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The Felon's Claw Lyrics

Ilsa - The Felon's Claw cover art

The Felon's Claw

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal, Crust Punk
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-01-31)
1. Oubliette (2:51)
the soul is a pit oubliette in your gut deja vu shaky nausea quasy uneasy awful feelings identity a mask to me stale consolation
prize my life is not to realize the prison of myself justifications shitty consolations holy shit you put a circle of candles
around it holy shit stacks of vinyl dirty books the bones of our dead wrapped in golden foil blurry memories blood on the
bedsheets what could this be mystery upon mystery the soul is a sea
2. 25 Cromwell (4:01)
the act of seeing with ones own eyes to prove a loss as real skull and bone on stainless steel skull and bone amid earth and
stone needles nails slugs and snails on stainless steel bad teeth out my dirty mouth tell my tale they assured me we'd have a
cup of tea get cleaned up and drive home well now I'm stuck in the killers graveyard cellophane and packing tape to mask
my face cellophane and packing tape sealed my fate muffled my moans before you buried me deep in the circle beneath the
courtyards paving stones putrid mire just my luck that's how i got fucking stuck in the killer's graveyard 25 cromwell the
west's house of hell 25 cromwell
3. Smoke is the Ghost of Fire (6:27)
in foul language I can't remember a stranger voice I'd never heard bellowing curses I found I could speak spell foul fearsome
oaths flowed up from my bowels broken words dismantled at the root to colorfully float in unseen breeze creeping unnoticed
til caught in a brilliant blade sliding across our ceiling each word rose comically above my head for all who passed to read
and laugh milking misery I coughed caustic lines into toxic clouds dissolving atmosphere poisoning the air with my disease
wheezing puts to coat each word that escaped me dragged through basements and barrooms beer-soaked floors from my
four-post bed my wicked madness spread age sounds it's heavy toll in tireless fatigue no night's sleep can quench and disease
creeps disease creeps through muscles and veins into harried knotted brains only 1,000 pinpricks could bring me to my senses
1,000 pinpricks to bring me to my senses
4. Buried in the Bedrock and Concrete of Our Cities (2:29)
if not actively reminded constantly forgotten from horrific to the everyday first as tragedy then as farce sharpened dulled in
rapid succession across generation back in familiar territory butt-deep in furthest reaches standing in the orange clay by ruins
of foundations flashing glimpses fragmented horizons the obelisks peak cloaked in fog reaching up drop of blood shining on
a sword piss cum and bull hide ten months in the soil collapsed the grave my womb may god fear any children I may help
bring into this world for evil they will be in body and mind earth sun and dead moon they will honor inspired by disgust in
laws of man their arts will be made up from a world beyond madness from a life all find worth living barbed wire cut down
with the fence well hung on the gallery wall tarpaulin plastic streamers color and frame
5. Pandolpho (6:17)
poure downe poure downe you wretched pow'rs devyne on me poor wretch and silly mayde some hope some hope some
happ of him to have my heavy hart toayde pandolpho pandolpho some pitty pandolpho frame else with fyery feends to force
on me your furious fates unless my hurt hath help my hopes are but my hates pandolpho pandolpho some pitty pandolpho
some pitty pandolpho thus restless will I rest in ruth respecting what remayns if pittiless then pleasureless if pittiful no
payne pandolpho pandolpho some pitty pandolpho some pitty pandolpho no griefe no griefe is lyke to myne which nought
but death can 'swage my help is hurt my weale is woe my rest is ruthless rage my comfort is my care my safety shipwreck
is my medicine is my misery and bale is all my bliss farewell farewell farewell my friendly foe pandolpho pandolpho proud
farewell farewell the causer of my woe I love, and I loathe to live I live and long to dye come death come death come death
dispatch her lyfe her lyfe her lyfe she yields to die come death come death,dispatch her lyfe she doth desire to dye
6. Pass\\Out (4:44)
isobutyl nitrate headache rage fierce as fork-tongued wolves I can't think straight try to look first ask not assume apathy
enemy of reason I mean passion and power power-lines criss-cross above and below though often unseen
caught in the reigns of skeletal tyrants unfit for legend of lore worlds beyond madness worlds beyond madness virgin initiate
of an order too massive and heavy for my befeebled mind here what little I retained 'distill yourself harden the spirit hold
on to more than petty cynicism the proud road to hell paved riddled ridden in indecision fate's a baby's carriage to carry you
off as you cry' fetch me my cauldron ceder and cherry wood for the pyre I need hot coals to write immortal words only I
may remember das geheimnis der leibe revealed to all
7. Enter the Void (6:33)
while I may not yet consort with gods I've lived to see and speak of the great god pan ridiculed by the flock flipping
through their channels struggling to swim upstream a surer source pulls my pen at attention across page after page gross
bits of tasty gore my death drive's what keeps me alive the bitter pill on which I thrive my death drives what keeps me alive
while I acknowledge there may be more to life than to simply survive not afraid to die, I fear the journey to its gates the
frightful sights along the way my death drive will keep me alive my death drive will deeper than horror lies fear that flea
that multiples with ages advance deeper than horror deeper than horror is fear I looked about the room but none saw as
they sat frozen awe slack jaws agape yawning into the void I looked about the room as the words were read weird images
crept into my head lucid clarity overtook me as the page turns as the page turns to the screen mystery regenerates and the
force of a few words could shatter worlds
8. Armstrong's Mixture (3:09)
armstrong's mixture powerful potion those moments we catch ourselves unaware wet darkness where deepest revelations swim
swallow chill ethers from the seas that boil below subconscious modoko maldoror I am a moth to your fatal flame ashes on
thy altar armstrong's mixture
9. Katabasis (8:42)
its coming it certainly is no wait not hands that call it is desire labyrinth leviathan desire no good no Evil only flesh and the
patterns to which we submit it oh what pleasures we have to show you an eternity to know your flesh this is mine the god
what you wanted to know to think I hesitated think remember all your confusions when you were human
remember when you were human hellbound
10. Song of the Saw-Blade (3:11)
every morning we rise at dawn to sing the song the song of the saw blade the site is prepped the plans are drawn come work
along the song of the saw blade extension cords powers assured singing the words the song of the saw blade we work all
day at night we play till morning's grey the song of the saw blade hammer level saw drill pound ground with skill we while
the day away hard work and progress pave the way for the song of the saw blade the song of the saw blade
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