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The Big H Full Album Lyrics

Hellanbach - The Big H cover art

The Big H

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresNWOBHM, Heavy Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-02-10)
1. Beaten to the Bone (2:33)
A special force you got guaranteed
Play your little games with me
If you want war just pick on me
I'll give you war you won't believe

Base survival breaks my rival
My resistance knows no distance, to me

Beaten down, beaten down
I'm flesh and bone
"Beaten down"

All around but never seen
Military strategy
The sheer intensity
Brings out the animal in me

Supanova takin' over
My resistance knows no distance to me

Repeat (3)

Trade my life just to stay alive
Trade my life to soul survive
Out of my mind but I can see
The pressure that you put on me
Extremes, you better know better
"Draw first blood!"

Repeat (6)

You hold responsibility
An you degraded me
"Draw first blood!"
2. The Main Man (4:22)
Well there's a whole world of people
Who are waiting for me
Their giving problems that I kiss
So much better
Drowning in a seas of sympathy
But its mw who keeps getting wetter

An everybody shakes my hand
Is fi to break
I'm praying for the sake
Of hope an truth
I'm the only one to see
There's nobody but me
So tell me who do I turn to

If you want to know the
Meaning of life
An the reason of death
I'm the one who knows
If you want to put the
Rights to the world then
Just step in the show
"I'm the main man"

Well it's a strange situation
That I've gotten in
I can't being to understand
It's a job an I get paid
Just live anyone
But they think I'm superman

An nobody can wait
They want to demonstrate
The love an not the hate
Inside of them
An everybody claims that
They fell just the same
So tell me who is buying guns

Repeat (3) (1) (2) (3)
3. Little Darlin (3:01)
Sweet little baby, you know I feel
'Cos your driving me crazy
Are you for real?

With all intentions
Going through my mind
Your no possession
Your the hurting kind

Little darlin'
Take it easy
Little darlin

Sweet little since
Look what you done
I'm barely a young mister
An I'm on the run

Repeat (2) (3) (2) (3)
4. Bandit's Run (3:37)
Out from the canyons the
Desperate abandon, their souls
To the desert, sand running red!
Swimming the tide they are lost
In their effort, continual motion
Stopping them dead!

2hot sun" - It beat out their thunder
"Hard rain" - It drive out desire
"High winds" they rip you like fire
"Bandido Hombre"

In from the mountains the fair fein
Survivors their hands in their
Treasure, eye on their gun,
Glean at the yellow thief pick at their
Fortune like rats round a victim
Finger an thumb!

"Bad man" - Who want more than anyone
"Good man" - Who shares out with someone
"Dead man" - Rots cared by no one
"Bandido Hombre"

Mad masquerades their
Muchachos invaders
No one dare,
Neon invaders, their sunshot
Compares ply their trade
Wreck and raid, desperate
Men ride again!
A trail none could follow
Lies none could swallow
Don't think of tomorrow
'Cos it ain't over yet!

Repeat (1) (2)

"Bandit's Run!"
5. S.P.G.C. (3:26)
H.A.T.E. the inside enemy
F.E.A.R. can't take it anymore
T.I.M.E. here's not much left for me
E.V.I.L. I'm gonna met my fill

An when the midnight fever
Make your system shoot
Get back at bay S.P.G.C. on the way
Street street street punks going crazy!
(Repeat 5 times)

F.A.T.E. It's terror surgery
K.I.L.L. this ain't no kiss an tell
M.A.D.D. all out insanity
H.E.L.L. bombed out an empty shell

Repeat (2)

Repeat (1) (3)
6. Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (Elton John cover) (3:45)
It's getting late have you seen my mates
Ma tell me when the boys get here
It's seven o'clock and I want to rock
Want to get a belly full of beer

My old man's drunker than a barrel full of monkeys
And my old lady she don't care
My sister looks cute in her braces and boots
A handful of grease in her hair

Don't give us none of your aggravation
We had it with your discipline
Saturday night's alright for fighting
Get a little action in

Get about as oiled as a diesel train
Gonna set this dance alight
`Cause Saturday night's the night I like
Saturday night's alright alright alright

Well they're packed pretty tight in here tonight
I'm looking for a dolly who'll see me right
I may use a little muscle to get what I need
I may sink a little drink and shout out "She's with me!"

A couple of the sound that I really like
Are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike
I'm a juvenile product of the working class
Whose best friend floats in the bottom of a glass
7. Panic State O.D. (3:35)
Baby's in the cold air
Baby's gonna make me cry
Rotting on the no care
Waitin' with big goodbye

Baby, baby don't you leave me now (repeat)

It's an emergency
A panic state O.D.
I'm going off the

She read her line perfect
Wasted 'till she had centre state
Rotting on the painless
Yesterday's diary page

Repeat (2)
(1) (2) (3)
8. Daddy Dig Those Cats (2:28)
Well little miss prissy
Drink that bottle down
I got a double talkin' baby
An I'm gonna rock this town

I wanna sing like setzer
I want slim Jim Style
I wanna look like Lee Rocker
An drive the young girls wild!

"Daddy dig those cats
(Repeat 4 times)

Well I'm a runaway boy
Sexy an seventeen
A look at that Cadillac
Tell you where I been

Repeat (2)

Do the stray cat strot
FIshnet stockings on
Let's dig dirty dockly
Wasn't that good time fun

Repeat (2) (3)
9. When All Is Said and Done (3:45)
I bet you think I know
You best scleive it
I saw the danger gron
Now I pay my leave

'Cos your not welcome at the door
The family can't take no more

You put your damn blame on me
An its me who's working to get your release
Nothing but the beat
It's the sound of your heart
Keeping you on your feet
I'd only do this thing for you!

Our mothers in dispair
She can't believe it
That a child of hers world dare
Give in to greed, now she just
Tries to hide the shame,
The family can't say your name

You've put whole life on the eails
An its speeding to nowhere an nobody cares
You gotta know wild all else fails it's the
Perfect time to don't up your prayers
"I'd only do this thing for you!"

See yourself your trying hard to be someone else
Be yourself your working hard to be something else
The dis is up for sure, you been counted out from
I-to-ten, whatever you were before will
You never gonna be again so

(repeat (1) (2) (3)
10. Urban Paranoia (4:10)
I don't need no private eye
To solve this mystery
Don't pay good money to have
Somebody give me...misery!

An I can't control you know I feel so low
I need relief from the things I can't believe
I need a hand to lead I need my own stability

An every days a panic show I just exist an no one knows
I can't escape the only torture suburban urban paranoia!

This streets a jungle land I feel safe in doors
In my own escapist world I fight this private war

Repeat (2)

My life is it really what I feel
Could I get better deal
My life is just emotion I'm going every notion
I live in the hoping of every new day!

Repeat (1) (2) (3)
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