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Brainfuckers Full Album Lyrics

Infectonator - Brainfuckers cover art


GenresBlackened Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-07-17)
1. Echoes In the Dark (2:30)
Life is running down her legs
I lunge forward, blade in hand
Drenched in gore, drunk on blood and power
A flash lights up the deep, concealing black
Despite my drifting consciousness…

Tonight there is madness in the wind
Echoing through the dark
Hatred cannot be discerned from love
This is the deep night

So many frozen years ago
I chose to walk the twisting path
In sober moments I reflect
On regrets time has smuggled in
I still stand tall, espousing my perfection
No quest will yield a truer kind of man
I embrace the beast I am…

I settle into deeper burns
Seeking comfort in the pain
Long bereft of crippling fear
Boldly striding through the dark
I know insouciance can be quite fatal
I have accepted future consequence
To test myself I drop the reins…

Deep night
Deeper burns
Echoes in the dark
2. Birth of a Beast (4:35)
Rape this world
Shed your innocence

Night- I feel a stirring in my blood
A hunger pulses through my veins
A primal need awakens in me once more
The call of instinct burns
A vicious yearning to address,
Demanding that I heed its wish
Desire reaches boiling in my soul
I’m filled with nothing but this ancient greed
Can reason ever master this?
Can any man defy its grasp?
I push the limits of my self-control
I rage against my very nature
Persistently it fights my will
And urges me to greater heights
I feel the struggle tearing me apart,
Testing the resilience of my strength

I can feel the sickness straining to erupt, burning
Swallow hard and grit my teeth, focus- lean into the pain
I am my own master!

I will not be victimized or held as a thrall
Of animal lust or soul-leeching love
I will tear through the fabric of worthless regret
That obscures my sight and binds my wits
There is wickedness in animal, the evil of the beast
The call of the wild is freedom to sin
I will spend my last torch just to set humanity ablaze
Embrace the creature I was born to be

No chain can be an adequate restraint
Hold me from my chosen path
I own my own destiny
Pain will only fuel my fire
No obstacle will hinder me,
Mere agonies can all be borne
I spit upon your falsely righteous vanity
I piss upon the ashes of my foes
I seek no comfort in this life
I laugh at the allure of love
The strength I have within my hands is fleeting
But the power I truly hold will always be
Your earthly blade will pierce my flesh,
The soil will lay claim to bone,
But the iron in my blood cannot be spilled-
No force can best the essence of my being
3. Watching You Bleed (3:31)
Out on the street
Alone in the night, I’m out for blood
Thoughts turn obscene
I cannot sate this unquenchable lust
Numb to the cold
Press ever on out of simple routine
Look in my eyes
See a soul devoid of humanity
Dying to dream
Tired, but restless
Conquering lies
I am the demon who savagely dreams
Fist in the air
Proudly defiant as long as I breathe
With arrogant risk
I live out my days on the edge of a knife
Tragically sane
Born into nightmare and ruined for life

A harsh bitter wind
Bites the air with rabid ferocity
The knife in my hand
Catches the light with an aqueous gleam
See how I shine
Drunk with the pleasure of watching you bleed.

Blood in the air
Igniting the fire that withers my will
The depths of my hate
Revealed in a bright, blistering inferno
Born of this earth
But covetous only of watching it burn
Fueling the flames
Sign my mark with a broad stroke that covers the world
Without a soul
Without a conscience
Seeking no truth
I no longer care even what I believe
Black to the core
My will is a hammer that smashes your dreams
I am no man
Just a nightmare existing in lucid daylight
With a sickening roar
The horror you fear will be on you tonight

See a soul devoid of humanity
Proudly defiant as long as I breathe
My will is a hammer that smashes your dreams
Drunk on the pleasure of watching you bleed
4. Spreading the Plague (3:40)
My body is wracked with a virulent infection
My mind is rotting to waste
The mirror holds a total stranger to my eyes now,
What is this creature I face?
I am a prisoner, shackled to this sickness
Unsure that I could live freely again
With every moment it grips me further,
I feel it growing within

And there is no respite in dreams
I only envision it digging deeper
With each step the plague spreads in me
With each step I’m spreading the plague
And there is no respite in dreams
Each is a presage that symptoms strengthen
With each step the plague spreads in me
With each step I’m spreading the plague

I did not foresee or recognize the danger
My situation had posed
Once it takes hold, there is no escaping
I am strapped in for the ride
Now I’m becoming a constant threat to all
Of this communicable disease
And when I place my ill hands upon you,
I know the visions you’ll see
5. Fevered Dreams (4:55)
In times like these I almost think that I could feel again
In these sick, weak moments
I almost believe that I could find some peace in this wretched world
In the grip of fevered dreams
I laugh aloud, reflecting on these sad hallucinations
Brought by a twisted fucking illness
It seeps into my brain, seems to poison my soul
I know the truth, and it is hell

Won’t let this sickness conquer my will
The thought of it sends me into a rage

But I know the truth
There is no hope, there is no victory
I won’t be coming back from this nightmare
Yes, I know the truth
There is no life, only this sickness
I won’t be waking up from this nightmare

Is sickness
I am living, dead
6. In the Shadow of the Horns (Darkthrone) (7:16)
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