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To Those Who Walk Behind Us Full Album Lyrics

Illdisposed - To Those Who Walk Behind Us cover art

To Those Who Walk Behind Us

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level ― (2013-03-30)
1. Blood On Your Parade (4:18)
Come on let it rain, shower me with blood, blood from your parade.
You know, that I will never fall.
I can see the truth.
I'm not seared.
Just like a child, when you make me feel.
Lost of innocence, all between the sheets.
And now you cry, that's why I don't.
I'll provide the blood.
Blood for your parade.
Massive temptation.
2. For The Record (3:14)
So will you notice please, this statement made in anger.
I've traveled many years, just for you to turn your head away.
Cannot be any clearer: this time I end it all.
My mind has played the tricks.
And for you I will no longer crumble.
Take care and don't ever let me catch you here again.
Just for you to know.
I'm cutting all what's tied (down).
I can do this alone - should have done it right from the start.
And this is not revenge (no).
My brain is working again (no).
This is not an ode: it's just for the record.
I volunteer to never have to see you again. take care.
3. Just Come And Get Me (4:10)
I see you coming from behind with you lack of morals, it was expected though.
So what if I've done the things you're telling the world?
I will not I will not change.
Just come and get me.
Intensifies the lullabies you're telling all your kids, about the man whose empathy does not exist.
The blackest heart is always that who beats without a will.
This summer never bends: this man is not for free.
No matter who you are,
It's not a shame to feel afraid.
Or did you ever feel that way?
When all is grey - then don't be late.
You know they'll close the gate.
In certainties we can believe, but believe me: we better not.
4. Seeking Truth - Telling Lies (3:44)
Obscure night.
Telling lies
Even money
She's beautiful.
A guy can see.
Telling lies.
And we are just seeking
And we are.
A real, Satan telling lies.
The more we look.
The more we lie.
The more we take.
She's beautiful.
A man in search.
The truth unveiled.
But hard to handle.
Better to pretend
And then it hit me: why even bother with this shit?
It's not like there's some medal in the end Why then even pretend I'm all for, not against.
5. Sale At The Misery Factory (4:31)
I've cleaned out my closet.
But to be here and start again, it's almost like it'll never end.
You see me as a form and not the man I really am.
It takes some company, but not from you.
It brings me down.
There's a sale at the misery factory.
There's a yard sale in my head, but no buyers seem to come my way.
When we were young and not abducted, by our lives of misery I acted out but now there's just pain.
Won't go away.
It's like a weight of guilt, pressing my shoulders.
The broken promises.
The lies we choose to deal with this in different ways.
And now alone, I choose to be.
Just let me be.
In misery.
6. To Those Who Walk Behind Me (4:05)
I've live inside the wreckage long and care not for what others think.
The scene is set as I walk alone.
To all of you: this is what you get.
The time is right, as I scream upon what's mine.
No co-existing.
My triumph is tonight.
Tho those who walk behind me.
Faster now.
The pace is high as my blood pumps away.
Into shadows of grey I will walk, as I fear only me.
The feeling is mutual.
You eyes gave you away.
No fertile future.
Again I lead the flock.
7. If All The World (4:22)
Let me take you down my life.
To make you learn about the facts, there's not so many, you won't fall.
And if you do I'll pick you up.
If all the world could see me for who I am, there would be no more panic.
If all the world could forgive and just forget, I wouldn't mind to carry on.
But you put me down, just down.
You hate me.
You dislike all that I am.
You pull my arms, you stretch my legs, about to break, i can not take this any more.
Been kept shut way for many years.
Depressive thoughts are kept inside.
And my old pal the inner fear is living better than ever.
A life well spent would have no clue, but I can feel my every cell.
There's someone out there telling tales, about my private hell.
8. My Number Is Expired (3:45)
Is it thirteen?
Is it number ten?
When life had just begun.
Is it my brother?
Born in '79.
My two-year daughter, or the one I left behind.
They lie and smile insist.
Better place wanted.
I can feel your eyes, burning, in my mind.
I promise not.
In figure.
All forsaken.
The ramblings of a madman.
They pull you out it's very intimate.
To think they even make the time.
All is not to be forgotten.
9. Johnny (4:15)
Just let me say this Johnny man, you hold my utter most respect.
And in my vision we are brothers.
It's you and us against the world.
Don't be scared now Johnny man, what said is said and I regret.
We need to hold this together now.
We need need to set this one straight.
Johnny, we're sorry.
Won't you come on home now?
We miss you.
Won't you come on?
What is wrong in my life, that I must get drunk every night?
10. This Unscheduled Moment (3:43)
So who look all my passions?
Spontaneity released.
I guess I never had this, in boredom we believe.
I he sun is never shining, and neither are you.
I long for everything.
They round you up for Christmas, then Easter takes its toll
You re running through the summer, and suddenly it's cold,
That's my year.
My year of sadness.
No time for joy.
This unscheduled moment.
Please find me, please use me.
Take it down.
I'm feeling down.
Never feeling joy.
11. Nu Gik Det Lige Så Godt (3:58)
(The short dialogue intro sequence is from a Danish movie called "De grønne slagtere"):
Bjarne er syg, Astrid, hold dig væk.
Men det er først når man sætter ham sammen med det sindssyge sved svin til Svend at det går helt galt.

Lidt ved siden af, er vel en meget god måde.
Til at beskrive os og hvad vi var - da vi var.
Kom altid lidt for sent.
Burde nok havde øvet sig.
Men sådan går det jo engang, når manden det er mig.

Nu gik det lige så godt, vi gik den samme vej, problemet det var mig.
Nu gik det lige så godt, men alt dit pis og alt dit lort.
Kan ikke være din mand.
Jeg gør det slut.

Kom altid lidt for sent, det var der grunde til,
Men hva' vil du være, jeg gider ikke mere.

Jeg... hader dig, hader dig, jeg, jeg hader dig, hader dig, hader dig.

Nu gik det lige så godt, vi gik den samme vej, problemet det var mig.
Nu gik det lige så godt, men alt dit pis og alt dit lort.
Kan ikke være din mand.
Jeg gør det slut.
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