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InnerWish | Full Album Lyrics

InnerWish - InnerWish cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
LabelsUlterium Records
Album rating :  89 / 100
Votes :  5
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-29)
1. Roll the Dice (4:28)
I'm lost and absorbed, my powers abate
Despair and agony are driving me insane
Wanna bring me under? Wanna mess my brain?
No more you will defy me - manipulate my fate

We're born with rights
Enslaved we live by choice
Ego and vanity silence our voice
But again, what a hell! you don't seem
To care and stare soulless
While they kill your dreams

You watch the days
Turn into nights
Just passing by
Don't stand in apathy
Don't compromise

Your life, is not what the gamblers oblige
Stand up, cause your pain is only fear in disguise
How long you'll bear until you realize?
You're destined to win
It's time you roll the dice

Can you hear what I say?
Can you feel the urge?
Elusive freedom is a momentary bliss
In your own microcosm
You think you are the king
But take a look around you
You're just a pawn they shift
2. Broken (6:02)
Here I stand
Broken man
On the edge of life
Through a land
With no sun to light
All my darkened memories
My forgotten smiles
What is this that I've become
I might have failed, but tried

Castaway - from tidal dreams
I humble lie - down on my knees

I raise my hands
And pray for someone
To reanimate my life
Abandon sorrow
And guide me at my last fight
I turn my eyes
Resist my demons
The mirror never lies
Reflects salvation
Myself I have to find

All alone
Face the cold
Emptiness inside
Lost my kingdom
Lost my soul
A crownless king am i
Feeling tired
Time to go?
And leave it all behind
Weakness now has overcome
No will, no guts, no pride
3. Modern Babylon (4:44)
Black or white
Left or right
Religious or non-believer
Under same skies we were born

In every choice
In crossroad's dwell
Decay was a deceiver
Guiding the flock to a land forlorn

Slaying the world - blindfold and full of envy
Change the course - leave immensity to lead the way

We stand united or fall
Hear the cry of mankind
Repent or crawl
We stand united or fall
Burning times upon us
Modern Babylon
We stand united or fall
One can start a wave to carry us all
Through the fire and flames of today
To a new shore
We stand united or fall

Rational eyes
Revise the lies
Feeding the growing deception
What was pure now asks of you to feel

Mountains and seas
History's seeds
Powerful, majestic and timeless
Spinning as they fade cause of our greed
4. Machines of Fear (4:58)
Forging walls
To prevent ideals
Building marvels
Of utopian realms
Reassuring your lives
In delude paradises

Phony seers
Rely on people's tears
Speaking words
That each want to hear
Mesmerizing your mind
How obscure is your sight?

Searching for the light

Feed the machines of fear
Seeds of silence
Feed the machines of fear
Flesh and blood
Feed the machines of fear
Praise the sires
Feed the machines of fear
Wail for your soul

Feel it grow
Emerging from within
Loose yourself
Allow your soul to breathe
Hear the nightingale
Sing a tune of relief

Under a stone
Or every fallen leaf
In remnants not of gold,
But crystal gleam
Rapture lies when your eyes
Stare beyond their lies

Your thought is their demise
5. Needles in My Mind (5:55)
One more night, with myself in the mirror
A face full of scars, a stranger me
Broken pieces of my dormant heart

Walking down lonely streets of tomorrow
There's no passage to break free
From the guilt and pain
That haunt my will to live

Many times, I wish I could forget
Everytime, I end up to pretend

Here it comes again
The feeling of regret
The way I chose to live my life
Left only needles in my mind
Here they come again
The shadows I can't stand
The foolish way I lived my life
Left only needles in my mind

God knows I've tried
Just to make things better
Although I never knew the way
Loneliness is now, the price I have to pay

The tears I caused
Still make me shiver
Tearing my soul, set ablaze
My oblivion, which gone without a trace
6. My World on Fire (4:34)
Looking back I'm watching silent
Faded pictures of my life
There's the angel, there's the beast and there's the harlot
Changing forms, that with all I identify

Futile search, for an alibi
Paralyzed, as I keep connive

I set my world on fire
For all the dreams I left undone
I set my world on fire
But I won't burn this final chance
Ablaze my eleventh hour
I just forgot who I am
I break down my inner liar
And seize my life

Blaming all, but never concede
Claims, but with no will to face
My obligations, my ephemeral sensations
For wasted time, is it me the one to hate?
7. Rain of a Thousand Years (6:35)
Silence reigns the iron hill
Forged with sacrifice
Through centuries of pain, grief and cries

Unknowing, you're an enemy
To kith and kin in death
Beneath the earth and in this life's dwell
(quote from "oedipus the king" of sophocles)

Salvation - redemption
Know thyself and rise
Salvation - redemption
Eagle flies

Lost in the whirl of time
Still linger in twilight
Altar of freedom filled with cries
Of thousand years of might
Away our sins and crimes
Dissolve the haze from our eyes

Free besieged from our own selves
Imprisoned by denials
The rails once broke, but hope was killed by liars

A mother's tear dressed in blood
A father's silent cry
Still echo in the wind and haunt the sky
8. Serenity (5:03)
In seductive mist
I'm in your hands
Like a helpless child
Under your commands
But you won't bring me down

Cause you're hiding yourself under those mystic eyes
Enchant with haunting melodies
Crumbled by the power of the gods
You'll have to desist

It's the yearn to revive
And return to light
Deception cannot veil my dream
I'll be trialed but in time
I'll find serenity
It's the need to survive
To regain what was mine
And return where my heart doesn't bleed
Find shelter in time
Embrace serenity

Terrified like a child
I walk in the dark
But the eager for return
Enlightens my path
9. Sins of the Past (5:30)
Born in this life
With the burden of an unknown fate
It's not us to blame, but complicit we'll be
With apathy

We're feeling that none
Cannot hear a word that we say
So decadent lies
Our generation's pace

But now
We're reaching the end of the line
No fear, but will to survive
The time has now come for us to decide
What else can we do but to try?

We're the children of a lesser god
The ones to guide you across the dark
Set for the stars, the future's lust
All on our shoulders
We pay the sins of the past

Watching the sands
From the hourglass now slipping away
It's either we thrive
Or abandon our dreams and world in flames

Now we must stand
On our feet, make our choice with no
We have to believe
In tomorrow's dawn of change
10. Through My Eyes (5:46)
There are times
You're feeling lost
Trapped in a maze of thoughts
Alone you roam
And tremble as you sear

Maybe I'm the one to take your hand
And walk you through this sombre path
That without restrain
You have to cross to calm

Maybe I'm a dreamer
Of things undone
But aren't you the ruler?
Of your own heart?

Why can't you see through my eyes
Meet your wonder
Break the chains
Of stagnation
Try and see through my eyes
With broken wings
You cannot fly
Just believe
And reach the sky through my eyes

There's a light, the one you'll find
To comfort you and heal your scars
The road of change
Is vast but full of stars

Now it's time to free your mind and soul
Cause the best things are meant to come
Lean on your feet
This is your swanlike dance
11. Zero Ground (4:56)
Running fast on a one way lane
All this rush for a life so hollow
Where's the essence and what is the price?
Where do we go?

Fragile dreams made of misleading needs
Deify all these new messiahs
Disillusion and reality
Mocking me

But tonight
I will cleanse and lift higher
For in life
There is more to embrace

We hide a sigh
Under the moonlit sky
Unstrained, unbound
Searching for zero ground
We shelter our eyes
Embrace the morning light
The dawn will sound
Renaissance from zero ground

Stand in line - Wait for your turn
Say your number, forget your true name
Breathe the air of feelings lost
For so long

Trapped inside walls of demand
Corridors of some cheap desires
Searching just for a thread to escape
And walk away
12. Cross the Line (4:54)
Relentless hours
Who wants to live forever
Searching for answers
In a cold and empty room

Remains of a deficient life
Sorrow's the darkest feeling
Lost inside a dreadful doom

Memories, no remorse
The only word is why
The road of thorns I'm walking
To touch the sky

It's time to leave, it's time to go
Lonely path, just fear, no hope
Who am i? can't move on
I spread my wings and fly
Hear the soul's cry
This fate's sign to cross the line

Unending nightmares
Where are the childhood's marvels?
Seeking the lovelight
To face the forced retreat

Beyond the horizon's end
The inner wish is fading
Will the rainbow rise again?

There are no dreams ahead
No reason to retry
The long way to nowhere
I can't deny
13. Tame the Seven Seas (5:43)
When I was a child
You opened your arms
And found serenity

And as a grown man
Needing just a friend and brace
You were always there for me

Now you're gone
In painted skies you fly
In distant shores you roam

But even the flow of time
Didn't fade your face away
I still feel you guiding - march my own

And I know you hid
All your fears from me to see
Up to your last act
You had one more lesson for me

I have to make it on my own
In my dreams I still see you
Set sails against the wind
To navigate with grace
And tame the seven seas
I close my eyes and linger
Drift by the tailwind
Along we navigate
And tame the seven seas

I recollect
Moments we had side by side
Silently I bow and cry

So many words unsaid
All those feats I did myself
Just by following your steps with bless

Now I am the one
Who hides his fears inside
In my darkest times
I know you will be by my side
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