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Providence | Full Album Lyrics

Immolation - Providence cover art


GenresDeath Metal
LabelsScion Audio Visual
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-12)
1. What They Bring (3:16)
The terror moves
Night closing in
Hearing whispers
Of what they bring

This day will bring no light
Death will touch us soon
Never thought they’d come
Conquerors of land and life
This day will be our last

Hide in shadows
Breaking day
A breath of cruelty
Has come our way

Holding onto life
Oblivion stares our way
A penance for who we are
Our blood will soak the land
Brazen acts of spite
Wanton beasts unleashed
No mercy will be given
We will know what they bring

Reaching our prey, the carnage begins
Our movement of horror brings down its wrath
As our flames of glory, burn through the night
Their haunted eyes bleed, for now they know what we bring

Flowing streams of red
As life escapes them all
The butchers carve their way
Into infamy

Now they know what we bring
2. Illumination (3:34)
I will become your world
All you see and all you feel
So follow………..

I am the way
I am hope
I am the dream
I am the one you seek

Creating the illusion, groom you for my cause
I will break you no matter what it takes

Cradling your sorrows while draining your strength
Rear up in revulsion but now it’s too late

Together in madness we’ll proclaim our intent
To raze this world in resounding deceit

Bending your minds with my tongue
Entangled in my web like flies
Wear my love around you like a noose
A perfect world for those I have chosen

I am contempt
I am deceit
I am betrayal
I am the one to fear
3. Still Lost (3:14)
Spread the word, selling faith
Cleansing souls while spreading hate

Inciting wars, bringing death
A mental plague to undo us all

Countless souls
Spiraling down
Now millions more
Must come down

Pour yourselves, into your folly
Hollow hearts are never true

Speak the poison, from faithless lips
Spreading venom with every word

Countless souls
Spiraling down
Now millions more
Must come down

Come down to earth
And see the truth
Your hunger for dreams
Only feeds deceit
This flood of menace
Still drowns our world

Murder over soil
Murder over power
If truly the will of gods
Then all the gods should be punished

Gods of war
Gods of death
Lose your gods
Find peace again
4. Providence (4:12)
Watch the skies blacken,
Can you hear their thunder
On majestic wings of death
The swarm will cast its shadow

Like demons spewing fire
Raining death upon us
Their crushing blows of judgment
Reduce our world to ashes

Descend for the kill
Time is standing still
Numb to the screaming havoc
Living through this nightmare

Pounding our world
Shaking our souls
Beating the earth
Like a hammer from the gods

Flames that scorch the heavens
Hurricanes of fire
Making tombs of cities
Burn your way through us all

Phoenix of perdition
Erasing life and light
Miles of blackened ruins
Make the devils proud
5. Swallow the Fear (4:40)
and watch this tempest grow, fed with complacent denial
Keep us safe, keep the peace and teach us all to obey
Trading reason, for a shield of deceit, surrender to all their desires
Fear is strong, fear is king, and deceit is breaking our will

Building the walls, higher and higher
Hearing the lies, louder and louder

Swallow the fear, swallow it down, choke on your trust and all’s well
But trust is a liar, and faith is a fool, and slowly we lose sight of the truth
Caught in the whirlwind of panic and chaos, so desperate we let it all go
Make us the prisoners, concealing the irons, destroying this life that we know

Building the walls, higher and higher
Now rip them all down and leave us weak and exposed

Choke on your fears, relinquish yourself
Failing to grip at the threads that are left
Surrender to powers that we’ve made so strong
Further and further we’re drifting away

Our lack of courage has taken us down, our freedom is burning away
You bury your heads to soften the blow, but the strike will be just as deadly

Choke on the fear….
All that is cherished is fading away
Choke on the fear…
The powers we bow to have silenced our voice
Choke on the fear…
We’re dying so slowly
Choke on the fear…
Pulling us deeper and deeper
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