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Void Full Album Lyrics

Inquinamentum - Void cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal
Album rating :  88.3 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-11)
1. Ascending Atramentous (4:00)
2. Banned to the Nether (5:16)
Knife descend
Drain the greater source
Vile lycanthropy
Unveil virgin force

Drenched in a sweaty chill
Soaked in naked rawness
Restless forever
Banned to the nether

Deep root of the woods
Claw at sanity
Flesh out brawn
Diseased vector
Nature's violation
Feed 'fore the blackout
Bathe in moonlight
Walk the path

Bestow upon the masses
Ferocious inner strength
Will never quash their malice
Keep them at arm's length

Restless forever
Banned to the nether
3. Ashes (7:02)
Perched on a sea's cliff face of brooding distress
A realm lies locked in by an eternal tempest
The inn, the guild, and homes of living prisons
Their walls tell tales of a past cataclysm
Year after year I've passed the folk below
But now my guilt cries to their shadowed lives in snow

One pair bound by blood catch my sight...
Vile mead slurs ones breath; his wife's pain disguised

Empty handed, clouded mind, the inn froze his tab
No source to fill the sot and emerge from this trap
My narrow bastard ways loathe men like him
Yet my demur can't deny this setting, bleak & grim

Maniacal coldness twists my thoughts
Shall I sway the inn? Clear what's bought?

Hand the coin, a charitable gift...
His thanks and gratitude, sadly short lived

A colossal form quakes ground;
Ancestral spirit condemns, screaming deafening sounds
Its shockwaves spray commoners nearby
As it vanishes it makes its final swipe
Hunting frantically for the drunk I must find
Appears a cadaver's face that burns me blind
All I sought was to breathe this man new life
Now here I cradle the corpse of his wife
Searching high and low, signs of him draw weary
Thou must make amends; find a remedy

Reanimating death; the guild always despised
Hell why I should care? He must see her, one last time
Desperate I scan their house and hope begins to rust;
And abruptly disintegrates her body turns to dust

Forefather's damn me, I'm destined be alone
I just hope he understands at least I brought her ashes home
4. Red Stained Sky (7:30)
Divine powers speak, wield matter, vigor, force
Yield bitter plains from hordes
Blistering judgment, deprive arid soil
Asphyxiate advocates sent forth

Engulf thee - devolve thee
Feed the grave
Rape thee - enslave thee
Perish into flames

Red stained sky, bleed out the pride
Conjure the flaming disciple
Caress the moonlit sky, illuminate the night
Suppress life's every dreary cycle

Rising furnace winds
Whisper Hades' calling
Crawl through forest, blacken earth's limbs
Reveal perished souls; death's brim

Rising furnace winds
Whisper Hades' calling
Rain ash, embers, dust - sweet acrid fumes
An apocalyptic dawning...

Dreams of suicide through plumes of damnation
Hopeless are my thoughts submit to the final cremation
5. From the Inside out (8:10)
Time once more to embrace the Siren's song
Retread forgotten waters, waiting at my door

Her liquid form contorts
Floods the essence of my sort
A torn page from afar wordlessly taught

Corrupted by a fetid cult
Her stench lingers of occult
So wait for her convert's torrent to clear the swamp

For now we feed through the cracks of doubt
As our being starves from the inside out

Endless sands of time
Degrades halcyon days sublime

So onward discorded life cracks from her knout
And my misanthropy feeds from the inside out

Her tidal surge washed away Humanity
Doused the flames of hope
A dark depravity

Endless sands of time
Degrades halcyon days sublime

Watches as I eat myself alive
Watches my innards bleed to the outside
I'm deprived, denied
I thereby die
6. Euphoric Hollow (6:58)
Arise Prometheus fired
Chapter closes, a road opens
To the void

For at the highest peak, you see everything
Feel onus to everything
And you can't turn away to worlds abound
Desolation yearns all around

Bear the inane cosmos
Universe thy muse
Anchored to the endless vacuum's
Rapturous vacuity
Guide me through ethereal space
Euphoric hollow
Fill my soul with the horrors of fate
Euphoric hollow

For even my cavalcade's
Pallbearer paced
Dissonant choirs, tremble, ache
Rarified air

Raven crows; the prophet mourns
Words of death....

Veer towards the noose....
7. Fading (6:19)
Dawn amidst the rolling rumble
Wake the broken from their slumber
Waiting, for fawned desires held within
To free their calloused minds
The drudgery of living

Complacent fog mops over, painting the scene of this
Dreary grey world

For remnants of old usurp
Wail deep inside
Conceal forlorn silence
Veil sleepless nights

Taunted senses
Disgraced contemptuously
Perpetually deflating
A catharsis
Berated by darkness
Eclipsed to drown at sea
Eternally fading

Let the charka feed
Weaving bleak tapestry
For fruits of secluded labour
Expire a hidden beauty

Somnambulistic state of mind; white matter melts from the bloodline

Tortured senses
Disgraced contemptuously
Perpetually deflating
A catharsis
Ashamed in darkness
Eclipsed to drown at sea
Eternally fading… Fading…
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