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Profane Nexus Full Album Lyrics

Incantation - Profane Nexus cover art

Profane Nexus

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-09-01)
1. Muse (5:11)
Commands of the mind must be
Unnumbered spirits will see

Each holds sway over thee
The vessel only yearns to see

But we plant the very seed
Which guides to deceive

No banishment can cure
The muse's nature so pure

Behind his eyes they know
Your attempts to deny show

Ecstasy in every life you take
Driven by our ethereal hate

Again ... Consume the ignorant
Regret ... Speeds your descent

Rebirth through your shell
No longer a denizen of hell
2. Rites of the Locust (3:06)
Voracious upsurge
A swarm from Mecca converge
Millions in gregarization
Infectious degradation

Howling in stridulation
Prayers insight infibulation
Moulting their humanity
Under burqas lies barbarity

Desert prophet's creations of clay
Infidels suffer their plague
Iridescent wings flutter
Technology torn asunder

Gestate the wasps of Iblis
Fire-born from the abyss

Pride for the father of Djinns
(Decapitate) their souls from within
3. Visceral Hexahedron (5:15)
I reside within, under fathomless silence
Event horizon of gathered darkness
Their daggers, slice through thought, subconscious
This chamber, I'm confined, cerebral
Secretion cloaked interior, where life is inferior

Luminous races palms, scorn the sky
Homage to those who never die
Subconscious ripped wide under spell

Unborn larvae, now in hand, rose and fell
Consumed through, emotionless maws
Cilium flow, coursing......... enthralled
Clenching their, serpentine dance
Heaved from me, in trance

Born-less reincarnation
Deathless transmigration

Now you are beckoned through this veil
Shared suffering through the lidless eye I hail
4. The Horns of Gefrin (3:46)
Flame's adoration deep underfoot
Staves of the Volur crusted in soot
Bones that mutter their legacy
Obscure barrow smite the heavenly

Conscript of ancient ways despite their demise
Crystal eyes, hold despise, in hundreds that arise

Virility and rage, from the stone and iron age
Earthen bell, burial cage, in blood they assuage

Restless warriors upsurge, war drums pace their trudge
Wretched soil drinks the carnage

Resurrection tolls, god has no control
Deathless and divine Gododdin soul
(This) foul bishop who defiled at Glen
Feel the rage of heathens return once again

The great hall echoes our revelry through time
Shadow of the great goat's horns so sublime

Gefrin is alive, the old gods forever thrive
Lavish in death from the Henge to their hive
Birthright reborn, a legacy restored
Death to your flock, by Gefrin's ancient horde
5. Incorporeal Despair (3:20)
Desire for what was
Scars are all that howl the pain

Rage, replace, my bereavement

Through the flesh, I shift between the night world and void

Imprisoned with us, you now understand our plight
To savor suffering, (and) turn from light
6. Xipe Totec (1:01)
Cloaked in a veneer of death
The defeated's putrescence
Drawn in every breath

The third month approaches
The red smoking mirror encroaches

Twenty dawns arise!
By bone wand baptize

Through a decaying face
Gaze into a living god’s eyes

Twenty suns set!
Shed the mantle with no lament

Your flesh gives us power
Our enemies failure, (their) final regret

Godly existence behind decay
The night drinker
7. Lus Sepulcri (4:25)
Soil that surrounds
Fester underground
Tombs so profound
Shrouds fall unbound

Reduced to dust
Epitaphs carved
Overgrowth barbed

To live with filth by choice we don't
To die with filth by right we won't

My work is to dispose
But never bury those
Faithful decompose
I will appose

Bloodline died
Generations piled
Side by side

To live with filth by choice we don't
To die with filth by right we won't

Take your divinity (elsewhere)
Silent (in your) empty stare
Wasteful life the holy lied
For I interred when you died

I won't cremate
Vermin permeate

To live with filth by choice we don't
To die with filth by right we won't
8. Stormgate Convulsions from the Thunderous Shores of Infernal Realms Beyond the Grace of God (2:12)
9. Messiah Nostrum (4:20)
Before the universe and physical law
Time did not exist nor the human flaw
Poisonous beasts and your vanity
Only virtue of interest is dependency

My scorn forces submission to fate
Domestic or savage feel my hate
Crowned bovine
Shackled swine
Equal in ash, mortal trash

I am your Messiah, I am the world’s cure
Hunting the earthly cattle, unholy savior

Dreamt into existence by theologian strife
Collapse to dust for the foul usury of life

Bestiaries of humanity
Guardian of rage binds you to shame

I was your Messiah, at last I cured this world
Hunted the earthly cattle, destiny unfurled
10. Omens to the Altar of Onyx (3:56)
Life illuminates Avernus
Feast for the lions of Venus
Shallows hold dead offerings
Crimson descends on harpy wings

Bespattered blood, on black stone

Savaged the sentry has fallen
Sated beast had left him rotten
Stones shower as it was foretold
Visions from the basin of gold

Branched tongue, Juno is ablaze
Raptures fire, in Jupiter’s gaze

Satyr hooves pound with delight
Foul seed drowns in fright
These omens, lead to its return
Now your god, will forever...burn
11. Ancients Arise (6:00)
Descending peaks of Kur
Abode of breathless, ancient lord
Realm beneath, unexplored

Engulfing void, her madness is might
Blood creator saves, us from finite
Guide our path....

Lead with tablets of destiny
Forge ahead, in wondrous cruelty
Miscreation erodes
Now vomit the inferno....

Scales glimmer, wings bellow
Delirium, fury, overthrow

Mid absu, and earth
Tiamat’s glory, prophesized

Old ones, awake arise
Kingu's behest, agonized

War cry, thunderous
Prophet, flock, purified
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