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Dead Peasants | Full Album Lyrics

I Killed Everyone - Dead Peasants cover art

Dead Peasants

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Atmospheric Deathcore
LabelsInnerstrength Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-20)
1. Emperor (0:30)
2. A Formless Awakening (3:31)
A formless awakening to a shapeless existence
The end of synthetic consciousness
Rebirth into depravity
Death enters the mind
Corrupting thought
Recognize fear destroying any remaining sense of hope
That exists behind your prayers
We are now seated at the right hand of evil
Hell on earth
I feel it's presence in every aspect of life
While you wander the earth in it's darkened barren glory
You will suffer the wrath your own mind has created
Sick with suffering
The cries of the people fall upon deaf ears
Loss of empathy and respect for any living thing
I wont concern myself with matters of human flesh
I am the messenger of a world begging to die
Every perception
I once had has been debased by this human disease
A formless awakening to the human condition
Life destroyed in seconds
The plague of thought reborn
3. And Kingdoms Will Fall (4:04)
The orchestration of this worls demise
The blackened symphony that carries on
The chilling wing sends a rush over my skin
My blood runs cold
My mind falls empty
My stone heart feels nothing
As I watch the on coming wave
Reduce the progress of humanity to rubble and ash
Fields of endless waste
Your majesty is dead
Your kingdom has come crashing
Conquer divide destroy
Bastardization of our kind
Erase infect decay
We prepare to die
We prepare to die
The wrath of our ways brought about this cataclysm
I no longer fear what I can't control
The depths will swallow me
So cold is the feeling
That washes over this place
So cold is the feeling
That washes over this place
The corrosive ideals of man have transformed
My perception of the capabilties of evil
4. Earth Carcass (3:27)
Earth Carcass
My eyes fall upona scene of devastation
The human form is deconstructed and lies in worthless pieces
Death comes forth on pale wings preceding a wave of destruction
Flesh rooted in soil
Existence putrefied
Bodies fused with the earth
Disgust in my own kinda disease has manifested
Hell is a creation of our own cognitive abilities
The greatest gift life has ever given me is to see you being torn limb from fucking limb
5. Beneath the Soil (3:44)
Rot in the ground where I lay beneath the soil
The roots of greed begin to bloom while my corpse slowly decays
I am now the atrophy that withers you away
I am the weight on your shoulders caving in your frame
I am godless torture and enslavement of the mind
Those who speak my name seek the end of misey
Death in all of it's mercy
I feed on their suffering prey upon the weak
We've come for this world on the wing of hell
We've come for this world on the wing of hell
Beneath the soil is where we feast we run this world dry
We are disease
You fucking cowards
You are dead rotting flesh

As this worlds
Laid to rest
Laid to rest
Putrefied corrosion your decline

Fuck you
6. Omophagia (3:11)
Human beings are harvested
Drained of all their substances
Life is no longer of value
The contorted remains are discarded
The essence of the body is consumed
Regenerating all who will partake
Blood droplets coruscating in their chalices
Drink my blood like wine
Feast upon everything that's left of me
Tear my fucking bones apart
I will never bow to you
Immortality achieved, the imperium will rise with the strength of a thousand men
7. Dead Peasants (2:56)
Crush the opposition
Devastate the overlord who mask the propaganda as
Promises of hope
Reduction of population enslavement begins
I'll rip out your serpent tongue
And watch your eyes roll back
Blood thirst still apparent in the way
You lack all sympathy
Everything that I've loved has been fed to the wolves
Everything that I believed in has been ripped apart
To die
With a need for vengeance infecting my thoughts
My senses heighten
My eyes become transfixed as I breathe
The still night air laced with the perfume of decay
My pulse begins to rise
I have become numb to the presence of death
For years you have deceived us deconstructing morality
You sink your teeth into the free will of man poisoning
His every thought and action
Armageddon the blueprints inscribed by human hands
The filth that you speak of is not devine
And there will be no change
Behold how we march to the beat of their drums
Like cattle to slaughter
For a cause that we dont believe in
Behold how we march
Behold how we march
8. The Art of Flesh (4:07)
The art of flesh
Victims of this parasitic institution reduced to ash
No reverence for human life
Idols fall and heroes are destroyed
The sun now sinks into oblivion
My own flesh transformed into something that I don't recognize
Imprisoned in this vessel
Dead to everything but memory
The portrait of doom
Is painted across your canvas skin
Salvation is crippled

Just what the fuck makes you think you'll be forgiven when the cadance in your chest begins to fall
Your pleas are useless what pity shall
I have but none
Your soul is shit and meaningless
Innocence now fractured and rotting
Every shallow breath holding the weight of failure
The art of flesh
This masterpiece complete
Human waste crushed beneath my feet
Crushed beneath
9. The Judas Throne (3:56)
I now sit upon the throue
All kneel before the tyrant
Conquer them all and adorn the crown in flesh
I'll devour the inside of greed
Banish the filth
Behead the kind
I will rain blood over all who will defy my rule
I am the serpent and the lamb
The reaper and the savior
I am the last f**king thing your eyes will ever see
The dead stench of this world
Will be the last thing you ever breathe
Not even the dust of your worthless
Infected she'll will remain
Isn't this what you've desired for all these years
The way you humans live your miserable lives
Gives the reason to believe to believe
F**k this world
10. Synthetic Euphoria (3:14)
Your synthetic euphoria has ended
Panic is now the only thing coursing through your blood
In desperation you seek some for escape from the vile
Creations of your own mind
And all you will find in this place is death
Descending into a realm of despair
Reality disfigured beyond recognition
This is a hell that you have created
Your veins begin to tighten you heart
Begins to race a field of a million
Dead eyes watch you helplessly
Watch you helplessly dig through the scattered
Fragments of what you have become
Holding no worth nothing left to hope for
Everyday is an empty shell
Every memory of what your life once was
11. Dominion (1:42)
12. Re-Defiled (4:35)
Pledge your allegiance
You're better off dead
Pacification of our weakened minds
I will not believe what your forked tongues convince
As if you possess the decency
Globalist agendas disguised
As the promise of a new day and age
We're conditioned to believe every f**king lie they speak
In the name of freedom and liberty
This is the end of everything we've known
The beginning of a new evil regime evil regime
I refuse to let my flesh be used as currency
I refuse to let the idea of freedom die
Right before my eyes
We are statistics
We are the victims
We are what stands in the way of tyranny
This is oppression
This is the new world order and we will not go quietly
We are statistics
We are statistics
We are the victims
We are the victims
We are what stands in the way of tyranny
This is oppression
This is oppression
This is the new world order
And we will not go quietly quietly
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