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Obeisance Full Album Lyrics

Imperial Triumphant - Obeisance cover art


GenresBlack Metal
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1. Stormgod (4:33)
(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

I AM Thor
I am the God of War
I am the Thunderer
Here in my Northland
My fastness and my fortress
Reign I forever
Miölner the mighty
This is my hammer
The wheels of my chariot
Roll in the thunder
The blows of my hammer
Ring in the earthquake
Blown by the night-wind
Mine eyes are lightning
Meekness is weakness
Strength is triumphant
Summa pia gratia
nostra conservando
corpora et custodita
de gente fera Normannica
nos libera quæ nostra
vastat Deus regna
—transcription of the antiphonal
Meekness is weakness
Strength is triumphant
Meekness is weakness
Strength is triumphant
Giants and sorcerers
Cannot withstand it
Force rules the world still
Has ruled it, shall rule it
And thus singled-handed
Unto the combat
Gospel or Gauntlet
Here I defy thee
2. Summons to War (3:31)

Raise the levies the time has come
For battle the day shall be won
In the name of the frozen gods
we ride
To stand at Odhin’s Side
Upon the plains of battle
where arrows fly
Our men are frenzied
but they stand with shields align
Glory goes to those who fall
But war is immortal
and we shall conquer all
Summons to war almighty Thor
Spears and Swords We march
Die, or beith enslaved
come the nord riders
as the crimson flags wave
dragon ships line along the coast
my blade is my bible as flesh is my host
Summons to war almighty Thor
Spears and Swords
We hunger for more
Summons to war almighty Thor
Spears and Swords We march
3. Torches of Nero (3:02)
4. To Novgorod (3:26)

The Star of the czar has arrived
his people are trapped inside
torture and kill the friar
Their corpses pile higher and higher
Horrors of war Terror and pain
can you not see that the Czar is insane
Star of the Czar oppressively vain
show no mercy show no feign
Kill or Be Conquered
I am the blade that cuts through the wind
The lion that stalks the lamb
I am the storm that cracks the sky
the spear in the ribs of your god
5. Christian Holocaust (3:23)

On the shores of lindisfarne
we storm the holy gates
frozen winds carry ravens
who guide us through the wakes
upon the breasts of the abbess
i carve the crest of Thor
crucified and wet inside
the virgin begs for more
Odhin praise the merciless
we butcher clerics and men
helmets lined with such divine
stained vaginal skin
tearing down the convent tower
to force out our prey
eating out her molten lips
we’ll burn this bitch all day
They shall seek peace
and there shall be none
They pray to god
but god is dead
Now the isle is enslaved
a victory in store
bastardized fucking genocide
of god fearing whores
with glory come slavery
of ample breasted lambs
worshiping and servicing
their czars of pagan lands
6. Raiders (5:31)

The gods cannot hear you
They pity you not
So frayed and weak
my fleshbiter sings
through the hearts of these
worthless sheep
who blindly bow
before a jew or golden cow
the convent cunts quiver from
our Skaldic Nocturne
Hail the ancients
Northern Pantheon
a suit of mail and
Immortal Iron Glory
Figures of the sun
crushed into dust
stain the ascetic halls
with holy menstrual blood
Apocalyptic tales tell of our
arrival fortify your faith
for it shall be tested
The eight legged steeds
thunder forth
born among gods
we trample ye worms
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