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The Gateway Full Album Lyrics

In Hearts Wake - The Gateway cover art

The Gateway

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMetalcore, Melodic Death Metal
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-14)
1. 11:11
My eyes grow heavy, my heart sinks to a lull, my mind is far from here.
Take me away, far from here where all turns to silver glass. Through a gateway in my heart
2. Catharsis
This is my story of a dying earth. For all I can see is unhappiness - surrounding me.
We have all led to this. We are in this together. Having more has only made us lesser men.
Why has laziness led to selfishness? Why are we wanting what we don't have?
Evil prevails when good men fail to act. Only dead men cast long shadows.
There will be no constellation - shadows. Could you ever give, or love something more than yourself?
With no land to conquer we are digging underground in this nightmare
We live in a world where fact is worse than fiction.
Now I’ve told this story but left a chapter, for us to complete.
We are falling into a deep sense of insecurity.
Evil prevails when good men fail to act.
We are the only ones who can write the end.
3. Nautilus
This was my hiding place, my sanctuary that I once called home - I belonged
So many times, so many concentric circles. How many times have we been here?
The salty waters here brought me many tales of the deep and thoughts of forever
Am I relationship-less or just a sailor without his ship? In all fair honesty, I gave you all
I gave you everything. If I could walk on water I’d take you out to sea
Even our heavy oars couldn’t get us this far. We have only skimmed the surface of the ocean
Why were we always searching for something that was never there? - Never there
The white horses upon the sea were waiting for our dreams to grow their wings
Where the hungry come to feed the weak come to fall. I will never drown beneath your waves
This, this is never over I am moving on. Moving on! I can no longer call this place home. Happiness is only real when shared
4. Northern Lights (hidden track)
Why do I feel so alone? Even the trees here seem dead to me.
Why should we deny love when it visits us? Should we not accept what we are given?
The wish to be truly happy, this is what dreams may become. What have I become?
This storm will, this storm will pass. This storm will pass! I’ve been here before.
Take me to the north where the cherry trees thrive and blossom.
Where the symphonies of starlight dance, like an orchestra of strings upon the wind.
This hollow sense of loneliness is knocking on deaths door. When will this pass.
I have been here before! I have been here, I have been here before.
Take me to the north, where I can feel a deeper presence - Our hearts beating.
I can hear a greater calling. The hardest part is letting go.
Under an array of colour. Under a tapestry of northern lights.
We’ll see into the beauty of everything. Only time will tell, only time will tell.
5. Sentient
Life, there is only this. All else is unreal. Yet Death has the final word in this.
In this entity. So take my hand and walk with me, because to live there is only now.
So this is permanence dealing with death? Well everything happens for a reason?
Death is a natural part of life. There is only now. Life is like the sweet scented rain.
The sweet taste of rain. Death’s tragedy comes quick; we are faced with grief beyond us to comprehend.
(Death) The fog is thick here. Thin layers of frost are like the pathways to the underworld.
To the underworld. Barren shades of colour show only the dead. Here we go.
I never let you down. Death lives. This depression is unfathomable.
Death has the final word in this entity.
With Departures come new arrivals and I can’t let this get the best of me.
(Life) there is only now and I keep moving on because in a flash it can all disappear.
6. Seclusion
7. Lost
My mind is a lost battlefield; Thinking will be the death of me.
However it’s result has brought me to understand, that the real war is the war within.
So are we getting stronger? What we fear is fear. Are we learning?
Don’t let this doubt fill my mind. I sense danger here. No more suffering.
It’s the sound of stars that will guide us home – Silence.
On a journey ill my mind goes wandering again. – Silence.
To climb out of this well, I’ll need something greater, something more than a ladder. Something with need,
Something with motive, something with steps, - Greater than I.
Let us not falter. Our families are destroyed, through heedless actions.
Why do we feel so lost? - Why? Why cannot we be content with life?
If you seek a journey of revenge, dig two graves. Dig two graves! Lost
8. Gotham City
I will never let this happen again; the beginning of the end.
The city clocks tick us towards the end. Wealth neglecting ‘poor?’
Something must be done. Awaken these demented souls.
For all they can hear is the sound of angels singing?
Singing them to sleep, singing them to death.
The people suffering, their walls growing mould.
How can this all be real? Why can’t this be a dream? - Just a dream.
How can this all be normal? How can this all be true?
Why can’t this be just a dream? The streets they suffer.
The nocturnal bees that quench the nectar blood.
I cant I wont give in. We can’t loose this fight.
I can’t I won’t give up. We wont loose this fight.
We need a change. Revolution, go. Change! Transform. Change
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