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Desolation | Full Album Lyrics

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TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Heavy Metal
LabelsEscape Music
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > H > House of Mirrors Lyrics (11) > Desolation Lyrics (11)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-07-05)
1. Desolation (4:41)
I look at the world and shake my head
I don’t understand it at all
Head on in the fast lane, end up dead
This could be your wake-up call

Years go in the blink of an eye
Flounderin’ in the web of lies
Back to the wall, you’re ready to see
All these scars only time can heal

Don’t turn away from love they say
While life ain’t fair, love is the way
Slow down or break down
Ain’t too late

Kiss those fairy tales goodbye
Live your life out of desolation and fly

For what is gained there’s a cost
You used everyone to the max
And for the ghost of what is lost
You’re shootin’ at the white flags
2. Fallen Leaf (4:06)
Where does she find the strength to try
When the days of joy are over
There’s no easy way
When the world shatters ‘round you

Falling in love, it seemed so right,
And the road ahead looked brighter
But in one evening
The dice of fate were thrown rollin’

A fallen leaf
A frail belief
She’s dreaming up when it’s over

A fallen leaf
Forsaken dream
Keep dreaming on when it’s over

I can’t believe what we’ve been through
When making love together
I hear raindrops
Falling on the window

It’s hard to believe, behind your eyes
That the anguish still remains
The love is stolen,
And the beauty is fading

Why do we find out late,
That it’s been too late too long
Why keep believing in love,
when loved ones are only to let go?
3. Broken Soul (4:10)
Innocents are paying with lives
In a bitterness-lead reign
Greedy eyes on a hopeless crusade

And the preacher’s lost his faith in his search for more

See the children running
On the road to nowhere
The Sun won’t rise this morning
They’re coming to your home

Fight for the living now
Honour the fallen
Within the shadow
Reflections of anger colliding with sadness and sorrow
Fighting for the broken soul

On a silent barren road
I shiver in the wind
Wondering if God will rescue me

What’s in a prowler’s soul is stepping right out

See the fighters gathering
The prey turning into beast
The hunter’s turned to haunted
See the skyline fall
4. Where Are You Now (4:12)
You played the game of jealousy
And showed me how to hate

That’s how I found out too late
The hidden costs of loving you

You want it all
You wanted to be free

Where are you now?
Show me
In time you will see
If you’re really free

Where are you now?
Show me
Are you really free at all?

Did I hurt your pride,
Your pride of lion?
Can you see me moving on?

It wasn’t meant to be
I see it now
Can you see me moving on?

You want it all…
You wanted to be free
5. Waiting in the Wings (3:40)
I’ve been holding back my feelings
Been waiting so long
Child with something to believe in,
Man on a mission

I used to stand in the corner,
The corner of my life
Watching the world go by
Don’t pass me by

Waiting in the wings
Waiting for the moment

When big wills turn too fast
There is no relief
Hear the echo from the past,
A bittersweet memory

I used to stand in the corner
The corner of my life
Watching the world go by
Don’t pass me by
6. On the Red Line (3:55)
I wanna go astray and see what I can find
I need some time away from crowds that are blind

Collective opinions, yeah welcome to the show
I’m gonna dance while people reach the all time low

We believe what they tell
And we buy what they sell

Oh, oh, oh, It’s “take what they give and be glad”
Who’s foolin’ who?
No, no, no, I won’t get fooled I get mad
I’ll blow some steam on the red line

I’ll kick away my working shoes, so much for the pain
I’m gonna sing my rebel song no matter what they say

If all is lost and nothing’s gained tell me what it’s worth
Let me tell you one thing, it’s O.K. to let the bridges burn
7. Gone with the Summer (3:57)
You’ve been here before
You feel it all too well
Just like fall come those familiar misgivings

[Been hoping, waiting]

Days have turned to blue
Good times to memories
The symbols of hope have gone with the summer

[Waited, in vain]

For your love,
Like a fool in the rain I’ve waited in vain
For your love that’s gone
Gone with the summer

Never learnt to let go
As yesterday becomes you
The bitter rain falls on the broken dreams

Like a fool in the rain
You’ve waited in vain
For your love that’s gone with the summer
8. These Chains (4:23)
While the city sleeps
I’m awake and I wonder
How it is going to be
In the morning after

‘Cause everything is too fine

Break these chains
For once and for all
Open my heart
These chains ain’t forever

I see my room
In the flickering light
And all too soon
I’ve given up the fight

‘Cause everything is too fine

Am I holding on, giving up or letting go?
That’s something I’ll never ever know
9. Masquearade (4:34)
Out on the highway
Through the night and day
There is nothing to lose
When all roads lead to you

You say your heart is talking
But it’s lying at my face
You know my heart lies somewhere else

I don’t need this masquerade at all
You just fake it, I can’t take it, no
I don’t need this masquerade at all
I don’t waste my time
thinking of you and what might have been

Two sides of passion
Kind of consolidation
I’ll do it my way
Out on the highway

You say your heart is talking
But it’s lying at my face
Your every lie’s a new line in my song

It’s hard to stand our ground
In this merry-go-round, yeah
10. Sparks Will Fly (4:04)
The air was electric
when I first met you

I swear it was magic
when I first met you

It’s the trick or treat
Just take me for a fool

Hey, don’t let the distance grow
Hold on to the night, don’t make it slow

When two worlds collide
The sparks will fly
It’s the world yours and mine
The sparks will fly

People come and go
but pictures last forever

Just go with the flow
and never say never

Hey, don’t let the distance grow
Hold on to the night, don’t make it slow
11. Heart to Heart (3:58)
Hey you
How do you feel?
Are you sad tonight
Missing the years gone by?
If you need my shoulder
I’ll be there right beside you
All you have to do is call

And when you cry staring out the window
I’ll take your hand and never let you go

When you feel you’re all alone
and the walls are closing in
You can count on me:
I can ease your pain,
Catch you if you fall,
Let you in form the rain
Hand in hand, heart to heart
Wherever we go

Hey you
How do you feel?
Are you alone tonight
Or missing those lonely nights?
If you can’t find the words
I’m the one who’ll hear you
All you have to do is call

I hear your voice when no-one is around
I promise you’ll never let you down

When you can’t sleep at night
Do you share my dream of starting over?
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