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...and Blasphemous Night Shall Fall | Full Album Lyrics

Hordes of Nebulah - ...and Blasphemous Night Shall Fall cover art

...and Blasphemous Night Shall Fall

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Lyrics > H > Hordes of Nebulah Lyrics (8) > ...and Blasphemous Night Shall Fall Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2015-10-16)
1. The Cold Infernal Presence (3:34)
Rejoice! For we are the outcasts
The rebel angels of this age
Risen from the burning depths to unleash his violent rage
Through centuries of misery, waiting for the time to rise
To regain his rightful throne and rule for eternity

For the gates have fallen
His path is marked

Draped in grotesque glory
Merciless destroyer of the weak
The cold infernal presence
The lord that you shall seek

You sad kingdom shall lie in ruins
As the cold infernal presence breaks free unto this world
With the fury of a thousand storms
2. On the Night of Wind and Storm (7:42)
As the sign of wrath appeared distant in the skies
And the sound of the horsemen's ride echoed through my mind
The dismal grounds opened wide to receive the sacrifice
Of all those who have bowed down to the supreme lie

On the night of wind and storm
Awakened to dark enlightenment
As the throng began to swarm
to preach the unholy sacraments

On the night of wind and storm
Destruction unto this world was born
Bloodshed, hatred, misery, and scorn
Shall be the legacy of your "word"

Lord of all darkness, deliver us from this world
Open our eyes to the mirrors of obscurity
And show us the true reflections of our destiny
Lay waste to the myths of the seraphim
And lead us into your corrupted paradise

In shadowed harmony, to summon forth
The deities lost within time
Welcoming the destruction that they once fled

To stand in judgment of those who spoke with cursed tongues
For the mark of the beast is revealed as shadows in the skies

Behold! Your holy empire burn to the ground
As the second son of Satan is sprung
All-conquering death
His fiery chaos to receive their fallen one
3. Black Canonization (4:46)
Unholy revelation of a godless child
Forgotten song of sunless despair

A dark prophecy from a child
Foretells the twilight of the gods
A new antichrist shall rise up
To lead us into a new black dawn

Seven black rainbows
From a forgotten desolation
Burnt by the fire
From a black canonization

Peer through the portals of time
Rise up against the unbelievers
Destroy the bloodlines of the infidels
And gather under the circle of dark light

Crucify the ugly
And join us in the dark war
Against the nazarene

Seven black rainbows
From a forgotten isolation
Burnt by the fire
From a black canonization
4. A Dark Malediction (2:13)
Your shallow existence rests upon a lie
You have been deceived by the one deified
Your sad existence lies upon the false
You have been deceived by the god of the false

A dark malediction from the centuries past
A final resolution shall reveal the truth at last

You have fallen victim to your own faith
You will be destroyed for it is your fate
Left to face the truth, redemption you now seek
You will be destroyed, you're so fucking weak

A dark malediction from the centuries past
A final revolution shall reveal the truth at last
5. Awash in the Blood of My Enemies (7:59)
When Apsu flies through the sky
Thus the mighty serpent falls
As the moon of blood draws nigh
To usher in the second age of ice

Crush divinity
Blaspheme the trinity

Arise through centuries
Awaken Leviathan
To burn the book of lies
And crush the bastard son

Awash in the blood of my enemies
The mindless christian herd
Behold the lamb of god
As blood spills from its mouth

The time of reckoning is now
The end of all you hold dear
The light glints off of my steel
And thus ends your life
6. Moontide (Grayce cover) (5:16)
Originally written & performed by Grayce

Now the moontide shares its faith
It's dark over the earth
But it's warm among the clouds
I want to lay my body down
I want to lay your body down

Under moonlight I have seen the future pass before my eyes
But still the memory fades
Under moonlight I have seen the sunrise in so many ways
And all that he betrays

Now the moontide shows his face
My spirit knows the way
Follows closely to the water
I want to wash this sin away
Please let me wash your sins away
7. When the Sun Was Bled of Its Light (4:51)
Marching blindly to your own death
You are nothing without your god
I feed upon your weakness
And revel in the loss of your desires

As you wither in the shallowness of your own lie
I live so that you may die
Writhing in the filth of this paradise you have created
With the blood of the world on my hands

The sun will be bled of its light
And blasphemous night shall fall

In the dungeons of our tyrant
Torturing the guilty who preached piously

For he who has risen is destined to fall
8. And Death I Leave with You (3:01)
Lyrics inspired by Baudelaire & Nietzsche

They travel like apostles, like the wandering jew
And nothing is enough for them, not wheels nor sail,
To flee the dreaded retiary. Yet a few know how to kill the foe before they learn to crawl.

Embarked, we'll set our course across the sea of shade,
Like youthful vagabonds adrift with carefree heart.
Do you not hear those voices, beckoning and sad?

Comfort us with poison! Desire so fills the brain
It burns us with a lust to plunge ourselves into
The gulf of: hell or heaven, which? They're both the same.
Within the unknown's depths we still seek something new!

O' Death, old captain, raise the anchor! It is time!
This land has wearied us, o' Death! Let us depart!
And even though the sky and sea are dark as wine,
You know the brilliance of the light that fills our heart!

In god, a hostility towards life
To nature, the will to life
In god nothing deified
The will to nothing sanctified

For it will be contrived of purest light alone
Drawn from the holy rays of primal energy
In god nothing deified
And death I leave with you

Which to the eyes of men,
Their splendor outshone,
Plaintive mirrors of obscurity...
And death I leave with you
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