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Kingdom of Conspiracy Full Album Lyrics

Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy cover art

Kingdom of Conspiracy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  91.3 / 100
Votes :  8
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1. Kingdom of Conspiracy (3:48)
Feeding ourselves to the structure
Striving for all that is wrong
Crying for all the wrong reasons
Living without any souls

A sense of perversion surrounds us
Its crafted perception is fading
More obvious now is the threat
The writing is breaking the wall
Feel it all spiraling down

Slowly rising...
This ominous power...
Beast of deceit...
Creeping towards us
Ready to show its teeth

Kingdom of conspiracy
Knowledge now contained
Building up our weakness
Subduing us with awe

Watching us play their game
Watching our freedoms fade
A crescendo of unheeded cries
Now cries of the persecuted

Feel its presence expanding
Swirling gently around us
Looming like a predator
Its putrid maw will devour us all
No one but ourselves to blame
No one but ourselves to shame

Watching us all from above
Watching our freedoms sink
Branding us for life
It's all gone horribly wrong
2. Bound to Order (3:49)
ubiquitous and ever seeing
your every move, your every word
fear, dominance and control
enforcing the code on all
protection for the good of the land
sentinel of the righteous, commands
invade you to control you
no dissent will be allowed
obey, follow and conform
condemning those who oppose
opression for the good of the land
soldiers of the eminent descend
coralled and conteined like cattle
to feed this dispotic appetite
tagged and numbered, bound and tethered
now you'll never be out of our reach
fading glory, worn and vicious
guilty or not, they will all comply
submissive masses sterilized
move in lockstep to the beating of our drums
projecting comfort while administering terror
they take the bait while we take the prize
the order must be upheld
understand, with safety comes a heavy price
monitor you, rule you
your every move, your every word
fear, dominance and control
enforcing the code on all
protection for the good of the land
our iron rule now stands
3. Keep the Silence (4:06)
drifting through life, the docile and faceless
our surface so pure, yet beneath it all slithers corruption
a peril so certain, this chasm grows wider and wider
avoiding frail edges... safely idle, holding your tongues
the illusion binds us all, rooted deep beyond control
never seek the truth or suffer condemnation
with eyes upon us now, we belive our voice will bring us down
a plague of lies burns wild and we let the poison rivers flow
faith in what was has left us with nothing
submissive by nature, they have us now
embracing our silence, we're gagged into ruin
how dare we watch it and not say a word
if we look away from the danger, it will only get stronger
we hide from the truth, numbing ourselves to death
4. God Complex (3:35)
sowing the seeds of extinction
replicating the natural order
pandemic scourge of humanity
now growing to its fruition
breeding disease and weakness
creating a world of dependence
planned for mass intake
ingesting the fruits of malignant design
man becomes god
manipulates life
poisons the world
cultivates death
mass genocide, human revenue
sprinkling misery into their bodys
feeding their hunger, feeds our agenda
don't ever let them know they're slowly dying
man becomes god
manipulates life
poisonst the world
no chance of survival
5. Echoes of Despair (3:45)
the dawn of our collapse
our system in decay
at the precipice of war
no longer can we last
we followed faithfully
those who whold the keys
lead us to the edge
holding our breathes in fear
fear empowers trust
trust empowers greed
greed breeds the corrupt
the corrupt will break the world
all around us the signs are there
rip open your eyes and finally see
times of peril, world in ruins
secret motions, mass delusion
like a storm coming at us from all directions
we can't find cover
we ignored the warnings and wrote them off
now brace yourselves as your sacred pillars crumble
clear the ash..clean the wounds
the enemy is now exposed
the echoes of despair... now resonate like an earthquake
find the way... find the strength
find the will... bring the storm to them
the weight of time is crushing down
the world must rise... to fight back
6. Indoctrinate (4:48)
Ready the youth
For this culture of madness
What a terrible time
To be brought into this world

By a parasitic rhetoric
Engineered to spread
Like a fever amongst the innocent

Make them see what you see
Make them be what you are
Indoctrination of the young
Insures your cause will always thrive

Catch them while they're young
Embed your venomous sting
This hidden abscessed splinter
Leaking deep inside them

Flowing through callow minds
A soothing toxin of promises
Altering their thoughts
Infecting those within their reach

Make them see what you see
Make them be what you are
Indoctrination of the young
Insures your law will always thrive

Bowing their heads in loyalty
Bowing their heads in shame
The rituals of conditioning
Repeated, over and over

Legions of disciples
Soon legions of soldiers
Innocent now
A dormant threat waiting to mature

A lifetime playing host
To this lunacy
Held fast
By the barbs of faith

Mad and blinded
Beyond reason
A haze of twisted morals
Clings to them all

Vessels for their war machine
Vessels for their way of life
This ravenous piracy
Of human minds
Designed to assure
Our ultimate downfall

The sadness of wasted life
The sadness of silenced dreams
Sorrow for these unwary victims
Witness the loss of all identity

Make them see what you see
Make them be what you are
Indoctrination of the young
Insures your rule will always thrive
7. The Great Sleep (5:22)
a populace unknowing
caught in a dangerous trance
so focused on the meaningless
that we've failed to see what's real
sleeping away
while the storm quietly moves in
distracted and unconcious
lost in a perpetual fog
burdened with hollow desires
failing to see our end is near
sleeping away
now awaikening
into the nightmare
our comfort breeds our numbness
our numbness fools our minds
now they've fooled us all
it's only a matter of time
paralyzed by a false sense of worth
what will it take tobreak through this coma
our standards have all been broken
oblivious to this vile coup
falling asleep, falling away from reason
hallucination of the grandest of scales
slowly we wake, too late to escape the horror
helpless we march in
and take our world away
sleeping away
while the storm, quietly moves in
sleeping away
awakening into the nightmare
sleeping away
never to awaken again
8. A Spectacle of Lies (3:14)
sell them lies, sell them hope
sell them what you know they long for
confuse, dilute, and warp perception
make them think they want it all and more
sell them glory, sell them pride
sell them all that's far from reach
suck them in with smoke and mirrors
make them think it's what they need
engeneers of deceit, planting all their seeds
artful in their craft, painting usright into their corner
preying on the ameless, preying on the naive
pray that we survive, all the poison we've been fed
inventing the problem
naming the enemy
creating the conflict
the greatest deception
it's to make them belive
there is no deception
this foul machine
cloaked in our ignorance
of hatred and war
sold on lies, sold on hope
so grand is this dark charde
the only prize is blood and death
running wildly fighting shadows
9. Serving Divinity (3:36)
10. All That Awaits Us (4:50)
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