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Vile Luxury Full Album Lyrics

Imperial Triumphant - Vile Luxury cover art

Vile Luxury

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAvant-garde Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  2
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1. Swarming Opulence (6:25)
Exalted golden creature
Impure ungrateful
Bright shining spectacular
We are useless to ourselves

Plenty of time, youth, the vambrace of our eternity

The sky no longer the limit
A sea of iron and energy
Gaze down at the fleshy drones
black smog and sentient gears

Swarming opulence
Begs our weak hungry minds

Greater than man
Higher than God

Swarming Opulence, that which never stops consuming

We forget our lavish life
And seek luxury in death
Emptiness through decadence
And madness through beautiful greed
2. Lower World (6:35)
You are machine
Blissful and grand
Nothing more
And nothing to us
writhe below in stagnant exhaust
As we breath in the light of god

Engines scream like steel horse
Of dying cavalry weaker than the last
the famine of existence
Devours us, all the same

Humani generis machinas, operari simul, et mortuus solus

Know your place in the grand machine

Beg me no more, worthless machine
I have everything and nothing to give
3. Gotham Luxe (8:08)
Golden peaks of timeless vision
From the pedigree of lies
Builds the murky sea of giants
Top floor, the Kings crown

grand illusional desperation
Accommodates the masses.
While keeping forward motion
Lift up, the queens crown

Demographic shifts
Building them higher
Worshipping excess
Altars to resplendence

Gotham Luxe! Syphoning lifeblood
Beholden silver eye. Production never stops.
Gotham Luxe! Proletarian servitude
Ancient gold supremacy. Society envisioned.

Lieber biegen, als brechen!
4. Chernobyl Blues (7:41)
Слезает кожа как лохмотья
И пепел медленно осел
Над нашей обожженной плотью
Наш дом, наш город, опустел

Мы дети мертвенного Бога
Отцы мы ядерного сна

И волки воют песни смерти
О том как эта госпожа
Явилась непослушным детям
Свои секреты сторожа

Мы дети мертвенного Бога
Наши забыли имена

Skin is peeling off like rags
And ashes slowly settled
Over our scorched flesh
Our home, our city, emptied out

We're children of a deathly God
Fathers of a nuclear dream

And wolves are howling songs of Death
How this mistress
Has shown herself to disobedient children
Protecting her secrets

We're children of a deathly God
Our names were forgotten
5. Cosmopolis (7:55)
Come, let us build us a tower
whose top may reach unto the stars!
atop of which we will write
In splendorous black words:

Great is the world and its Creator!
Great is Man! And his city!

My Cosmopolis: Your swollen light
Eclipsing virtues, beyond
We give ourselves to the unknown

Now Lubricate the gears
In our blood
And feed the machines
our tired flesh

Great is the world and its Creator!
Great is Man! And his hell!

Thy cosmopolis: her grand luster
Austere master!
Behold your servants

Who are you to be drawn out from chaos?
6. Mother Machine (4:12)
7. The Filth (9:22)
Pulled apart and built again
Gears will turn
Indifferent to the earth
Live to work
Work sets you free

Let the city consume you
And join the gross parade
Molting grandeur
Shedding exhaust

Pulled apart and built again
Gears always turn
Indifferent to the earth
Live to work
Work sets you free

It builds over the old
And Buries the sick
The lights too bright to see the lines in the skin

The grand effigy of failure
Weeping its final tears
It was supposed to be great
Work sets us free

Pleasuring the Filth chain
Devoted loyal machine
Begging for praise
Ready to be replaced
8. Luxury in Death (5:41)
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