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The Spear of Longinus Full Album Lyrics

Infernal Legion - The Spear of Longinus cover art

The Spear of Longinus

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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1. Reborn Through Bloodshed (6:55)
I rise entwined with vengeance
Abhorrence for the ones who tried to end my existence
On high I pray that all creation drown in seas of crimson hate
Embrace desire
Help feed the fires
Engulfed in lust indulgence

The death toll will rise as people are reduced to
gleaming pulp
This hell I'm in will soon visited upon your head
Embrace desire
Help feed the fires
Engulfed in lust indulgence

With new life I put the gears in motion that puts
your life in the palm of my hand
Relentless slaughter of mankind my goal is your efficient extinction

I am the one called death
I raise the body count
I soak the soil in blood
I burn your churches down
I spread disease and filth
I cause mistrust and fear
You are the one I loath
Your Armageddon's near
A plan that I thought up
will bring you to your knees
When all is said and done
No longer will you breath

Then as the blood tides rise
The seas are running red
Bathing in the blood of dead christens
From here you'll be expelled
To form our unholy land
When we rise the apocalypse is here driven to your knees
Now's the time you fear
My revenge coats the lifeless shore
Corpses flood crimson oceans
End of light I'm Lucifer's enforcer
Crush the week humanity's ground zero
End of life as know it know I am your god
Here I am evil incarnate mankind's funeral
2. Wallowing in Your Own Faith (3:50)
christians gather in their churches
Like lambs to the slaughter
Hiding behind their stained glass
Praying to a false god
We kneel to no man
I bow to no god
You follow your holy men hanging on their
Every word, mesmerized by their sermon
Oblivious to what's in store
The legions outside your gates
Ready for war
Swords and torches in our hand no mercy in our hearts
Trapped inside your house of worship
Like a bunch of rats

Dark lords and antichrists join us in our fight
To spill gallons of holy blood kick down their
Front door in comes our satanic blitzkrieg
On your knees you will beg for your life
The time has come for you to die

Kill them bleed the sheep

Humiliate them wallowing in their own faith
Decimate them bleed the sheep

Raise my sword in victory
Gain momentum from their screams
As my hammer crushes your skull
Dead christians in blood soaked pews

Treading in bone and sinew
Locked inside this macabre venue
You try to pray to no avail
Your so-called savior has failed

Marching with fortified might
Advancing our satanic blight
There's no stopping this unholy flood
As we bathe in christian blood
3. Disregard for the Afterlife (4:35)
Dark lord arise on your black wings
Leading these sheep to their so-called afterlife
Screaming in pain breathing your last breath
You pray to your god, but, there's no prayers left

At birth you are forced into the water and an allegiance
to a false god
Force fed religion all through a false sense
Believing the christian lies

In shadow of the cross a man of the
Cloth you've been told you can trust
Forced in a room with no escape the
Next victim of gods child rape

From this day forth his goal is gods complete
Extinction he won't rest or will he waver
Until he sees the savior die
Burning bibles forming legions
Spreading his word gathering masses
To repeal the word of god is no longer wrong

The time has come to denounce god
and his book of lies Live your
Life for the now You are your own god

Forming armies set to exterminate christian
Vermin we will eliminate
Rid the world of your cancer
We'll drive your god down to his knees

Christ denied
You've seen the lies
Everything you knew
Is now untrue
No heaven or hell
Your god has fell
You open your eyes
That there's no afterlife
4. The Immaculate Deception (4:15)
This is the story that's never been told
About your so-called son of god
And the myth of his conception
We call it the immaculate deception

Walking alone on the street the whore
Of Bethlehem looking for Johns to meet
and because of her indiscretions she'll be
Force-fed their affection

Three predators plan their attack
Stalking their prey like wolves in a park
As they approach closer and closer
Their lust starts to boil over

Three old men and a fucking whore, living out
their fantasies of rape and gore
She tries to escape with nowhere
To go, deliver to her head a crushing blow
Then blacks out. Hits the ground her clothes
Ripping the only sound. Restrain. Invaders
Thrusting at her inner space. Then they
Force her to her knees, next violation sodomy
In her mouth, in her ass without enough
breath to even gasp. Now there are
No more tears. Fueled by her face full
Of fear now that she is air tight
Will she survive this cold night
Then they start to ejaculate
This whore they'll impregnate
If you tell I'll end your life
Then they disappear like ghosts in the night

Lying crying in a pool of her
Own blood. Humiliated Desecrated
She can't hide her disgrace
Comes up with a lie, deception in her eyes
I carry the son of god

Claims she's visited by a deity who
Chose her to carry his son
Savior of a man savior to no one
All you are is a bastard son
Leading the sheep to the slaughter
You're not my savior, god's not your father
She had no idea of what she's done
Plagued this world with the curse of christ

This is the story that's never been told
About your so-called son of god
And the myth of his conception
We call it the immaculate deception
5. Dawn of the Last Day (3:40)
Solar flares erupting on the surface of the sun
Sending forth neutrinos amplified radiation
Boiling the core of the earth creating
A molten mantel free floating land masses
This world is ripping apart

Surface cracks, splitting streets destroy
Houses shattering buildings, people crushed
By debris, swallowed by chasms 1000 feet deep
There's no escape from these massive
Earthquakes as the coast slides into the
Ocean, everything you know is just a memory
Fighting to survive the human genocide
The apocalypse the end of times
Cause everything you know begins to unfold
Tectonic plates disintegrate through earth crust displacement
No one can decide who will live and who will die

Monstrous caldera begins to shake awake
Giant eruption set to devastate ash plume
Blocking the rays of the sun cause all that
You knew is now undone

Axis poles begin to shift north and south decide to flip
Causing giant tidal waves engulfing the highest
Peaks, no higher ground to seek. Continental
Movement forming one giant land mass
Reshaping the earth
6. Black Blood (4:20)
I was born of an evil seed, darkness
Engulfs me, evil blood courses through my veins
I have no savior my black blood flows pure
Your god I hold in contempt

Stay outside the grace of god until your
Faith is gone. The darkness behind my
Rage is christian disdain

I dedicate my life to the eternal
Fight to end your religion. There should
Be no fear of what happens when you
Die, since there is no afterlife

Let the darkness take your soul
Of your god you let go, burning the book of lies
To free yourself

The stench of faith is abundant
Your words are redundant
Men of faith spouting lies like
A pile of shit attracting flies
All of the mindless sheep afraid to think
For themselves, hoping for a better life
But, hit the blackness when they die
I'm a wolf amongst the flock
Feeding on the weak and meager
I cant wait to quench my blood thirst

As my heart beats black I will
Not turn back. I live to blaspheme
Here in your house of god until your
Faith is gone, your trinity I desecrate

Am I'm standing in the flames
I'll scream the infernal name
Of the lord of the void no god is divine

I live in the abyss. In his face I'll piss
The ultimate disgrace when christ is on
His knees begging me please
Then I'll end his life

As I stand outside the light my inner
Demons rise, hold your horns high
In Satan's name
7. Vinland Valor (4:44)
From ice caped mountains on thunder horse
North men ride the sands of the matterhorns
Cutting the sky, Viking warriors with
Hammers to chest ready to fight
In the name of Asgard willing to die

God of thunder raise your hammer high
And crack the sky, cold wind at your back
Thunder in your hand
Wearing your moljenier
Symbol of Nordic pride

These are the times of ragnarok
christian Armageddon when the earth
Is covered in fire and frost
The time when the christian faith is lost
You pray to your god, but, it's all for not

Odin ride, on you eight-legged steed
You'll oversee with your one eye, on your throne
In Valhalla judging my might
To stand by your side in battle I'll die
Viking pagan heathen war

On the branches of Yaggdirsil we
Hang our enemies on long ships we
Cross the seas pillaging all we see

As we rejoice our victory with cries to Odin
Enjoying the spoils of battle we
Drink their ales
8. Volcanic Winter (5:51)
As the molten core stands to boil pressure building in
the center of this planet
Global pressure cooker creating this volcano forming
Fissures like fingers to the surface minor eruptions
Venting the fury trying to escape the bowels of the earth

Magma fills the lava chamber priming the apocalypse
Constant tremors Under the mountain signs of the imminent
Millions of lives will be decimated no one could of
Anticipated the magnitude of this volcano
Or society left in ruin

Building pressure activity fissures forming
across the cascade
Silence/before/this massive/eruption

Millions of tons of rock ash and heat exploding
Pyroclastic cloud shoots to the upper troposphere
1000 foot tower of molten rock showers over us
Turning everything to ash in its shadow

Ash plume blocking out the rays of the sun
Send fourth a cooling trend temperatures dropping
Plunging us into an ice age 1000 years of ice
One super eruption causing this volcanic winter

1000 years of ice
Endless night the strong will survive
This global tundra the harshest of landscapes
No one escapes the planets fate
The volcanic winter
9. Wave of Purification (6:59)
Gasses escaping from the deepest trenches of the ocean
poisoning the seas
Aquatic life clinging to life trying to escape this hostile change

Toxicity turns to flammability as chemical reactions
drop the flash point storm rolls in thunder and
lightning and petroleum seas ignite

Walls of fire/sea ablaze/convection winds/create this
wave/global inferno/visions of hell/cthulhu/riding his
wave/demon roller/devours continents/purify this
putrid place

Blood red skies and ties send a message of impending doom
Storm surge causing this cataclysmic changing of times

What's in store is like nothing that's ever been conceived

When it reaches land fall this tsunami of pain
Giant wall of flame comes crashing down setting all ablaze
Massive stampede of people trying to escape there fate
no higher will save you from this wave of death

Walls of fire/sea ablaze/convection winds/create this
wave/global inferno/visions of hell/cthulhu/riding his
wave/demon roller/devours continents/purify this
putrid place
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