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Emasculated by Endless Unhappiness Full Album Lyrics

Howling in the Fog - Emasculated by Endless Unhappiness cover art

Emasculated by Endless Unhappiness

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > H > Howling in the Fog Lyrics (20) > Emasculated by Endless Unhappiness Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-12-21)
1. Introduction to Falling (3:26)
2. Bowles (6:35)
Arrows of pain burn inside us
Moments frozen by an endless pain
Silent death that we observed
A resigned silence,
inancing us this path awaits us
is waiting to dry up
my blood runs faster on those sad notes
(for ever)

It all seems pointless and empty ...
traveling through the void
I try not to think, try to understand ...
vacuum one day like this comes to an end ....
comes to an end ....
everything seems to be gone ..
All through of my bowels
of my bowels....

soul-rending, goodbye to the new impact
certainties vanished into thin air
stupid criteria that are worth less than zero
I come to this disgusting thought
I come today not a chance
not a chance
vacuum one day like this comes to an end ....
everything seems to be gone ..
All through of my bowels
All through of my bowels
of my bowels....
3. Beloved Loneliness (5:45)
Capturing the role which I have chosen
a role, disgusting, who dies before this hope
front of this blade, threw the final gesture
hoping to change something
the impact to the reality ...comes the final blow ..
I take the bottle and the knife....
I lose all desire to do anything ....
I dream of a better future.. when in fact I know it will not be so
I hurt myself again and again and go deeper and deeper I fall deeper and deeper into this vicious circle
go down more deeply, the more I realize that it is useless to go ahead
throws in the towel and resign myself
Crying and laughing behind this false
mask that is melting
Behind this loneliness ......
Behind this beloved loneliness....
4. Emasculated by Endless Unhappiness (6:19)
Already thoughts Assuaged by Vanished
Raped by an icy sadness
Bodies torn apart under the relentless rain
Fucking memories torture us forever
Caught some anxiety of life
A cry seeing death digging our end
Filled with woe my dejected soul
dejected soul

Our cemetery is near
Our grave is ready
Our life is dead
Your death is coming
For These Fucking Souls
Evil minds torture us
Damned spirits
are destroyed
and drained for the eternity
Killed by this solemn misery
Killed by ourselves
Emasculated By Endless Unhappiness
Emasculated By Endless Unhappiness
Emasculated By Endless Unhappiness
5. Choirs Damned by Thoughts of Death (8:11)
Rays of darkness envelop us
embraced in a corner without saving
in this eternal nightmare,
born or die? live and believe
in false hopes that will not fall ever

Amazing life running aimlessly
flows but comes to a closing ....
amazing ... this fucking shitty life does not change
Inevitable Pain and Mourning
Inevitable resignation of nowhere ...
of nowhere ...
Returning to the ruins of my failure
To mourn the loss of myself
To mourn that I always dreamed that I never ....

Clouds of ice transforms us ...
In a maze of mirrors
Clouds of sadness overwhelm us
and blows us away
For Ever
For this fucking fear for Impending
of Life..
For this Impending Death ...

This moment vanishes silently ...
Choirs Damned By Thoughts Of Death
In This Place of failure ...
in this place of my death....
6. Suicide Solution (6:14)
Awakening disturbing
Mangled bodies in the shadows
wander through this silence
we implore it of not completing
We beg to be able to escape
to be able to change at least one second
of this death already marked
of this imminent and frenzied farewell

Forever doomed to this fate
disgusting moments do not want to end
This game is over
The fatal outcome is coming
No sign of life

The last day has arrived
The last few seconds
of agony are about to end
subject myself
this is suicide solution
suicide solution
7. Cold June... Cold Void... (2:43)
Questa vita sembra non voler dare un punto di sfogo sotto rami apparentemente assolti dal nulla
8. Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels (Silencer cover) (6:13)
Vast Souls
And Inhumans,
Bitten By Infected Jaws

Abandoned Minds
And Corpses
Lurking With Moulded Eyes
Lacerated Bodies
Without Mourners
Nodding In Gallows

Crushed Skulls
Tasting The Fur
Of Dying Cats

Needles, Injecting Pain
Flamable Skin
And Deadly Thirst
Beyond Mind
Is Sleep To Be Found
Leap, Leap, Leap, Leap
From Life,
Leave Yourself,
Die With Me
9. Outro (3:34)
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