the hope is gone and the despair roots upon me
Now all the stars are gone and the sun is dead inside me
The Sun is Dead

And the fires now descent down
to wounded bodies and the wretched years
To quench the agony that spawned our inmost fears
To let the stare escape through our forever solid tears
8. Sinister Lights and Manic-Depression (7:07)
The darkness shrouds me no more
And the light sears my naked body and my soul
These rays pierce through my flesh, my bones and my blood
They impale through my breath so they can tear it from the core
The decay forces its way upon my gaze
So I shall see no more
It strips me from every dream
From every hope
To remind me that I have none, that I am none
Thus I hauled myself inside the cruelest night
And begged her not to dawn again upon my desolate life
And I paved the path for the dying suns to lay beside me
So we shall bury ourselves together

And so I stayed there
Beneath autumn leaves
Until I faded away
Like deserted ray
Of a migratory sun

Thus, I shall remain here
Among darker stars
And I shall devour myself
Again and again
To the knowledge of Naught

I have Fallen…
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