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Impurity - Of Lust and War cover art

Of Lust and War

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBrutal Death Metal
LabelsButchered Records
Album rating :  -
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Of Lust and War Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-06-15)
1. Rise Of The Merciless
2. Of Lust And War
Ages passed and battles won
Countless conquered worlds now gone
Here I rest on this lavish throne
Forged from flesh and broken bone
I carry not a single grief
As these scarlets weep on bended knee
Their lives, to me, mean nothing more
Than their kin who dropped beneath my sword
I am the breath that gives them life;
the master of the cosmic sea
I am the only constant being;
the ruler of eternal shores
These thwarted foes and rebel souls
Seek to avenge the day they fell
The day I silenced everything
But the drone of the ever-ringing knell
Their feeble lives will morrow cease
At dawn my vengeance is reborn
Below shall they forever sleep
And dream of lust and war
3. Prayer To The Eidolon
Elegant, emblazoned steel;
a welcome boon from the unseen
Sent deep within the freshly pierced skin of the enemy
Callous onslaught reaps the purest blood of sanctity
This blessed day shall never leave their unremitting memories
Take flight; summoned wind under your wings
Mounted high, far above the living kingdoms
Connoisseur of death, race to greet the opposition
Elusive dream - beguiler, monstrous tamer of the terrene
Fell, wretched eidolon, knower of space and time
Oh, masterful and merciless, give them what they desire
For they crave your blade rooted in their mouths
And their innards scattered across the ground
Seize the souls from their hearts
Suck the air from their lungs
Drain the marrow from their bones
Draw the blood from their veins
Bring them blight, bring them hate
Show them no lenity, no gift of life
Leave them utterly ruined, marred, and spoiled
And cast their rot across the fields of the dead
4. Into The Crypt
5. Beneath The Ashen Grave
Be there no query of the strength of men
Of fearsome men that trod the land
With sword in hand and shield they stand
The mark of might that bears the clan
Set high, this frozen world they span
But in the lands that lie below
A hatred grows almost unknown
But written of in ancient lore
A world once theirs, now scorched by wars
A place where lost souls find no rest
The heart of life dug from its chest
As a being that was once alive
From 'neath its corpse death now shall rise
Beneath the ashen grave
The hatred takes its form
A blackened mass; a vision so maligned
Now to the north they storm
Searing screams are heard
From the depths of the lower lands
A call to arms is raised, raised high
The steel within man's hands
The hatred makes its presence; now begins the epic clash
Of bone, blood, steel, and flame 'til all that's left is ash
6. Eve Of The Nine Kings
A bell resounds, my dreams abound
With sundered sights and vexing sounds
Erratic sleep; my conscience bleeds
A squalid mire of stale debris
The wraith it came the night before
O'er the lane and through my door
On its grating breath, a note it bore
A note just like the night before
"Arise from sleep", it spoke to me with dripping tongues and gaping teeth
"The eve is nigh, the time is near, look to the sky in seven years.
The sea will rise, the earth will heave the kings of nine will downward sweep
On thrones of porous ivory, the heads of men under their feet."
"A dream, no doubt", I thought aloud
Patting sweat atop my brow
Relieved to be awake and free
Of horrid dreams and restless sleep
I rubbed my eyes but trembled for
I found a pair of gaping sores
Affright, I yelled a ghastly roar
I dug them out the night before
7. Demon's Harvest
8. Vice And Virtue
9. The Algid Heath
Surge of sin shall mortals quell
A soulless deep; the inner shell
No man shall sleep nor dream again
Of the blackened fringe of sorrow's den
Malicious plague of legend sweeps
Beyond the hallowed winter's shore
A legion born of the frozen keep
Shall be left alone in peace no moreIce-born fury;
Sender of souls to the algid heath
Spare them not
For their flesh is but bitter meat
No skin of sheep in the sun shall bask
When their bones are beneath your trodden path
10. The Awakening Of Kumbhakarna
Gathered hordes bear feast at the cavern entrance
Raw flesh dragged in heaps to the sleeping titan
Throng of demons stream into the opening
Brood surrounds the slumbering, sullen king
Human meat piled high
Banshees flock from the sky
Offerings gather mass
All to appease his wrath
Silence now rules the shrine
Legions kneel and pass the time
"Stench of death, from flesh arise
Lord of rage, open your eyes"
Mortal realm
Swallowed by unholy pride
Trampled land,
Heathen tongue leaves oceans dry
Lord of battles rise to hear your army's cry
Kumbhakarna, your enemies have come to die
The awakening (of Kumbhakarna)
Spirits, souls, apparitions writhing
Screaming ghouls to his will abiding
Banshees wail, anger boils inside him
Frenzied hate, Kumbhakarna rising
11. Scourge Of The Reviler
Profanation spoken in the ritual arena
A martyr’s willful death in honor of the reviled
Learning of the sacrifice, an angry god resounds
A lock of hair pulled from his head and dashed to the ground
A Black Demon is summoned; the dreadful Virabhadra takes form
Risen from the earth, brandishing one thousand arms
Hateful incarnation, the bane of life itself
Bore his teeth as a scowl furrowed his brow
Adorned with the heads of men, he hulked amongst the clouds
Followed by a horde of beasts and foul demons birthed from hell
A blazing wrath had been unleashed, his might could kill Death himself
A tumultuous roar was heard in the distance
Conceivably signaling the world’s end
An infinite terror struck their depraved hearts
Hysteria commenced as they ran for their lives
12. Epilogue
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