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Escapism Full Album Lyrics

Inner Missing - Escapism cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, death metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-07)
1. A Note In Her Hands (5:41)
I stand above
Her prostrate body
Beholding the deathly pallor of her face
And a note in her hands

With shivering and wounded hands
She asked to forgive her…
The light is dead in her eyes
The light is dead…

When the fear became so weak
Facing the hopelessness…

She sighed with desperate calm
And fade to winter wind
Rejecting life, neglecting all your words…
A step into the silence…

The fierce wind embracing her
With piercing pain
Exhausting all the life from her…
The last seconds
Of agony and fear

On her wrenched wings
She flies away
To the burning in the sunrise horizon
Her body is still here, full of beauty
And even angels envy her escape

I see it in her lifeless eyes-
The shining of ecstasy
The silence is calling for me…
The silence is calling…
2. Dreamless Skies (Nightmares Pt.1) (4:37)
On the edge of leaden skies
On the threshold of the sleep
A clot of eternity
Holds you in its jaws
As you’re drowning in reveries…

Envoys of heaven
Torment you
In celestial fire

Let her flee…
Please, let her flee…

You burn in your insanity
But I’ll still be near
I will hold your hands
I will dry your tears
I will be with you till you wake… till you wake

I will tear my soul to pieces
But I cannot tear you from the claws of terror

Come with me…I wish to die for you…
I wish to take all your pain.
Come with me and see the light
In your dreamless skies…
In your dreamless skies…
3. Devotion (5:54)
…The last drop of faith has fallen
I hold your broken body on my broken arms…

On the meadows
Of serenity
We used to walk
In our azure dreams
We used to be so beautiful and still
We never thought of fate
That haunted us.

We were chained
By delusion of our lust
And engaged
By the rain of autumn
We danced
In the silver moonlight
We danced

How could it all be lost?
How could it all be broken?

I ask the skies
Why they bereaved
You of me
I crave
On my knees
But they don’t hear
My devotion…

The skies are indifferent
To our pain and tears…
Tears…they will fall
With the rain
To my wounds…
4. The Distance (4:43)
The water of your sea
The water of your sea
The water is frozen within my very eyes
The stillness of your sea
The stillness of your sea
The stillness will scream
Inside my head

I will never break
The distance
Between your lashes and my sores
I will never shine
I will never catch the stars
For you…for you

I tried my best
To overcome
The sweetest charm
Of your laughing eyes
I’ve wrest you away
From my bleeding mind
And now your kiss
Asunders me

I will never break
The distance
Between your lashes and my sores
I will never shine
I will never be alive
For you…for you
5. Narcolepsia (Nightmares Pt.2)
In the dying forest…
With the sleeping trees…
Wandering the night
Without a chance
To return
And see the light again

I am nailed to my bed
Paralyzed by the lethargy
Drowning in a cold sea of fear
Suffocating in the night

Beneath the thin membrane
Of my decaying mind
The monsters of my memories
Disjoint my hope
The demons laugh at me
For I’m condemned to insanity
By myself

Come…Oh, come..
Please, awake me
I entreat
But no one hears me
This grey void has killed my voice
I’m immured behind the wall of sleep…
6. Providence (5:43)
7. Close Your Eyes (6:14)
The elusive wind
Which caressed
Your hair
I inhale
And I merge
With its mellow breath

Close your eyes
Don’t get out
From your dream
I will praise
I will chant you
In every slumber tear

In every slumber tear….
In every slumber tear….

Truly devoted
Entirely insane
Completely dissolved
In psychotic haze…
Now I’m gone…
But do you think of me?
Do you reflect upon me?
Do you dream of me?

Close your eyes
I’ll take you away
I will kiss you until
You keep me in your dreams
8. Heroin Silence (7:28)
You had taken all the pain
From my distracted soul
You had become
The silence in my veins
I tried to understand…
I failed in understanding
The sadness of your smile…
Your fading smile

My heart is a sore
Pierced by cold
Needle of your stare
Glitter of your eyes
Embraced with your warmth
I fade away
Immersed to painless coma

By the flickering way
Of the trembling stars
We pass through the stillborn night skies
I slowly burn in endless faith
As you are injected into me

Close…so close to God
I am with you
I fall to agony…
When I fall into you

Holding your hands…
Touching your skin…
I cannot control myself…
I cannot control myself...

You are the light
Incinerating me
You are a dose of sanctity
Burning my soul to dust

Close…so close to God
I am with you
Your flesh is made of reveries
And a smell of white dust…
I am just a substance
Of your dreams to realize
I am just a fiction
Of your silence to bleed

I cut my soul
To make you free
From me

When the nighttime breeze
Will touch your face
You will hold me in
Your sincerity
My drained mind
Will never be
Free from the spell
Of withdrawal pain
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