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Vanquish in Vengeance Full Album Lyrics

Incantation - Vanquish in Vengeance cover art

Vanquish in Vengeance

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > I > Incantation Lyrics (105) > Vanquish in Vengeance Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level ― (2013-03-19)
1. Invoked Infinity (3:17)
Lyrics: Chuck Sherwood

Devoted I hold the dagger
carve the will
darkened forces, revel (in) rapture
portals flung wide

Behind this altar,
forgotten pantheons

Ride winds of ethereal incantations
flame and moonlit rite ravages
Harkened soundscapes open

Now a tyrant unleashing unholy

Vortex churning blackness
approach into being

Thier breath is repulsion
earthing abominations
2. Ascend into the Eternal (4:34)
Lyrics: Alex Bouks

Unseen eyes watch
closer I become one
I follow them down
riding the winds of the forgotten

The phantom in your heart
I am the hidden wisdom
The unconscious universe
Frozen in darkness

Lead me to this place where the dead
cry and sing
In the image of the beast I roam

Devoured by the earth and all it's
Inside this mortal frame
I ascend in the eternal

Appease the wraith of the dead
I walk among the lifeless

So few stands in the hour glass
slipping so fast away

I ascend in the eternal
3. Progeny of Tyranny (3:45)
lyrics: Chuck Sherwood

Sanguine, the father
on riches and power, masked dissent

A retort of treason, endorsed

Whores - exile and butcher

Thier god's words shall never

Enforcer reap children for slaughter

Execute and torture

A feeble attempt to perpetuate
Thier god's kingdom
All ways overthrown by imperial

Progeny of tyranny

At the end worm ridden putrefaction
laced his face

With no intervention of salvation
by his god's holy grace
4. Transcend into Absolute Dissolution (6:49)
lyrics: John McEntee

Hordes of nomadic tribes
Heathen pantheons crushed
Infestation of monotheism

Transcend into absolute dissolution

Halts progression
once superior
now symbolizing
the deplorable

For ineffectual mortals
decrepit intellect
Lost in destitute

Four crumbling walls symbolizing
gateways to dissilusion
realm of ignorance
we shall defy
5. Haruspex (3:56)
Lyrics: Chuck Sherwood

Nails impacted, the chains are retracted
A moment of agony in lue of power
every nerve will twitch in pain
till your unable to feel you're insane

Liquid glames gnash thier searing teeth
shearing the tissue from your form
joints rupture and ligaments breach
the fleshy confines of humanity

Hair incinerated, eyes liquidated
teeth crushed by powder
under this strain, when all life cower

The mind succumbes to oblivion!

A charred and hollow silhouette
as the entrails fall loosely from your body
shrouded ones approach this
cadaverous art
sitting through your remains to
foresee after you depart
6. Vanquish in Vengeance (3:15)
lyrics: Chuck Sherwood

Aller, weser rivers flow
Christians flock, judgement

Thousands perished
on the block

Axes fall on necks
call forth vengeance at verdun
scorn heaven

Heathen arbitration!
Christian castration!
Vengeful retribution!
Holy dissolution!

Eulogy in stone, that now stands alone
let no filth, infect your lands

Cower, die, in defeat
7. Profound Loathing (8:02)
lyrics: John McEntee

Tyrannous fanatical indoctrination
circumvents sanity
mass genocide

Profound loathing

Vengeance unleashed
shedding thier blood
screams on deaf ears
mass genocide

Profound loathing


Inhuman atrocities
Militiant fanaticism

A homeland lost
A terroristic holocaust

Profound loathing
8. The Hellions Genesis (4:17)
lyrics: Chuck Sherwood

Spawned from the vortex of death
Your microcosm that flows
In frozen veins, mirrors

Yet immortal, with pride and faith
Night skies and blackened domains
We advance as a legion unbound
all fear and remorse are drowned

Every warrior joins thier echelon

By chant
By conjuration
By dagger

Create the scales of this celestial hydra

Whispered dream speech that

By chant
By conjuration
By dagger

We're at one with the beast
and we must feed
9. From Hollow Sands (3:09)
lyrics: John McEntee

Indulged insanity
Spawned from sorrow
Infliction of naivete

From hollow sands
advocation on lies, reign eternally
From hollow sands

Indulged insanity, inexorable
Spawned from sorrow
Infliction of naivete

Dogma is reinforced
consuming indoctrination, to weaken
control thier minds

From hollow sands
advocation of lies, reings eternally
from hollow sands

We are your disease
engulfed in iniquity
your indoctrinated soul
let the degradation consume you

we defy your broken prophet
and decrepit god!!!!
10. Legion of Dis (11:17)
lyrics: Chuck Sherwood

Ludi Saecularis
receive our sacrifices

Altar of Blood
neptune's blood

Son of Saturn
Centennial pattern

Bowels of earth churn
Dis pater's return

Sulfuric Legion
ash coats the sun

In Darkness cremate
Pyroclastic fate

By breath of Neptune
The boiling ocean consume

Man and beast
Fuel the pyre
broken by fire
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