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As My End Unfolds... Full Album Lyrics

Insanity Cult - As My End Unfolds... cover art

As My End Unfolds...

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-12-11)
1. Prologue (2:18)
2. Through Sorrow I Breath (9:10)
Through the melting time that you've loved so much
And beside their voice
I have laid my heart

My soul through the pressure of a forbidden dream
An eternal lie of freedom and deceit

That can not take me home

Through misery I live to build my days in smoke
Through sorrow I breath and wash
my wounds in memories and blood

Cries of an everlasting truth that haunts
my path in every single beam of light
Hides me dearly in the agony and stare of an exiled night

Through sorrow I speak
so I may find a word to take me home

No ship to carry my dread
No day to bear my body and to heal my flesh

Not even a sea so vast
Not the eldest mountain can hold my past

Nor the coldest wind may clean this soul
Yet I crave a cry to sing me home

Through a river so clear and real
I forget to dream
Through a truth long gone
Through my sorrow I shall breath
A breath to bring me home

Have you forgot my eyes
because I have indeed forgot yours
Have you forgot my eyes mother
Have you forgot my soul?
Mother, did you forget me, mother
did you forget my poor soul?

Not a mourn, not a cry to take me home
Until I am burned
Through my sorrow I am spawned
Through my sorrow I am spawned again
Through my sorrow I breath once more
Through my sorrow I am born
3. A Step into Misery (6:07)
And play for me the songs of mourning
And sing for me the themes of end

Please write for me some tales of cleansing
And I shall share with you my pain again

So spare for me the years to be
Those that are not meant yet to last
And I'll grant you with my years to come
And my very ominous past

Revel on my perdition
so my fears would be enough
And the dialysis of my mind and body
would be the salvation of my soul

The skies will kneel as the whip
will stop the flesh from healing

And the souls will scream as the time
will regret their candid breeding

There in the cold silence
it shined a red sky
For my people, people who crawl and walk this earth
who dream of worlds
such that are not meant to be lived

There among malice and misery
Among rocks and celestial agony
it hummed a newborn song
Inside the shrieks and outcries
It spewed a heartless sermon
And the time had ended
And laid its wounded body
Against the thorns
4. The River Princess (4:22)
The River Princess
And then she weeped
And then she mourned
Into the very vast forever gone

The river craved of her troubled soul
For very long
Unwilling to be denied such a beloved sore

The River Princess
And then she roamed
And then she walked
Inside the everlasting freezing cold

The death desired what
among pain it was born
For much too long
smashing and refusing
every remnant of a hope

The River Princess
An then she clamored
And then she roamed
With great grief for what she was
5. Hymn to a Forbidden Truth (5:21)
Who speaks of me
as I spoke myself
Who travels me
as I travel light
Who sees me
as I see truth
Who denies me
to decieve the Time

Who hears me
in the tears of an orphan child
Who feels me
in the pain of a tortured man
Who holds me
in the strength of a slaughtered wife

Who would believe me
if I sang a curse
for a beloved god
Who would spare me
in this tyranny of the sun

And the shores of eden knows
And the sores of eden grown

As my friend the wind climbs on the waters
and down he flows

And my brothers suffocate
So my sisters cry in vain
For a hope that hasn't been
forever yours

So the mountain holds me tight
in the darkest beam of light
And lets me roam into eternity and dust

Yet you've always travelled me
through my sweetest misery

And the ache has carved
your life into my loss
6. Nameless Dread (4:58)
I asked the sea to share a tear for me
But once again my screams had been in vain
So for every last time
I am always born in pain

I've laid my mind in cold to drain my thoughts
And you've screamed to me and cried
I asked the sky

I hate my life, so take my soul

So lose me once more, I dare you
Release me once more, I beg you

I will wander in the night
and when the wind
and stars are all long gone
I shall follow you home
And the snow will be my path
Beneath the dirt
I will roam into nothing
I swear
And the end will be my guide
At last... come with me or let me go

I hate my life, so take my soul
I hate my life, so I hate my soul
I hate my life, I hate my very soul
7. Son of No Father (4:21)
Son of no father
Did you smell their cries?
Son of no father
Did you hear the truth that
has been so despised?

Son of no father
Can you see their eyes?
Son of no father
Behind their withered disquise?

My son, my only brother
Have you gathered
the roses of life?
Have you travelled yourself
And witnessed
the deflowred rife?

Son of no father
Son of my ravenged thoughts
Fragments have built you
My fatherless son
8. The Autumn Years (5:05)
You have seek for
hope for so long
But yet to find
shelter among
pain and darkness

So you have shroud
yourself inside
The Autumn Years

Where the water runs
forever and never
clear and still
Where the sun shines only
above the clouds
and bellow the dust
forever and for better

Where the rain
embraces you like
her own seed
And there you wander
with the cold stream
of the northern wind

The Autumn Years you've found
A place to rest your heart
To release the burden of your fears
Inside my precious Autumn Years

Twice upon a time
I've dreamed of these
shapeless tears
But yet to find
a home among
my dreadful years

Twice upon a time
I've died in my years
But still I crave a home
Inside these dradful tears

Once upon a time
I've shed my only tears
Yet I crave a life
Inside these dreadful years

I crave a life
I crave my only years
Inside these
lonesome tears
9. In My Final Ache (8:42)
I will tears the stars from my coldest sky
And I shall lay them at your feet
So you can watch them bleed and
I will stare inside the end of every light
So you can feast upon the end of my lacerated life

I will tear the stars from my sky
I will tear the stars from my eyes

Spare me a path of thorns and regret
To walk tonight
I've always craved the end
So I drew it in my face with loss and cries

Και σύρθηκε πάνω στις πέτρες
σκίζοντας τα γόνατα του
και γέμισε με αίμα
αίμα κόκκινο, βαμμένο μίσος
και με τα νύχια έγδαρε τα χέρια του
και κουλουριάστηκε στη γωνιά
σαν το αγρίμι που περιμένει να πεθάνει
και έκλαψε και κραύγασε, σαν λύκος
και ούρλιαξε μέσα στο πρόσωπο της

Εκείνη όμως δεν του έδωσε σημασία
Του χάρισε, μονάχα, ένα βλέμμα αδιάφορο
ένα βλέμμα ρημαγμένο, με τα πρησμένα
από το κρύο μάτια της,
τα φυλακισμένα σε ένα πρόσωπο
γεμάτο σημάδια
από τον Χρόνο και τραυλίζοντας
μέσα στην μέθη της σαν ένας
προάγγελος της παράνοιας
του είπε:

"Υποδέξου τον Χαμό σου"

Look at the moon, it doesn't
mourns for me it smiles
And the immolation of my soul
grants this night with a fearful bright

This is my final ache
This is my absolute pain
I've always dreamed of this day
I've always dreamed of my final days
And thus my End Unfolds...
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