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Your Prayers Mean Nothing Full Album Lyrics

Infernal Legion - Your Prayers Mean Nothing cover art

Your Prayers Mean Nothing

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-23)
1. Frenzy the Legion (5:19)
2. Your Prayers Mean Nothing (5:23)
Those cold nights alone on the cross nailed up high will your dying
thoughts finally escape you? For the control of men you did
employ your trickery your death a vain expression of self-loathing
fear fiery black with lust for your false protection a symbol of
humanity's daft disgrace official prayers which serve the human
race infection from far below your weakness in man's heart still
glows but in these darker days our deceptive cover grows your
slaves ever convinced of your false supremacy never seeing
beyond their mask of lust and sin a man who lies so brazenly will never be a god to me the mortal son of god defeated with death our dying faith depleted when in the world you're found
abandoned cast aside by broken words
Then rivers of death and deceit will flow
Fiery pits of hell burn inside but not below
You precious god so far behind has left you
Prying out you hope he might see
And deliver you from sin with his prayer
To take this self-inflicted hell away
Something dark Deep inside me has begun to show
That for your lord my hatred has larlgy grown
Will your god correct his shortcoming
Just remember your prayers mean nothing still
3. Forest of the Deceased (6:57)
Fatally diseased banished to the woods plagued by leprosy
Many more to come victims unknowing wander blindly
Into the forest of the diseased the feeling of skin rotting off your bones
The feeling of revenge burning my soul taste of your blood
Will be so fucking sweet I can't wait to taste your bloodly meat
Alive but dead in the eyes of men the sick will never return again
Malignant tumors cover your flesh from their mouths pour infectious breath
Chemical imbalance in the brain causing the infected to go insane
Living zombies on a quest for the taste of human flesh
4. Inverted Crucifix (5:00)
Hail Satan
Inverted crucifix around my neck
The word of evil I will spread the darkness within me
Will never leave me my life I give to blasphemy
Hail Satan
Kill the christian
Sheep try to preach to me they can't
see the evil in me don't believe their book
of lies men of cloth I despise
Self proclaimed divinity doesn't mean shit to me
Churches burning in my dreams
All I hear are christian screams
From this dream I will awake
Turn this vision into fate
My soul is on fire
My life belongs to SATAN
5. Precision Butchery (5:35)
Slashing her skin with my scalpel blood starts spraying
Filleting the flesh your tied down while I cut your flesh with precision
Home surgery performed by me recognizable you won't be
My surgeon's tools will torture with accuracy I'm slashing you
Pray to god for salvation on your wasted tears
I'm laughing Incisions I will make thousands of cuts
I will make on to gentiles castrate anally mutilate
Blood squirts everywhere suffering by my
skilled hand you pray for this torture to end alas your pled
to no avail. Grabbing bones I start to break rib spreader
separate on to genital castrate ovaries copulate. I remove
internal organs one by one alive, you can't believe this is being done. Amputate your finger and you toes where I'll
put your remains no one knows. You beg and plead for your
worthless life her body started oozing. I peel back the skin
to reveal muscle tissue dig deeper to find sinew and gristle
Life is no longer A gory day the blood will spray Lubricate
Fornicate Grotesque display bathe in the spray Masturbate Ejaculate
6. Christian Genocide (5:08)
Legions of hell storming the church killing the priest
Gather the lambs wait for the sign mark of the beast
When we arrive their blood will spill no more will be
Slaughtered for your god of hypocrisy
Torturing those of false divinity
All for a belief in a book of lies
All that you know is in demise
The apocalypse has finally come
Where is your god turn tail and run
Leading the charge there I'll be
All you'll hear are screams of blasphemy
Gas chambers turned up high
Blood red clouds plume the sky
The air is pungent with the smell of death
Watching them gasp for breath
Mass graves dug deep filled with the christian sheep
Experiments must be done
Strapped down no chance to run
Christian genocide
It's now time for you to die
Eradicate the very last one
Extinction has finally come
The blood of christian scum flows like wine
As the unholy ones start to feast
The hour is at hand as dark ones reclaim the throne
For the beast ripping and tearing dead christians apart
The feast has begun upon the countless dead
As bodies are splayed blood is sprayed in a lovely stream of red.
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