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Ejaculating Chaos Full Album Lyrics

Infidel - Ejaculating Chaos cover art

Ejaculating Chaos

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-12-10)
1. Ejaculating Chaos (3:51)
Doombringer - gods of hypocrisy
Hellbringer - To mankind
Procreation of endless chaos
Element of impending doom
Song of the dead one - black luster degeneration
Ejaculation , procreation , cremation

Rape of human scum
Cut My flesh of light
Fill the throat with lies
Kneel down before you die!

circling above ejaculated sins
from veins to veins
from every part of us
Chaosperm ejaculating

They shall perish in flames
your blindless eyes for....
Eye of light blackest ecstasy
They rot in rivers of blood

whore of god
rape of beast
serve us every time

slut of god
burn the cross
ruin fucking shrine

whore of god
inject hell
till your veins decay

slut of god
sin by sin
worship and obey

prepare for creation of nothingness
2. The Thousand Sins (3:00)
When you're the only part of the universe
Diabolical dreams of the storm of the worlds become real
The one to turn us into dust is approaching

Behind him the legions, marching before you
You absorb their hate, rising above them
The river is welling up ... now and forever

Master of the thousand eyes
Descending when the twilight's near
The black sun will not rise until the time of his redemption

Self-destructive emotions emanate from every particle
Pulsating with life, fed by creation
Who will dare to opose this power?
Who will not open his body for the new aeon?
Aeon of the new apocalypse ... with the body of the thousand sins!


Once the sign cut on the flesh becomes our extasy
It will flow as an erection towards the horizon
3. Abnormal Stigmata (5:16)

In these words the ego will be enchanted
On the way to Mars!
Of the one born from the womb of mother death
On the way to the thousand suns!!!

Say ORDER... and naught will be clear
You will walk sightless...
Hear CHAOS... and all will be nothing
You will draw pleasure

As every digit can be everything...
As the end can be the beginning...
So your life is death...

Centuries of dishonor inside the cage of thorns...
Hundreds of stars fell for nothingness and heresy

Blind prophet, look who you are talking to...
Apocalyptic way to eternity... death
You're afraid and you shut your eyes...
Blind man, of serpentine body

Where is the truth in your dogma?...
Where is the creation and divinity in blindness?...

Behold the blood, spilt in the name of the blind
Look at the spheres you don't want to see
Perish on the brink of the undiscernible

On the way to Mars!!!
In these words the ego will be enchanted
Of the one born from the mother death's womb...
On the way to the thousand suns!!!
4. Kingdom Shall Return (3:34)
Unleash Fury Unleash...Storm Of Suffering!!!
Unleash Darkness Unleash...Storm Of Genocide!!!
Unleash Hatred Unleash...Storm Of Firetorch!!!
Unleash Shadow Unleash...Storm Of Salvation!!!
Unleash Chaos Unleash...Storm Of Disease!!!
Unleash Flesh Unleash...Storm Of Blood!!!
Unleash Torment Unleash...Storm Of
Unleash Pain ...Unleash ...Storm of Abomination!!!

Created by shadows
Dimensions of sins
Created for All
Vortex of inhumanity

Apocalyptic Supremacy Revealed In Diabolical Chaotic Transformation
Kingdom Shall Return
Brutal vision of empire of blood emanate from me..
Kingdom Shall Return
In the spheres of circling time when shadows devour the light
Kingdom Shall Return
Open your flesh for Aeons of bloody hell; Eye of universe
Kingdom Shall Return

Bleeding salvation
Gates are open
unholy procreation
for vengeance
chaos ejaculation
for hatred
eternal desolation
for anger
5. Rising from the Infernal Abyss (3:08)
this entity infiltrates the external world
it starts to live on its own
showing no signs of obedience
you are its creator and master

it serves its own goals and begins going mad
obliterating everything on its way
what once happened eternally will linger
only to satisfy my needs
they rise to rule and destroy
and though my will is unbroken
the part of me they kill

moments of fire of the human mind
provoke contemplation of one own's conduct
you reach the moment of disclosing the falseness
and you are terrified by your past unawareness

who you were
who you are
who you will be

thrice the answer you'll find in the fire
it will lead you to destruction
then the power you'll find inside you
feeding yourself with the reality fraught with fulfilment

alone you will face them all
alone you will wound yourself with the past
alone you will rejoice in the vision of
alone in the present and the future

thrice the explanation you'll comprehend
creating own foundations of existence in understanding
while away from the chasm of the mind you'll kill that pleasure
you are the way of your own destiny

tottered remains of soul will roam
wander round the whole world
clattering the mind with dogmas
you will destroy it

glory to the demons who harass life
hallowed be all inside me
glory to my own divine exsistence
all that destroys me will die
6. Illumination (5:51)
I am the messenger in unity
Inside me a smoldering hearth
There, below in the deepest pit
The star of the universe
Glittering and ascending

You're the only one
You're primeval
You're our lord almighty
The snake of fiery delights

Solve!!! Coagula!!!

Slither higher
Nourish us with ecstasy
Inflame inside
Like a bleeding transformation
Burning outside
Spreed the flaming Desolation
Snake heralds of Annihilation

The beauty of brightness froze on my lips
Mythical force... everywhere and nowhere
Eternity shrouded by the fog
Mystic power... in the void
Spiritual dimension of the human shadow
7. Unholy Blood Pt. I (3:15)
Eat and drink it ye all

unholy blood of blasphemy will destroy your souls
the power of the curse will devour your minds
you will perish in the chaos that dwells in me

without me you will die
for I will be your drug
I will crush you from inside
I am all that you hate
I'm your fear
I'm your pain
I'm your sin
I'm your will

I learned to draw satisfaction from inflicting wounds
for perverse pleasure I eradicate my foes
their lives I will deluge in blood
everything that gives me pleasure I will do

i am your fear ... pain ... sin

I am the unreal perverse dreams of every one of you
I am the wanton part of conscience
I am this what's hidden deep in man
unhealthy fantasy and unbreakable will of existence
8. Unholy Blood Pt. II (2:30)
I have become the lord of the universe
the path of my own truth I will tread
I have found the answer to the question of life
alpha and omega - unity in nothingness

without me you will die
for I will be your drug
I will destroy you from inside
I am all that you hate
I'm your fear
I'm your pain
I'm your sin
I'm your will

external forms of the terrible deformation
ghosts of former strength will haunt you
when you learn what you have been
you will burn from your own hatred
directed at me

I am the unreal perverse dreams of every one of you
I am the wanton part of conscience
I am this what's hidden deep in man
unhealthy fantasy and unbreakable will of existence
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