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Being and Nothingness Lyrics

HeXeN - Being and Nothingness cover art

Being and Nothingness

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  81.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level ― (2013-08-25)
1. Macrocosm (2:33)
2. Grave New World (5:25)
It would take a global epiphany to sight,
Mankind's greatest threat,
So fixated on his ways he's blind,
To the damage that will beset,
Us, the children of technology,
By automation will be replaced,
Ascending slopes of dependency,
From celluloid to cyberspace.

Open your mind to the subjugation augmenting reality,
Grave New World, and to think... they'll be the last vestige of humanity.

Seeping into facets of our lives,
As gear oil replaces blood,
Accelerating at an alarming rate,
Where the conversion can't be undone,
Artificial Intelligence soon as organic,
As what was once our minds,
A time when slaves turn into masters,
In silicon the earth is enshrined.

Open your mind to the subjugation augmenting reality,
Grave New World, and to think... they'll be the last vestige of humanity.

The "Uncanny Valley" slowly disappears,
Nano-processors take the place of eyes and ears,
The essence of human lost in translation;
As we transform into our own creation.
Day by day harder to avoid,
Having built what cannot be destroyed,
No matter how tight we clench our fists,
We'll still drown in the digital abyss.

Open your Eyes - For what's soon to befall,
We cannot prepare...
Grave New World - The once inanimate,
Is now living, breathing, sentient and self-aware.
3. Defcon Rising (6:40)
Far too often man becomes clever,
Instead of him becoming wise,
Becomes inventive instead of thoughtful,
Perpetuates humanity's demise,
A brief glance at the prevailing world,
Exhibits the same symptomatic device,
Of the fatal human error present in all,
We stop at no pain and no price,
Diminished freedom in a blackened future,
You've probably heard it all before,
But we are running out of second chances,
And will ultimately lose this war.

Who will rescue us from the spark of the apocalyptic collapse?
Who will provide some rapture when the bringers of the end amass?
This race can't save it from itself, so much can't be restored,
Always won the battles, and we'll ultimately lose the war.

There never was a greater shame,
A coup d'état from within,
And we only have ourselves to blame,
When greed controls no one wins,
A nation that had the potential,
To be heaven on earth,
But the ones upstairs wouldn't let us have it, So we'll give 'em a rebirth!

The human animal; inherently selfish,
Will never change its harmful ways,
No matter how much progress or experience gained,
We are still inept, kept at bay,
I seek to see the good in this government,
And it has little to display!

Who will rescue us from the spark of the apocalyptic collapse?
Who will provide some rapture when the bringers of the end amass?
This race can't save it from itself, so much can't be restored,
Always won the battles, and we'll ultimately lose the war.

The Defense Condition rising,
With no foreign threat or attack,
America is imploding,
The people want true democracy back,
They will destroy this empire,
Who for a century sucked the blood,
Of the third world and eastern states,
Reduced to rubble and mud, Unless we stop now...
4. Private Hell (3:38)
It all seems to get stranger,
The more I live on,
Under the "dead hand of the past",
Where have all my days gone?
The hardest part of letting go,
Is not having to say goodbye,
It's enduring the years thereafter,
That become a lifetime.

In my own private hell:
To innocence; farewell...
Is Hedonism all that remains?

Collect all notions of mysticism,
And commit them to the flames,
It's all a joke like the morals you invoke,
And there are no rules in this game,
But I would rather this private hell,
Than the eternal realm of lies,
Abandon puerile thoughts you must,
Oh, it was all superfluous...

In my own private hell:
Although still veridical, if nothing else.

Staring deep in the void,
It has nothing to say.

So what more can one say,
To escape from the cliché?
We have all been betrayed by,
Our own naïveté,
In this epoch of indifference,
Purpose is washed away;
Countless moments now lost in time,
Like tears in the rain.
5. Walk As Many, Stand As One (4:38)
Freedom; the pursued lie, acquiesced to by constant
Denial; our captive state, what you think you know is the cause of our own
Projection; the noose to a blind-folded universe called
Chaos; all that is, was, will be, eternal.

Enthralled by a man who’s come to save us,
Aforethought economic fall,
Yet the day we stand and hold our ground,
The outcome will shock and awe.

Walk as many, Stand as one,
Rising tides shall wash away all we've done,
Man controlling man only spills more blood,
As we live under the arch of the sun.

Their genius devised in the shadows of our dreams,
Our five senses; the sum of their cause,
Vanity divine, ignorance confines,
Perception; a mortal flaw!

How pure is pure with everyone in the “know,”
Those who lead, fear the eye in the sky,
I am therefore I am you see,
I’ve learned to die before I die.

Walk as many, Stand as one,
Rising tides shall wash away all we've done,
Man controlling man only spills more blood,
As we live under the arch of the sun.
6. Stream Of Unconsciousness (4:47)
With my conscience frozen I begin empirically,
To disassemble truth, ethics, and reality,
Since our lives are confined to the depths of our minds;
Certainty is obsolete.
For far too long in false things I believed,
Inferences derived from delusions and dreams,
The cosmos is not bounded by what we perceive,
In convoluted mental streams.

Woe to the believers...
Whose dogmas are subject to futility.

- Stream of Unconsciousness,
Cannot comprehend nothingness,
A static senseless mind,
Indulges in existence,
Not knowing the reason why.

Clashing against the skeptic faculty,
Cognitive dissonance paralyzes me,
An abstract void between two extremes,
In the abyss that is the human psyche;
The external world is an impossibility,
Where speculation's all but a useless pipe dream,
And nothing's what it seems.

This is woe to the believers...
Until the vast edges of man-made time.

Stream of Unconsciousness,
I can't comprehend nothingness,
A static senseless mind,
Indulging in existence,
Not knowing the reason why.

The imagination reaches its limitations here,
Seconds feel like days, minutes seem like years,
Oblivious to the nature of order in reverse,
My most terrifying thoughts are of a finite universe.

...what then... would we search for?
7. Indefinite Archetype (6:23)
Blind and indignant, you won’t see that your own statements are contradicting,
Your very existence, take a hint, what is perceived is subjective reality,
The path that is chose, be it yours, lay wasted away by denials and chores,
Determined to prove that confusion is vice, in an endless abyss of limitless sacrifice,
Numbers don’t lie and neither do I, thus spoke the ancients in patterns and dye,
Collective unconscious much less a dream, to understand life is to attain ability,
What once was certain now is lost to the hands of the victims of the albatross,
Insight and knowledge easily skewed became the misconception that guides your view towards…

Indefinite archetype!

Intricate balance, many ways in which light shall pierce the ubiquitous haze,
Cause and effect, a mere paradigm, transcends beyond chance yet distorters deny,
Manifestation for humanity is more than attesting half-truths with daunting beliefs,
When immediate action proves sane men naïve, an existential source is vastly decreed,
Falsified heroes paving lines by which lives are altered and chosen ones thrive,
If as above so below, now we must conquer our-selves to forgo,
The pendulum prophecies lay beneath the tides falling to rise, observe and be seen,
Among twilight’s idols, indivisibly, wisdom and instinct entwine and is born unto thee.

Indefinite archetype!

Cast into a darkened plane by which shadows may escape the past,
Consolation for dire souls flung towards the unnerving black,
If the ego is the ghost that has arisen from the grave of the self,
Then expect it to act in ghoulish ways!

Principle knowledge, once possessed, likened to comfort, lays one to rest,
Indiscrete memory, condemned to forget, that which preceded our lives to beget,
Ages of solace, no one sees, the opportune sequences made to appease,
Correspondence, calculative success, the incontestable machinations of progress.

Indefinite archetype!
8. The Nescient (4:18)
When there came the time to reassess the world,
Darkness would supersede the light...
Compelled by wonder, pensive contemplations,
The "how" more important than the "why".

Logic refutes faith,
When reason is nowhere in sight,
Phantom to me is theology,
A perspective more blind than right.

Disillusioned now from the words of the theists,
The emptiness in such a school of thought,
A cruel position we are all trapped in,
For so many questions, answers there are not.
A palliative enigma; opium for the masses,
An institution the world must omit,
That hid the truth behind this existence,
Humans are too timid to admit.

Dilemma of endless times,
Will remain 'till the end of days,
We spend lives dwelling on the biggest questions,
Unanswerable, it's time we waste.

You must let go...

If so... we drift here, lost forever,
As is the dust in the wind,
In this state of flux that is the universe,
At the mercy of our own insignificance.

So as you read... this treatise bleak,
From the deepest abyss of my mind,
We stand amidst this ephemerality,
And have agreed to call it 'life'.
9. Nocturne (14:44)

Pain reawakens uncertainty,
Into firestorms that burn your mental volatility,
And when the tides of change forces one to open eyes,
What do you make of truth and what do you make of lies?
So much aspiration, no room for defeat,
Out of reach from all the things that could make life complete,
Exuding this façade to divert the void inside,
Weakness and strength, right and wrong undefined.

Everything I've ever known, soon have to unlearn,
While we might've come full circle, its a zero degree turn,
You can never go home again, and yet alas,
Of course we know that nothing, nothing forever lasts.
What was the sum of all suffering worth?
Inventing our own meanings on this meaningless earth,
If we have but one life to live, might as well have not lived at all,
Illusory to think one can climb over this wall.


Adversity is the same all over,
It rains on the just and unjust alike,
Consumed by "what should have been",
Foolish to ask the question why.

This realization of the haphazard laws,
That govern me and you,
A collapse in hope stems all across,
World-weary; the resulting view.


I was acquainted with the Absurd not too long ago,
I've seen its true face and the power it holds,
There's no other maxim by which to operate,
We dangle by the careless whim of this phantom fate.

What was left but "good"? But then different gods would decree,
And the only universal thing we had left fell to inconsistency,
So shall we follow into infinite obscurity,
A paradox of a paradox: the unbearable lightness of being.


If it is in fact nothingness that awaits us after death,
Then let us make an injustice of it until the last breath,
Let us fight against destiny even without hope of victory,
It was never for the destination, but for the journey.

Most live for postmortem reward, for them it is a game to exist,
I await no childish contingencies, without salvation I persist.


For I am the night, more truthful than the day,
Would never give the false hope of light only to take it away,
Now that I know that nothingness surely will remain,
I have come to accept it, move on, and not complain.

Oh, world of contradiction and incompatibility,
Soon to be face to face with negation embodied,
When I arrive one day, you'll recall me from this song,
I am the Absurd, speaking to you from the beyond.

And the pity of it all is, it ends in perplexity.
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