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Satanae Tenebris Infinita | Full Album Lyrics

Imprecation - Satanae Tenebris Infinita cover art

Satanae Tenebris Infinita

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsDark Descent Records
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > I > Imprecation Lyrics (8) > Satanae Tenebris Infinita Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-02)
1. Blood Dominion (4:22)
Whips of the crucifiers strike across the flesh
Devil's snare restrains
Blood flows to the Earth
Hear the leather crack, thunder strikes again
Casting the christians into the pit
Hear the lions roar, thirsting for your blood
Goathorned Emperor standing proud
Hear the roar from the crowd, hungry for your death
Devil's frenzy
Bloodlust all around

Gate starts to open, roar from the Beast
Christians flee, run in terror
Amongst the piles of bones
From within this Darkness emerge the Jaws of Death
Blood Domination

Throne of Antichrist
Orgies before the Master
Christians whipped into submission
Raped again
For the power of His kingdom,
For the power of His shadows
In His blessed Darkness
2. From Beyond the Fiery Temples (4:55)
Rulers of the ancient laws, penetrating Darkness
Storm into the portals, storm into the flesh through the Gates of Death
Enter to this world…come and rule the Earth
Reap now, the vessels that hold the Blood of Kingu
Blood upon the stone…blood upon the altars of the Ancient Lords

Gaze into the black abyss, fell the fire of the furnace
Breathing from below
The horrors of Abomination
Laughter fills the fiery chasms
The mad howls of Azathoth
Red skies
Fiery winds
The mighty roar of Tiamat

Famine spreads it's wings from within the southwestern winds
Standing tall looms a monolith, the glaring eyes if Pazuzu
From deep within the mighty depths of the Absu
Lying dead for centuries writhes the tentacles of Cthulu

Rulers of the ancient laws…penetrating Darkness
Storm into the portals…storm into the flesh through the Gates of Death
Slay the Elder Gods…Burn them to the core
Reap now the vessels that hold the Blood of Kingu
3. Hosanna Ex Inferis (4:57)
Bleeding the Sabbath
Man of the cloth
Jehovah Perversions
All faith is lost
The father, the servant…Spiritus Sanctum
Blaspheme the Trinity
All faith shall burn

Burning the Frankincense…fires of myrrh
Ablaze in Holy cauldrons…Christ Magick Ritual
Swine down on your knees…service the Holy Phallus
Drown in Holy Scriptures of the great Deceiver
Drink in the blood of your Holy Messiah
Eating the flesh of the Holy Bastard…Jesus Worm

Kiss the Holy Rosary
Putrid Catholic Scum
Beg now for forgiveness
Serve now
Your Master
Serpent Christ before you, nailed in crucifixion
Phallus of the blessed rapes the tender soul

This is the flesh of my body…the flesh of a new and everlasting covenant

Hosanna Ex Inferis…Blasphemy for desire
Hosanna Ex Inferis…Sodomy for Messiah
4. Angel of Salvation's Doom (3:54)
Lethal light; ashes rise in the Darkness
Feast of Death
Never resist the Call of the Serpent Lord
Breathe smoke
Breathe fire
Beneath the chasms of this Void
Prince of Hell…The Angel of Suffering spreads His wings within the fire

I am the blackened mist…I am the full moon's glow
The dagger of sacrifice…blood upon the stone
I am the fiery chasms…the void of the Abyss
Churning slowly
Maelstrom of fire

I am the midnight chill…I am the howling winds
The Hand of Famine, Beast of Holocaust
I am the Serpent's fangs, the wire of temptation
Drink my poison
For I am the blood reaper of Death

For I am the arrow that brings down the Holy Dove
Salvation denied
5. The Coils of Eden (4:38)
Suffer flames born 'neath the crimson moon
Ascend the roaring lake of fire
Come the serpent

From the darkness you have summoned me
For the Flesh of Sodom
I am the tempter
The Lusts of Hell I bring you

Come the serpent…kneel before me

The realms of my kingdom
Burn ever so dark
The fires of Eden burn Below

For I'm the tempter
The lusts of Hell I bring you
Kneel before me
Serve my will
6. Chapel of Rotting Flesh (5:18)
Black candles lit…smoke of the Devil has formed…cult of unholy blood
Demon priests of the Sabbat, arise and hail Lucifer
Inverted cross
Above the bloodstained alter, there in crucifixion
Bastard Christ
Heresy and blasphemy
Spilling Holy blood
Death appears
Lightning strikes before my eyes
Haunting chaos in the air
All erupts in flames
Taste the blood…feel the sickness
Knife cuts the flesh to bone
Deliverance of virgin blood
Let it spill upon the tongue of the Beast

Sworn to the Devil
Sworn to the fires of Hell
Sworn enemy of Christ
Lambs of the Christian blood…those of the words of god
Tremble now, before the fires of the Beast

Witching black magic…and ritual…feeding the fires of Hell
Gleaming light off my chalice…
Drink the blood of the Holy flock
Invert the chapel, invert the prophecies
Invert the savior of rotting flesh…"chosen" messiah…those of the lambs of god
Tremble now, before the eyes of the Beast
7. Rancid Blood on Blackened Thorns (4:21)
I can feel the fire
Burn right through the core
Eyes of the Devil, gaze upon the crucified
Horns of Baphomet, looming in the darkness
Crucify the bastard son
Nail him down…strike of the beast
Scourge of agony…upon the Holy lamb
Storm of darkness…destruction of the pearly gates
Blood of Jesus…carve into the Holy flesh
Foul messiah…fall in black into your death

Burn the holy cross…crown the head with thorns
Teeth of the jackal…rip at the Holy flesh
Hellfire's glow awaits the son of Nazareth

Death stares into the eyes of the bleeding Christ
Thorns of Lucifer glisten with his blood
Crimson vipers wraps around his throat

Black smoke from the chasm…demon steel drips with venom
Slices through the flesh of the messiah
Comes the Devil's bloodbath

Life spills into chalice…Blood rains from the Heavens
Decapitate the virgin lamb
COme the Devil's bloodbath
8. Of the Black Earth (5:43)
Titan steel plunges into flesh…blood rites of sacrifice and pleasure
The black fires burning
Upon the headless altar
Consume their souls Prince of Everlasting Darkness

Dagger strikes
Blood spills
The name of Satan chanted darkly
Incantations within the carnage; blessed orgies of the Devil

I crown tour skull with the thorns of the dark
Fall down to your knees…suffer
3 nails
Driven fiercely…spear the side
Holy carcass…rotting savior…maggots come to feast

From the bottomless pit…Lucifer's iron fist

Holy Mary
Putrid Virgin
Raped by demons
Holy cross is stained with blood of the dead messiah
Virgin lamb
Torn to pieces
Thrown to the wolves of Lucifer
9. Carrion Winds of Golgotha (2:01)
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