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Dreams Full Album Lyrics

Howling in the Fog - Dreams cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal, Post-Black Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-03-13)
1. Dreams (4:59)
Life can’t go away from you.

I fell in this kind of lie.

My thought can change your opinion.

Admire the ecstasy of expectations.

Only the time, can heal..

My broken heart.

My thoughts, come true, when i do, what i need.

My hope was lived with your sins and my poison.

My dreams, come true, when i do, what i love

My dreams, come true, when i do, what i want

My dreams, come true, when i do, what i love

My dreams, come true, when i do, what i want

These are my dreams.
2. Acquitted (4:00)
Hear my say.
We must begin dreaming.
A day will come.
Sister of light.
Observes my knowledge.

We are damned
From your sins
The reason about your soul.
Breathe the poison for living this fucking shit.
Wrapped in a tears.
Brother of darkness
We can dream.

Translate the pain.
The poisons run away.
How much dark can be?
Colors your every thoughts.

Through the skyline
I am so Acquitted
You can’t control this
This is my freedom
3. Percées de Lumière (Alcest cover) (6:40)
4. Luna (7:30)
Moon you are my muse
You could say I’m drained from you.
And this is my painful love.
Completely alone.
As forgotten dreams

I want to grow and disappear
Like the leaves into the wind
I believe that hope is a lie
My strength drift from you
Moon you are my sunshine
Come down
And waste your fear away from me
My moon it's full of darkness
My sacrifice of loneliness
Waiting the night that will come
I can breathe your sadness
this is my full moon.
5. Perched in the Filtered Desires (6:53)
Flowing the anxiety.. recluse and damned.
you think you know?
believe me, it's understandable.
runs the lie called reality
Blinded from a forgotten tears.
the morbid intellect.. dissolved into the ambition
things i’ve forgot..
luckless to know, and trying things that I should not try.
wasted and ignored.
tired and addicted
to be alone.
locked from nothing.
blinded and shocked
perched in the filtered desires
living with the ghost.
to be luckless
living with the fascinating
pain of knowledge.
stumbled in the mirrors of ourselves.
stoned in the space of your feeling.
perched in the filtered desires
purchased in the filtered desires
6. Weird% (5:50)
7. NoPainNoGain... (7:53)
Shadows dance over the land
Embrace the silence of the night
and let it go
We understand the essence of being an end in itself.
We savored the criterion of the doubt.
But we still try to understand.
Tell me why, we want fly?
To be aware that we are not alone?
Come here with your words.
I wait for you. and the day will come.
The illusion is reality.
The reality is fantasy.
The pain maybe , is the happiness in reverse?
Life is: no pain no gain.
Hey boy, the universe is a spirit, and is looking for you.
life is no pain no gain.
8. Number# (6:33)
Stay with me
I can almost see.
Your fantasy.
I'm saying the truth.
Maybe, one day.
Will come.
Welcome home boy!
Which makes it seem so hard to be your life.
Stay away from me.
Now the rain it comes, it blurs the grey sun.
In the heart of a moment
my life-time is ready.
Scared of me.
I can almost see.
Your hypocrisy
I'm saying the truth.
Maybe, one day.
Will come.

Come here
in my mind.
Ehi, i'm awake.
i don't want to save my soul now.
i want to learn
the way of your number

i want to know
your love
i want to grow
my soul
i want the number
of your life.
that’s my number
9. Happiness & Sadness (5:38)
Happiness is the forgotten world..
how much pain we need ?
forgive my soul !
i'm looking for something !
i’m still running away.
things beyond things
I remember this smell from my dreams.
translate the fire.
The venom's rush inside my heart.
the cold is coming.
hold on.
home again!
hold on.
home again!
hold on.hold on,hold
oh fuck!
hold on.
hold on
oh fuck.
glowing mind, blowing wind
my happiness is your sadness..
inhibition & ambition, nostalgic lust & glory.
hold on.
my sadness is your happiness
10. Far Away... Above Your Mind! (5:23)
far away your mind
far away your mind
above the sun
your love
above the moon
your soul
above the world
far away above your mind

Viviamo nell’aspettativa altrui.
Abbiamo bisogno di essere accettati.
Ma poi dormiamo, dimentichiamo…
Ogni giorno è un nuovo giorno!
L’istante eterno, dentro la noia quotidiana.
Dobbiamo essere quello che ci dicono di essere.
Dobbiamo fare quello che ci dicono di fare.
ma cosa siamo noi?
Dalla notte dei tempi, questi pensieri ci affliggono, ma nessuno, sa darci una risposta.
Qualcuno, lo farà !
Qualcosa ce lo dirà !
Qualunque sarà..
Qualcuno, lo farà !
Qualcosa ce lo dirà !
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