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Untimely Frost Full Album Lyrics

Identity Crisis - Untimely Frost cover art

Untimely Frost

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 5 scared (2011-11-12)
1. Untimely Frost
A manic race through halls of ice,
Sheathing the dying limbs of life
A sanctuary,
Cryo-preserved, for future years we'll someday learn
God guides our eyes,
We shake with Death,
So, too, our pact becomes a debt
When stars fall, as worlds collide,
Frozen embers will paint still lives

Through modes arcane our will is done
Create a maze of lives in fiction
We black the sun with chilling lies
Boreal dark to deify

Exists as null,
Cruel gaze of Death,
Stealing away our life's last breath
Cryptic, coerced,
Inscribed in frost
As dreams are dashed and hope is lost,
Synthetic world in place of shade,
Eviscerates as would a blade
When tears shatter the sable skies,
A muted world screams silent cries

When beauty is as beauty dies
When limbs of life now crawl with ice
Embrace my arms as would a bride
Becomes a glistening graveborn vine
Ash as scorn from fire burnt,
No one survives for lessons learned
In maze of lives,
Phantoms of death,
Hell waits for as with Seth
Blackened sun shines all too clear,
Over world with none as seer
When eyes are blind to see the truth,
Cold will prevail and Death's set loose
2. Neologism
Mesmerized by mass mediocracy,
Apprehensive to a new frequency,
Innovative skill instilled,
You can call it,
You can call it what you will

Blood, sweat, and tears we shall spill,
You can call it what you will…
Call it what you will

We our haste
Limitations erased
Motivated by different styles
Inspired by different taste
This indifference that we embraced
A sound that combines both time and space

To them we shall reveal,
Uniquely crafted steel
Fornicated flower and flame,
Blossoming inferno, fire, and rain
3. Woven Mystery
The hand of Man rested,
Draped on silken weave
Altered forms risen,
As crests to the sea

Stares back
Skein sees
Gloam now
To be

Can you reveal your mystery?
I've summoned you hence
Shade's your form
Still in the amber
Trapped, future unknown
Paths intertwine, souls,
Coalesce spun in myth
Deep umbral forms vanish,
When planes coexist

Phantasm, Time's keeper
Death Widow, the Reaper
Crystal Cell, end's nearer
Cocooned outside of time

Phantasm, Time's keeper
Death Widow, the Reaper
Crystal Cell, end's nearer
Cocooned outside of mind
4. Divine Fire
To snuff out this candle
A waning existence
Fires burn bright
In their last moments

Smoldering pain,
With every birth
The path of flame,
Sacrifice for life
Immolating tears,
Renew the blaze
Fire and purity
Burn out the ash

Leap of faith
Inside hellfire
Test of strength
Time is dire
Death to me
Comes not once
Elemental flame
Immolating tears
Renew the blaze
Fire and purity
Burn out the ash

I become the fury
And I Defeat the bane
My world needs me
And I shall revive the flame
5. Spectral Self
Unblinking gaze into a
Wall of the eyeless
Ethereal frame reveals the
Silhouette I know
Fears inside my mind
Shackled dream, forever bind

Scream do I not
Breath's all but gone
Spectral self

Cadaverous sight under a
Refracted moonlight
But the night sky that I see
Is not the same
Chronolytic mute of
A catatonic life
Which is the apparition
Who owns the soul

In this veil a looking glass
Ghoulish wretched form
Terror stricken haze corrupt me
Through the aether's grasp
Fears inside my mind
Shackled dream, forever bind
Gated in mist, paralysis
Succumb to fear
6. Soul's Oblation
Trapped inside my vault,
A double-edged sword,
Duel against myself,
Playing both sides of the board.

A never ending game,
Within aphotic tombs,
A soul's oblation,
To feed clairvoyant wounds.

White-towered austerity,
Towards the id inside
The blackest enmity
Draws lines in the sand

They turn to dust,
Parleyed tongues lie,
Scorn remains still,
Eye for an eye
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