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New Formed Revelations Full Album Lyrics

Infernal Tenebra - New Formed Revelations cover art

New Formed Revelations

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Technical death metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-12)
1. Entropia (5:28)
I don't need to say there is always a reason
Every cause bares a consequence
Be a part of this treason
This mental prison
When every day's an illusion
Satisfy this master plan
And people choke in confusion
In empty promises
Bleed for them, till you dry-out, they will suck out life from you
Kneel before them, turned inside out, once proudly man, now shallow remains
Filling in the void for a new foundation planning plots of deception
Just to keep up when the doomsday comes
A liberation from these chains
With blood from your veins
And you'll find out, there's no other way entropia
We are not afraid, all we do is hate
It is our fate, dying for god's sake
Who will dominate, when there's no one left
It will be to late, to self-eliminate
What is our aim when we're lost in time
Where do we belong if there is no path
When do we decide that it is enough
Why have we been chosen to go down
2. Failed Leaders Museum (4:53)
Failure born from the ashes
Struggled in time to shine
Offering muddy handshake
Washing the hands in blood
Conforting through vengeance
Supporting false angels
Low dose of aspiration
Conceptual schemes decay
Hemorrhage of ideas
To punish and enslave
We are lying to ourselves
Heading nowhere
Find the drift in nothing
It is our nature
This is the end, farewell my friend
The world we know vanished, it's no coincidence
This torture must come to an end
Rise and fall it's never too late
Self treason gained, no trace of dignity preserved in abasement
Failed leaders museum
Trying to excuse the incorrect
Liable sways lack of intellect
When you extinct human race
Fall when expecting to fail
3. The Art of Survival (4:43)
Bear the truth you sacrifice for a higher purpose
For a choice of a so-called better life
Beware, we're on the edge,
World cannot take another blame for your mistakes

The art of survival
Pushing logic in a new breakdown
Why would we subsist if we don't strive

Taking our goals to a whole new leve
Of conciousness without prejudice,
What do we wait for?
What does it take to be awake?
To see through the lies of everyday
A common sense leads to a revolution

Spasm in repugnance
Disgusted by consequence
In a sad state of things
Alarming awareness

Say not what you want to say
It takes the illusion away
Drown in a prefect lie, impulse suicide
Hear not what you want to hear, a personal fairy tale
The burden of future revival
The art of survival

It is the core of our problems
Ignorance, global turbulence, a masterplan, it is fatal
Interest groups, their conspiracies
Shaping the world you would die for
Their instruments, total dominance, a crysis of values
4. Blood Stained Canvas (5:35)
Wrecked in a dead end, by myself, in an undimensional space
Like a cell, there's no light, only dark thoughs passing by
Playing with me, a mind game with an ill-conditioned mind
Turning days into night, carrying a burden called life

No turning back, there's no past, there are no memories left
To delight, without hope, lying paralized in despair

Defiant i remain, in isolation
Straight line of violation
Beheaded to be awake, under repression
Abolished by myself

Blood stained canvas

With no resistance
When there's no substance
Just for an instance
Blood stained canvas

Stand full of scars, drown in blood, till you suffocate and
Cut with a knife glowing with a seductive manner
Red flowing free, drawing shapes, canvas like a mirror
Lets you portray the atrocities embedded in your head

Break through thorns, make a choice
Say no more, save yourself, begone
5. Last Martyr Standing (4:17)
Upholding illusions, breeding lies
Generation of the other side
We understand, we realize
We suffered plenty, open your eyes

Human eradication, imprinted limitations
Some dangerous thoughts and visions might...

Bring harm to people by suprise
New forms of designation rise
Act like a leech, like a parasite

Words you can't trust and cannot be taken back
Remarks that come from whom you wouldn't turn a cheek
Defamations that create opinions, disinformation
Welfare for blind nation

Make your stand,
Fight them back,
Burn their flags,
Rejecting false angels

Taking back
What's taken away,
Build new hope upon
The scars of mankind

Vultures - manipulation
Corpses - no vindication
Hate and humiliation
For this dying martyr
Last standing martyr
6. Happily Depressed (4:11)
Air is getting thin
Face to face with fear
Myself i violate raping my mind

I am deputing ignorance
I am trembling in violence
I am in total disarray
I am here in this madness all alone

Before i realize
I am a slave, a prisoner
I am an outcast in a world
I'm running out of time

Let this pain go away - let it out for me
Take this lonely life away - let me pass away
End frustration

When you step into the night
In your dreams i am the light
This is all in vain
Take away the pain
Consumed by inner fear
Burning all the tears
The end of life oppressed
Happily depressed

I am dying
7. One Minute Silence (4:42)
Falsely accused, freedom abused
Chained to a wall injustice overruled
Can't you hear lamentations, liberty's thy name
Without a new conception, this world's a shame
Something to believe in
A moment for the sentenced
One minute silence
For you there is no tomorrow
The only thing you prey
In agony and sorrow, it's driving you insane
A victim of an accusation still regrets in vain
And selfdetermination is only a dream
They always find
Someone to blame
Guilty as charged
Innocence swept away
So close but yet so far
So distant but still so near
Deliverance they fear
Waiting for the judgment day I can see their faces
I can hear them say he's guilty anyway
I may be a sinner, but so are the rest
One day you will join me, so who is next
8. Damage Control (4:58)
No need for explanation, it is for us to see
A story of a blind man addicted to mendacity
Defense mechanism, layers of truth and optimism
So precious, so rare, why would you even care?
Mental collapse, no one you can trust
Implemented responsibilty
Together in misery

While you don't care, it bring you down
Implants the sickness
Can you rebound?

Only time will tell
Exploit resources
Over the boundaries of ability

Grab your chance and realize
Principles that you despise
Judgement before time
Aware of the deadline

I cannot find the cure
Cannot live this life anymore
Denial takes it all
Damage control
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