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Disintegration: Psalms of Veneration for the Nefarious Elite Full Album Lyrics

Inconcessus Lux Lucis - Disintegration: Psalms of Veneration for the Nefarious Elite cover art

Disintegration: Psalms of Veneration for the Nefarious Elite

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Lyrics > I > Inconcessus Lux Lucis Lyrics (11) > Disintegration: Psalms of Veneration for the Nefarious Elite Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-30)
1. Into the Pit of Purging (6:47)
O’ toxiferous iconoclast
What an honour it is to be cast
Into thy scaly pit of purging

For this sacred site is forever haunted
By the spirit of squandered seed

Yes! This is the plane of ultimate paradox
How can something so sweet taste so bitter?

"Why don't you ask them for yourself?"
-He whispered

From a removed perspective the deed was observed and it was clear
The nature of the bitterness was exuded from serpentine fangs
As a result of copulation with mortal flesh

And thus is the nature of the spirit of squandered seed
And how sweet it tastes!

The clay husk was punished until it bled bile, bone marrow, and spinal fluid
The vile liquid seeped down through the cracks of the world
To rot away deep inside

The eyes were plucked from its skull by the beasts of dispersion
Whereupon they were together placed at the zenith of the world
One gazing down with contempt
The other facing skyward in wonder, despite being blinded by the sun

And it was done
The spirit of 1+6 and the spirit of 13
Were once again liberated
2. An Orgy of Purple and Scarlet (0:38)
3. Devotion at the Three Crossed Staves (2:41)
4. In Her Most Baneful Shadow (6:02)
From her mandorla flows a river
a river of blood of every aborted or stillborn child
The babes climb the umbilical tether, the maternal noose
We are the babes, and her arms are the branches
and the branches are thorned, and her flower is crimson and darkness adorned

Her fingers are barbed, and point to the rose
directed at the source of where those babes blood flows

Sterile lust
Prevailing rust
Sinister thrust
Phallus crushed

But I am erect , and you're so ready
with your innards so writhing and coiled ‘bout my belly
So carry me up to your gaping maw, O' scarlet woman, O’ crimson whore!

For yours is the womb of nothingness, and my self lies upon the precipice
of the great and manifold black abyss
You fucking cunt, I would bathe in seas of your piss
So relinquish a fragment of your might
and propel that anguish into this plight
For too long have I languished in this shite
and have yearned for the nectar of your kiss

But I am erect , and you're so ready
with your innards so writhing and coiled ‘bout my belly
So carry me up to your gaping maw, O' scarlet woman, O’ crimson whore!

Qliphotic Queen of the deep
enrich me with your power and your knowledge to eat the fruit
stemming from the abyss, that opens the eye
with outstretched arms I'm begging to die

Kill me, destroy this illusion, let its blood run dry
erase any fragments that cling on to the "I"
Make dumb God’s messengers that came from the sky
Incinerate the corpses of the glorified lie

O’ glory, glory most high!
From an inverted perspective, in her name I shall cry
0' glory, glory most high!
A step towards liberation under her watchful eye

In our Queen's name I cry!
5. The First Murdered Lies Within the Primordial Grave (6:05)
Necrotic miasma unfurls, swirling out of the barren earth
That sweet aroma that intoxicates our eternal father's initiates
Death, death, O' lord of death
release us from these shackles of bone and flesh
Frater cida, pneuma supreme, great killer of the blind and deaf hylic dreamer

For he by his nature is unique
First adversary of the earth, first who snatches life at will
First quencher of the thirst of the earth
The first of the bloodline of fire and of death and dissent

From above and below the place of the skull
of lead and copper and of Nekh O' Sheth
of seven, thirteen and one hundred and eighty two

The first murdered lies within the primordial grave

Plunge the opfer down into the ground
For the pit thirsts for the ruby elixir
The fanged chasm grinds in mad anticipation
Sink the seed of death deep beneath the earth

Grow the poison
Feed the flames
Strangle the psyche of earthly mundanes
Bury the body
Ignite the soul
Snuff out the blind, three-dimensional goal
End the worthless
Punish the weak
A conquest so crushing dead prophets shall speak
Heap the riches
Harvest the goal
Inherit the earth, transformation unfolds

Sepelire Vita!

For we walk the Earth, to cut the ties, and end the cycle of time


Sepelire Vita!
6. Witch of the Forge (7:25)
Great Spirit of fortitude
A soul unbound by the laws of limitation
Transgression of imposed stagnation
Contempt for the confined code of matter

To perceive the magnitude of the endeavour of our blood
Is to die by the blade of our reddened hand - seventy-seven fold

An unstoppable focused torrent
Of Demonic will-power
The atoms dance for you
To the beat of your hammer
And they shall sing to tune
Of your furnace

Witch of the forge
Tools of death
Venusian copper
Saturnian lead
Witch of the forgo
Alloys of destruction
The sickle of the craft
Bursting through flesh

Yield unto me, yield unto me
Fucking cosmic laws of rigidity
With our tools as the sceptre I command thee
To transmute within the burning pit -
The Devil's howling furnace

Cold forging mastery and transforming worlds
Devouring apathy, fox we are the scourge
Muttering backward in serpentine tongues
Enunciating spells of turbulence and violence
Intonating mantras to put the apparatus in place
With autocratic intent, immaculate and sharp
And ready to penetrate deeply into the fabric of reality

As a shower of arrows rain down from up high
As a brother bears aloft his wand
As the fates do cry

By a titanic engraving of intent
With a sword from the sun
By marching with the legion of dissent

My Will
7. East of Eden (6:01)
To wander the earth in exile
To exist beyond the seen
To carry the blessing and the curse
And the scythe to kill this dream

We bear the mark of the first born
Father of adversarial form
Race of Cain storm the sky and cast god down to earth

I am the fire
I am the divine
I am the power
The wisdom before time

O’ Qayin Corronatus Rex Mortis
Open up the gates of hell!
Behold now as the divine flame
Overwhelms rotten, clay-born frame
O' fire-crowned path opened
Abel’s Blood the gateway to this plane

We are the shadowy horns
We are the lurkers in god deformed
We are the killers of man
Opposer of YAHWEH in all his forms

We are the letters of blood
We who exist within, without
Beyond this prison of flesh
An one by one your lives are threshed

8. Severed from Sephiroth (11:47)
As the images fade to abstraction
As the light becomes obscene
Lilith has opened the gate to the end as it is the means
With the power, the primal force
She guards the path to deification
And the wrath the smite the blind and
the weak who lack dedication

Through the earth to the underworld, I have passed down into her womb
Initiation of spiritual death and rebirth
I am lowered into my tomb
The serpent power now flowing red, my first step on the path of the night
The first step to becoming free and truly knowing supreme might

Dark dreaming in shadows
In the shadow of anima mundi
Awakened by Lilith, initiated and showered in ruby!

Uncensored perversion
Deformed manifestations of incubus, succubus
Vampyric entities at subsistence

Hod reversed, mundane inversion
Right and wrong, law insurgence
Drinketh the poison of God
As I transform what was Hod

Purity, individuality
Come to me, for I wish to be free
Put together, despite a lack of unity
For he has granted me a perfect feather

The joining of separation
The Raven’s flight shows no sign of desperation
The end is nigh
The end is nigh!

But m will is focused, and my spirit unbreakable
In this plane of locusts
As I am now death
Kneel before the black sun
And behold the forbidden
Solipsist revelation
For I am the BEAST

And the dragon force is awakened
And the power of chaos known
As the pillars of empyrean quake
So the colossal serpents of blackness make their presence known
Rising up the spine, strengthening in me the flame that is divine
The power before time
The power that's always been mine

In the fractured shell
In the place where all severity dwells
In this fiery hell
0' how I love how fucking far I fell

Stripped of any ego, all illusion
Filled with great, transcendent, black devotion
Merges and transforms into Eros
Reveal any secrets that lies before me

Traversing of Masak Mavdil
Stripped and polished my black soul is
Abaddon and Choronzon
Will take my old self's corpse and absorb it
The lead weight no longer needed
The necessity to remove it
If it remained I would drown here
Infernal crown then never reached

Reborn in the blackest darkness
Feeling through the timeless passageways
Lucifuge Rofocal guides me
And leads me through this infernal maze

Tehom's great eye now wide open
Echoed secrets now decoded
Every lock has now been broken
Shattered, removed, turned into nothingness
The rays shimmering, bright and brilliant
As spirit goes forth focused and militant

The axis broken, the world collapses
The Lord of Lords feeds upon the ashes
Raising of the wand brings reaction
Following the sign
Summoning the will to act
Subtle hints of the divine

Before the shadow of Kether
The twin Gods of rebellion wait

Behold I creator
As I fulfill the end of all eternity
Or the start of my quest
The opening of sunya
To be within the void
With the eye of Lucifer I’m free!

Hail Moloch!
Through the black hole
Dividing and hacking away
Any fragments of what was
Tearing open to be free

Erasing all history

Severed from sephiroth

To be for eternity!
9. Panic Fuel. LO! IRK! (9:23)
The circle is broken
And the fissure is thee
For you have awoken
Set sail towards me!
Come to me, come to me, PAN!

TO PAN Rex Satyros!
Ride the roaring waves of Thanatos and Eros

For I am a thousand outstretched arms
Driven by a haunting, fading, thousand-times dreamed dream
And my arms span the great and black sea of all possibility
From gap to gap to gap
Not one single finger is wetted by the sea

For the sea is my blood
And contained within my blood is
a reflection of the victory and strife of a soul yearning for completion

Come! Come! Come!
Lord of the broken halo!

Come! Come! Come!
Father of the black sun!

Come! Come! Come!
Like a burning tornado!

Come! Come! Come!
As order undone!

And I will reach further and further, until further exists no more
And when I have swept aside every last star
and have inhaled entire galaxies
I will then rupture the nature of nothingness itself
Plunging my fist through the vitriolic non-fabric
of the one rule, deep into the vast and non-existent, manifold nothingness
All this, all this, all this to exchange a glance
to share a fleeting moment, to gaze into her being
And for her to look back
And into her being
And back
And forth, and back and forth
for a brief moment before all constructs collapse

Come! Come! Come!
Lord of the broken halo!

Come! Come! Come!
Father of the black sun!

Come! Come! Come!
Like a burning tornado!

Come! Come! Come!
As order undone!

We are the circle; cyclical extremes of the nature of duality itself
Harmonised for but one moment
before the outstretched arms wither and collapse
Still with a grip fastened on to that
cyclical circle of perfection, that I had
for a brief interval been, the form I had existed as

It has now cracked and broken at the very point where I united duality
And I am plunging into the great sea of Kaos, yet neither rising nor falling

The sea swallowed me whole, but the broken shape rises
So definitely up!

Can you see a circle of fire with a fissure torn at the highest point?

Do the bindings on your fingers cause you agony?
Because they do, me. Yes indeed

Yet I am burning slowly and proudly
I am rising from the great, black sea

Horns are rising!
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