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Regression to Nothingness Full Album Lyrics

Inborn Suffering - Regression to Nothingness cover art

Regression to Nothingness

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > I > Inborn Suffering Lyrics (14) > Regression to Nothingness Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-01-04)
1. Slumber Asylum (8:09)
This stain on the wall
Is a picture of my soul
So dirty and ashamed
Neither free nor tamed

Carving my beliefs into stone
Burying my own existence
Never ascending to the throne
Forever far in the... Distance

Falling deeper and deeper
Into the realms of slumber
Abandoning this filthy abyss
Turning my dreams into glorious bliss

Sleep all night and day
Trying to dream the dream again
Another beast to keep at bay
Another move to rid the pain

Though reality makes its way
My feet made of clay
My body so painful
I have been such a fool

Eyelids heavy like lead
Mysterious consciousness
Between the living and the dead
Transcending my acuteness
2. Born Guilty (11:17)
Doesn't matter what I made
Doesn't matter what I said
Forever condemned to witness
A scarlet world you once forbade
Made of carmine, blood-red
And crimson walls of distress

Doesn't matter what I made
Doesn't matter what I thought
Your sweet words tangled my mind
Your angel gaze was masquerade

Born guilty, Forerver on cloud zerp
Born guilty, everyone can't be a hero

Only scorn for thuths long sought
And contempt for those left behind

Doesn't matter what you made
Doesn't matter what you do
I will hunt you down like a game
In this azure world that you jade
Made of cobalt, persian blue
And sapphire peaks of shame

Doesn't matter what you think
Doesn't matter what you thought
Now it's time for hatred and warfare
Time for your life to crumble and sink
With the memory of all that I fought
And the end of my recurring nightmare

Born guilty, forever on cloud nine
Born guilty, now I got this peace of mine
3. Grey Eden (12:51)
Weeping a falling eden
This distorted harmony breaks my silence...

I did wish the death of the sun
The loss, from shadow to dust
A burning desire, a solitude in fire
Where rain ever stands in sorrow

The mirage swept away
My joyless souf lost in the grey
Touch me innocence
(And hold me in your sanctuary)

This illusion of hope, who can pretend to teil the truth?
Who can say I'm blind, weak or strong ?
Who can give an impression of purity
Where bloodred innocence becomes the shroud of the guilty

The mirror breaks again
My joyless soui lost in the grey
Kill me innocence
And blame me for what I've done
For what I've not done

Can you make the blind see... Can you see a light in thy eyes...
Can you make the sinner proud... Will you take my hands and fly away ?

Oh i don't pretend to be human
My wills, ashes and dust
Just the weakness of a murdered soul
I'd like to regret all I've done
But yet now, all I feel is gone
Like a ghost in daylight's fire...

Here I stand, like a stone on the way
A burning time in the soil of fate
A melody, coming from the dead
A rotting smile, fading inside
Awaiting the shroud
I will never pray
I will never ask for my Death
I will find a way
I will kill myself, stand
And give Life the respect it needs again

Grey eden
A song where I can dream... Yet awaken
Grey eden
Can you forget ?... That I'll leave this way

Grey eden
Grey eden

I did wish to lay in this grey eden
A place where suffering is the key
Where memories draw the sky
And humanity... Still is a lie
4. Apotheosis (13:15)
A will
Inner strenght
To go through pain

Can you think
You can hold this world
In thy hands?
Lay down
Grasp for air
Disemboweled being
Scrap doll

Thousand thorns had grown up
Thousand nails through thy eyes
Exhult, exhort and face

Or drown in everyday's misery
To become a shade
Just as everyone
In the flattening of the world

Souring taste
Of cynic words
Feed thy biferness
Reach Apotheosis

Words are wind
Memories are stones
That you raise each day

No salvation expected
For the mourner
Ad nauseam (Hell is so real)

You can wait for long
A sign, a light
From the sky
Better lose in an ocean of tears
So blue
So cold
Little taste of Death

Words would never heal
A glance at the world
Of utter ugliness

It will never end
Despair succeed to despair
Succeed to despair
Succeed to despair
Ages never change us
Whatever you can be

Bear your cross
Be nailed on it
But, you won't
Be the expected messiah


Words remain wind
Memories, stones
Would you carry it each day?

There's no salvation expected
For the mourner
Awaken 'till the end

Wiil that fades
Vanished strength
Empty shell

How can you hold the world in thy hands now?
You've drown in everyday's misery
Just like a shade, like "them"

Little mourner
Just another min's withening
5. Another World (6:01)
At last reach the starfield domain
The land of men is now so far away
Time and distance have no meaning there
Only pale light of stars

The essence of the void
Is now clear to me
In the middle of space you are nothing
But a conscience

The whole universe is a breathing beast
Global ion storm
Washing galaxies

My will is now clera
As a part of it
I need to feed
Matter cry out my name
Godlike but shapeless
A gravitational singularity
I aspire everything
That comes

Giant Red
Everything got dropped
Into my insatiable mouth

Massive galactic nucleus
My quasar
My shining hat
Reflects my existence

But shameless
I tend to gather as much
As I can

In my non dimension

My will is still clear
As a part of it
I need to feed
Matter more than ever
Cry out my name
Godsized but shapeless
I aspire everything
Thar comes

I'm crumbling under my own weight
I'm returning to the void
A ray of light pierces me from within
Leading to an unknown location

Neglecting the cataclysm
Left behind
Transfiguring the limits
Limits of time and space
I reach the essence of the I
And I become a nebula
Into Another World
6. Regression to Nothingness (11:20)
Like a thousand needles
Invading my head
Cannot reach
The barrier of my mouth
Mindless in motion
Ghost amongst ghosts
And so my reason...?

Long gone
In the consentual rush
To nowhere
To the night
Ad noctum

I don't want to see
I don't want to feel
Surging pain haunting me
Relentless chimeras
Biting my mind

And I awake
In sweat and howls
What's happening
To my being

And I walk
To no place at all

At the heart
Of distress
Are my companions

The interstellar void
Takes hold of my very

Curling as a child on the concrete ground
Denying the attraction to Nothingness
I regress to the point zero
What the religious book says
Is not ashes to ashes
It is eventually void to void... And stellar dust

You shall fear the remembrance
Of your own remains
The Epitaph of your memory stone
Cause there's no afterlife
Just a cold hole

Cosmic blackhole of your stupidity
Never to get unveiled
Foolish beliefs for foolish people
A newer state of pain

You are all actors of your own demise
The inscription in fetters of fire

Life is not a story of wealth
It's only a Regression to Nothingness

Like a thousand needles
Invading my head
Cannot reach
The barrier of my eyes
Eyeless in motion
Wraith amongst wraiths
And so my reason...?

The process Is on the way
Blind... Deaf... Quiet
The loss of my senses

At last I feel what's coming
As my feelings vanish
In an Inexorable


Worms of death
Lead to the same
Grand Finale

The commonness
Of the human condition

By little
After dtep
The rot

The end
Is the same
To Nothingness
7. Self Contempt Kings (9:31)
A million paths to take
Sinking into the pits
Burning at the stake
Forgetting our own wits

Defaced humanity
Unlimited powers
Unlimited vanity
Shame of ours

A million starving beasts
Longing for meaningless truths
Gorging in endless feasts
Betraying their youths

No strategy for survival
Unnatural ways of living
Our greed is out of control
Consuming our lives in suffering

A million paths to choose
Inorganic beings
Primordial ooze
Self contempt kings

Looking into the eyes of void
To where the world stops to be

Losing a comfort long enjoyed
Preparing the times to be
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