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Immolation - Dawn of Possession cover art

Dawn of Possession

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsRoadrunner Records
Album rating :  91.6 / 100
Votes :  16
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Dawn of Possession Lyrics

Submitted by level Duncan21 (2011-06-01)
1. Into Everlasting Fire (5:15)
will the love of god shed its grace
upon the evil side of man
symbolic throne begins to tarnish
poisoned with impurity
clouds of darkness start to thicken
dominate the tranquil skies
frigid earth devoid of light begins to rot and die

angels fall their wings decayed
their hyms of praise sung from the graves
unspoken prayers cease to comfort
the objects of his rage...

into everlasting fire

judgment passed now conclusive
the appalling truth reveals itself
our tragic end was procured
by our own deceitful ways
once created in his image
now destroyed in his fury
a disregard for our lives
his people now condemned

denouncement of all who''ve sinned
thier blackened hearts ripped from their chests
forgiving god exhalted high
"please forgive our sins!..."

into everlasting fire

blessed in life... flourish in death
children of god... destitute
embrace of love... loses hold
bond of trust... misconceived
tears erupt... fall to Hell
caressed by fear... we die as one

mourners of a dying world
too late to reconcile
into everlasting fire
cant you see its Satan''s world
2. Despondant Souls (4:15)
slaughtering the innocent
massacring the weak

intimidating their fearful minds
corrupt all their hopes

expurgate their thoughts oppressing all
nauseate with fright

hallowed shells of living corpses
pay homage to their art

frail and weak despondent souls
are prematuely dead...

cherished hopes beyond your gasp
trepidation grows within
time exists to test your brain
tormenting fast your sanity
dormant lives are cast aside
evil slaughter vile and sick
............... fell the pain!

deep below... damp and cold
chambers filled.... with rotting dead
sealed together... cryptic cells
twisted corpses... in a mangled grave
maggots grow... deep inside
multiply... savored feast
concealed to all... unknown their fate
plea for life... thier cries obscure

(repeat first verse)

(repeat chorus)
3. Dawn of Possession (3:07)
Awaiting messiah
To save us from sin
A second hope
His reign begins
Born of virgin
To conquer mankind

Deity from hell
Satan divine...

Christ possessed
I am born...

Twist of scripture
Christ possessed
Come forth with wrath
Evil obsessed
Hatred and war
Sadistic spell
Swallows the earth
Thanks be to hell

Christ possessed
The dawn has come.....

Praise the day the Christ child is born
Born of woman to evil he''s sworn
To rule mankind like no other before
Unholy throne Christ adore

Arise in flames... I am born
I rule with fury... I rule with scorn
Evil will conquer... And forever will be
Bleed in pain... Kneel to me
4. Those Left Behind (5:14)
I lifted my soul joyfully
If not my life will end painfully
Extol he who rides above the clouds
Majestic and glorious
Reigning victorious

Exalted to his name
Far above the earth
But below is where I'll see
Unmoved by your praise
Seated in splendor

High above the heavens
Resounding out his name
Far below are my beliefs

Your majestic light shines down upon me
I turn my face... And shut my eyes
For your light casts darkness upon my world
A world I've not chosen... To dwell within
For those who judge me by your standards

Say I'm unworthy... Of your grace

Enthroned upon their praise
Dethroned with my disgust
Unworthy of your glory
You turn your back on me

You are Jesus
You are lord
Imperfect god
You are nothing to me
For this you say
I'll burn for all eternity...

Jesus Christ
You are lord
You are god
But have you won ever sin and death
Victory's crown shall be ours
For we are those
Those you've left behind
5. Internal Decadence (3:04)
Digression to an unknown fear mortified
Soul embraced in a darkened gasp path to hell
Infiltrate the weakened mind succumb to death
Waste away convulse in pain dissolve within....

Twisted brains decays
Abstract world or pain
Anguish of the mind
Tortured afterlife

Bodily entombed... Beckons internal grave
Paralyzed with fear...internal decadence

Submit to parasitic thoughts drown in a mental haze
Extraction from reality feelings now devoured
Dimension in hell rotting mind wastes away
Desire life fade away suffer endlessly...

(Repeat chorus)

Exiled from sanity... Never to return
Mental paralysis... Internal decadence

(Repeat chorus)

Noble ones perverse
Fulfillment of their lusts
Seeking innocence
To satiate their needs
Children for their pleasure
Abducted from the world
Adopted into hell
Punished for their births

(Circle of) manias

Rules of their existence
Insane immortal laws
Desires are forbidden
Lusting for their flesh
Sickened evil minds
Manipulate to death
One hundred and twenty days
Sodom redefined

(Circle of) excrement

Kneel down before the lords
And taste the filth awaiting you

A noble feast for those enslaved
Enticing vows of defilement

Unholy palace of perversion
Unbellished with depravity

Embrace your life for now
It slips away

(Circle of) blood

Commencement of their final trial
Upon their final day

Trembling naked figures slowly
Marched into the courtyard

Tender flesh is seared and ripped
Tides of blood released

The masters watch in ecstasy
The orgies of the damned

A sacred ground of tragic deaths
6. No Forgivenesss (Without Bloodshed) (4:12)
Breeding decomposition

Spirits rising from the dead
Seeking retribution

Abandoned futures never seen
By those of youth and innocence

Inevitable demise
The circle now is sealed
7. Burial Ground (3:42)
War has evolved in a world bound for death
Trails of blood
Lead to our corpses
Liquids of life have taken to the earth...

Man destroying humanity
A world made of shit! Now in endless pain...

Man destroying the earth!

(Repeat first verse)

Man destroying man
8. After My Prayers (5:55)
I pray that I can see
Beyond this life tormenting me
Tempting from inside
Come hysteric thoughts of pain
Slowly I'm consumed
Into emptiness I fall
When my body''s cold and dead
Will the feelings be the same?
Will my kingdom comfort me?
Of reject my languid soul

Stagnant cooling blood
Starts to coagulate
My body weakens and sinks
As my soul discorporates

Resurrected from the souls of the damned
Comes the fury of their dismay

Ungodly images unveiled to me
Creations from below
My body rot within its grave
My soul now free to roam

I begin to seek
What's been taunting me
My lifeless corpse
No longer binding me

My incarnate life no more
My existence now deceased
Now what I am gone
I exist in misery
My unpleasant renization
And my suffering begins
Salvation never reached
And my kingdom never found

(Repeat chorus)

Resurrected from the souls of the damned
Comes the fury of their dismay

Ungodly images unveiled to me
Creations from below
My body rot within its grave
My soul forever roams
9. Fall In Disease (3:52)
Miles away the dead are left
Quarantined contain the death
Brought to man a gift from hell
Infectious blood devours all

Filtered through your blood it flows
Your icy corpse frozen glance
Rapid spreading unrelenting plague
We''re sucked into its realm

Infected flesh... Peels

Falls to the ground... Rots
Rots in the heat... Burns
Burns away

Vomit blood into your hands
Hemorrhaging internally
Organs breaking through your skin
Slow decay from within

Silent screams are never heard
Echo through the fields of dead
Doomed to face a painful end
Alone to die where you fall

Bodies now are thrown
Onto a pile decay
A common grave for all
Infect the populace
All behold the dead
Rest eternally
Now condemned to die
Eradicates our race

Ablaze in fire corpses burn
Upon a mound of flesh
Cleansed in flames this rampant plague
Crimson blood so pure

(Repeat chorus)
10. Immolation (4:06)
Feasts on the flesh of innocents killed
A sacrifice to our lord
A sign from below to slaughter and kill
All in the name of hell
A circle of fury that starts in hell
And ends with the race of man
Our blood seeps deep into the soils of the earth
Feeding the evil within
Religious fool cry to your savior
Bargain with your sins
The efforts of god proven useless
Immolation now begins...

Disemboweled... Desecrate
Death divine... Morbid fate
Creeping pestilence... Spreads with hate

Horrid cries of agony and pain
Butchered beyond reason
Our corpses are left in heaps of blood
Piled up to the heavens
Impotent redeemer falls from heaven''s grace
An idol no more
King of hell reclaims his throne
Barbaric in his bliss
Holy priest hold high your cross
Our fate you try to save
Pawns of death rejoice in glory
Lead us to our graves...

Dogma crumbles... Carnage is cast
Misery plague... Forgotten our past
Wrath of hell... Forever will last

Heaven defied
Christ denied
Evil desire
We''ll burn in fire

Die in the pentagram
Where you''ll be slaughtered
Immolate your soul
In the name of...
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