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Abominamentvm Full Album Lyrics

Imperial Triumphant - Abominamentvm cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-02-24)
1. Hierophant (2:11)
Hark I am Perfection
Born of higher caste and will
Breathe my fire, children
Triumph we will breed.

A god built in my own image
forever casting perdition

Glory to my precious war!
2. Manifesto (3:48)
More glorious than the victory of samothrace
The roar of steel horses, a gesture of destruction
There is no masterpiece, not birthed of violence
We trample over the past with spurts of creation


Blessed is the beauty of speed
All alone with black spirits inside
Death, finally tamed, has freed us
To unfathomable reservoirs of the absurd

Our art is cruelty and nothing else
Come my cavalries of crucified dreams

Crushing onward, like iron lions
Dance the winged cadence of their first songs
and why rot? to waste in futile worship
Standing on the world's summit
We launch once again, our insolent challenge to the stars!

Look at us! Drunk with ambition
Our hearts nourished by fire, hatred and speed
Behold the great splendor of the red sword
as it strikes for the first time in our millennial darkness

3. Crushing the Idol (4:37)
Join us,
And drink from the darkness
This will of abandon.

Face thee,
With the eyes of vermillion.
And burn these,
roots of sefirot

You dare. Walketh beside me.
A patron of hypocrisy and gall
Parasitic whores grovel at the plaster saint.
Fervent and ready to receive the blessing of the seed

Enter the city of woes
Conjure this malediction
O’ heaven is ours
Cleansing godless conflagration

Crushing The Idol!

In chains your were born.
In chains you will die.

From whips you were born
From whips you will die.
4. Credo in Nihil (1:15)
5. Devs Est Machina (4:54)
The godmachine spurts blood
A life: a gear, a cog
grinding minds to sow its lies
And feed them to its flock

Cyclic regurgitations
of the inbred absolute
Construct a rigid gearwork
And mechanize indoctrination

Rusting behemoth
Souls writhe in torture
Singing hymns of ecstasy

Slave to its own rhythm
Mastered its creator
Society of helotry

The cross, bathed in blood, begins to rust
Through the hearts of zealots
Lust for a truth transcendent
Rots in its creator

Gears, caked with scum, shall collapse
Under will to the truth
Cognizant cogs grind to halt
of the Dooming mechanism
6. Scaphism (1:46)
7. S.P.Q.R (3:39)
Born above heaven
In a kingdom of opulence
I create GOD!

Lo! Behold my offspring.
Tamed and tortured so Nothing is flawed.
We without faith see Grotesqueries divine.
Praised, exalted Antigod.

Drink your blood!

Sculpt my vision.
Build it higher!
Nothing is ever enough.

Breathing in the cold
Winds of hel.
A new Rome
For us to burn

Pitiful worms
Your flesh with breed
Glorious spears
My serpents breathe

Onward, my chariots
Bring me the eyes of Cerberus
Hideous creation,
Bring me ruin.
8. Bellvm (3:12)
Landscapes in the sky
Transfigured grey
Within this shroud of death
Boils their flesh,

Given morbid, unremitting sentience
There is no beauty in these hills
Totality of ruin
And fateless winds from
The porous earth
Disperse the herald's mist

Fused in apokalypsis
To live here is to die
To die a gift
By Mekanik Sovereign
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