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Pure | Full Album Lyrics

In the Woods... - Pure cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAvant-garde Metal, Experimental Metal, Progressive Metal
LabelsDebemur Morti Productions
Album rating :  91 / 100
Votes :  5
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-21)
1. Pure (7:21)
Our world has become tainted
With ghosts of distant times
Problematic entities and
Esoteric crimes
Light years before us
Clearly I see
A million virgin worlds
Ten thousand ways to be
A shining future waiting
A promise of the pure
Light traces guide us
Through star charts we fly
Towards our destination
Our future's in the sky
Step into the cold black
To reach the distant light
New dawn of consciousness
Beyond the dark of night
"All matter is merely energy
Condensed to a slow vibration
We are all one consciousness
Experiencing itself subjectively.
There is no such thing as Death
Life is a dream and we are
The imagination of ourselves."
A shining future waiting
A promise of the pure
2. Blue Oceans Rise (Like a War) (5:41)
There is a wall inside our eyes
I can't remember when I was your dream
There is a sign calling in the sky
I listen to your words
See your visions and dreams
I hear angels of the truth
You are in my mind, in my soul
Every day and every night
Don't punish me with your empty words
And cast me from your dreams
Your hands lie heavy on me
Because my sins have grown
You are my understanding
I bow down to your visions and dreams
Pushing me down into the dark
There was a black hole in my life
Blue oceans rise like a war
3. Devil's at the Door (5:47)
Our consensus reality is collapsing
Leaving behind a black hole of belief
The Death of a star so near - yet far away
Consuming all my grief
Impossible to live this way
One foot in our shared world
But my soul's in my own creation
I want to leave the world behind
Live the story of my own narration
The devil's at the doors of perception
But our "Gods" are within us all
Outside is chaos - so cold
Battlefield of a billion armies
I'll not submit to the will of another
Why serve in hell, while my heaven's within
Nothing you need is outside
Forgive your own trespasses
Open your mind, but not the door
Don't let the darkness in
See through the windows of his soul
But don't look at the eyes
4. The Recalcitrant Protagonist (5:43)
All the archetypes surround me
Different faces, different names
They are the projections of beyond
Ancient cast of the eternal play
There are only so many stories
Which we may find ourselves within
To repeat over and over
Until you learn the lesson therein
All the archetypes surround me
Different faces, different names
They are the projections of beyond
I found I had only a minor role
In the play of my own destiny
I had to improvise my role off-stage
Beg the audience for clemency
I'm the only one who hasn't seen the script
And every day's like a well-rehearsed lie
And though it seems they're selling tickets to my dreams
I'd like to kiss the theatre goodbye
5. The Cave of Dreams (4:55)
In this darkness
We saw the shadows
Dancing on the walls
Bound by chains of ignorance
Ignorance of light
Intrigue of centuries
Began to eat away
At these fetters of enslavement
Even when we were aware
Of the "other"
Your mind's dark mother
We turned to face the light
So blinding - so pure
Illumination of the soul
That burns into the mind
Intense heat of knowledge
Molten piercing blade
Bringing psychedelic dreams
As we left the darkness
Walking into the light
We cast shadows of ourselves
Back onto the walls of the cave
Four our brothers to follow
It was not real - it is not real
6. Cult of Shining Stars (5:55)
Storm cloud portal
Take us to another place
To another mind, another way
A different time and space
Kaleidoscopic tunnel
Sounding metronomic tones
Thunder crack and lightening black
Onto twilight zones
Pyramidic structures
Trace magnetic lines
Following the solar wind
To tombs of distant times
Geomantric paths
To corners of the Earth
The cult of shining stars
Sing mantras of rebirth
7. Towards the Black Surreal (7:01)
Harvesting the stars
Mining the black holes
The Faustian spirit
Values not his souls
Gravity becomes distant
When you venture out alone
In a cosmos never-ending
You can never find a home
Exponential tunnel-vision
Towards the black surreal
Gravity becomes distant
When you venture out alone
In a cosmos never-ending
You can never find a home
8. Transmission KRS (10:46)
9. This Dark Dream (7:18)
I stand behind this dark dream
My pain laid bare for all to see
My heart beats with power
Strength pulsing through me
My loved ones are turning on me
Everyone is a black shadow
My dearest friends turn their backs you see
They want to take control
This pain makes me stronger
This loss makes me a sinner
To endure makes me a winner
In this game of life
10. Mystery of the Constellations (7:02)
Slow unveiling, stars piercing light
Draw back the curtains of this night
I would be there in the blinking on an eye
I need to know what lies beyond
To learn the mystery of the constellations
Until the morning star appears
Studying texts a million light years wide
The truth we can never know
We can never reach this place
Time's not on our side
Our fragile feeble bodies
Must be left behind
So don't hold tight your beating heart
Your breath won't serve you well
You'll have to leave your body
Or stay in mortal hell

1000 blinking eyes looking down...

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