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Don't Trust Nobody Full Album Lyrics

Hawg Jaw - Don't Trust Nobody cover art

Don't Trust Nobody

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSludge Metal, Doom Metal
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Lyrics > H > Hawg Jaw Lyrics (13) > Don't Trust Nobody Lyrics (13)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-03-10)
1. Stranger in the Window (2:15)
Don't look now - but there's a stranger in the window
A stranger in the window
Keep quiet & stay calm - the strangers been watchin' all along
Time and time and time again - it gets so close
You can feel it crawlin' under your skin
Stay down, stay outta sight
He just might strike tonight

Don't look now, but there's a stranger in the window
A stranger in the window
Ski mask surrounds his eyes
Hidden in the shadows, beyond the light
Keep still, make no sudden moves
The stranger's got his scopes locked on you
No one knows what the stranger knows
But the stranger's gotta go...
Stranger's got to go.

But I waited, too late, 'til we came face to face
Then it all became so much clearer
There never was a stranger in the window
Just a stranger in the mirror

Stranger in the window

I just might try to strike tonight
2. Devein (2:04)
I never said I'd never say
Never again
Machettes pave the way to a
Cold and desperate place
Just returned from nowhere
But I continue to go there

Six feet deep lies the city of the shallow
Where everyone is hollow and
The black dog always follows
I insist on sharpening my teeth
Scraped 'm on a plate
Sharpened I bite the hand that feeds me

Nothing's gonna change
The spineless remain

I never said I'd never be
Devained again
3. Amongst the Vultures (2:26)
Some say that the monkey and
The human being are the most closest
Related of all primitives and species
Me, I'd say the bird of prey
Yes the vulture
Best resembles man's behavior in
Modern cultures

They circle in the sky, then dive
Digging their talons into your side
Just as they did when you were alive
They sit perched up in their trees
Waiting patiently
All the while living for free off the scraps
Of you and me

I can see the vultures
In your beady little eyes
They come in all shapes, forms and size
It's nothing to be ashamed of
It's something you could never hide
Everybodies got a lil' vulture inside

I've been one before, I'll be one again
We have all been known to fall victim
The vulture could never be caged nor tamed
It's something inside of us that we
Can never ever change

In the darkest moments
Of our darkened lives
We've all been known to take up flight
Amongst the vultures
4. Believe Nothing (1:53)
I don't believe nothing except
That the earth is beneath my feet
And the original plan for man
Hunt, kill, fuck, and eat

Return to the days when men lived out of caves

Believe nothing, trust no one, forget everything
Brutal, tribal, neanderthal
The birth of man is still primal
Civilization wouldn't be missed
The dollar wouldn't exist

Believe nothing, believe nothing

Believe nothing they teach or
Anything they preach of
Believe nothing you're told or what you read
Believe nothing's for free
When lives come cheap
And the strong still feast off the weak

Believe nothing from me
Or anything I speak
Cuz I only believe what's inside
And things myself I see
5. Bleed It Dry (1:16)
Bleed it...
Bleed it dry

Apply salt on open wounds
Never apologize
The cup is half empty
So am I
And like water from the rock
I have come to bleed you dry

Bleed it...
Bleed it dry

Forget the facts
I've got the patience of a razorback
That's been entwined in veins

Pushed deeper are the thorns
Lodged in your side
Scorched by the year of the drought
Just like a hook thru the mouth
I refuse to choose sides
Like water from the rock
I've come to bleed you dry

Bleed it, bleed it dry
6. Random Acts of Knifings (3:15)
Random acts of knifings

Rage has enraged our desires
You shall feel our wrath
As we dance thru the fire
A constant war path

Random acts of knifings

Starved we stand with very little hope
With scalps in hand, we deny your plans
We've come for your throat

Random acts of knifings

Rise or fall, could be the death of us all
But we'll take that chance with knives in hand

Random acts of knifings

This promise like blood will continue to spill
And fall from our lips and drip
From the tips of our salivating tongues

Random acts of knifings

Your only weapon is your mind
Fuck that we've got knives

On that sacred night
Thru sacrifice, we're finally satisfied
Our appetite
By the way of the knife we have taken
Back our lives
Slice by blood thirsty slice
7. Huron (2:41)
Gonna disappear into the deepest of mountains
Tell nobody nothin', untie all my loose ends
Flushed out to the raging seas, and I'm cuttin' free
All the dead weights that have anchored me

Goin' down past the end of the road
Where all the dead mules go
But this time I go alone

But this time I go alone
So say what you will when I'm gone
Say what you will when I'm gone
It's the same thing you say when my back is turned
You speak like a prophet of
Great things and all your knowledge

Come on fool, regurgitate a few more
Things... just told to you
Let go... I just wanna let go
Of all my hopes and dreams
And everything they mean
The games that were played
The people I betrayed
The choices and the 2-faced friends
That I've made

Let go... I just wanna let go
The ways in which I behaved
The path in which I went astray
The life I long delayed
The high prices that I payed
None of it meant shit to me
No, not anyway... let go
8. I Take That Back (1:31)
Utmost disgust, fullest extent
Up from their ditches and into the trenches

Feelin' like a dog that's been beat
Restrained on a tight chain
A savage on a short leash
Backed up against the wall, at the end of my rope
Feelin' like I just got stabbed
In my throat

Utmost disgust, fullest extent
Up from their ditches and into the trenches

Blessed with this curse
In the city of my birth
Bottom feeders fed the filth that funnels down
Alcoholic gunfire, this town has made me proud

Backed up against the wall
At the end of my rope
Feelin' like I just got
Stabbed in my throat
9. Worst Case (3:28)
Everything doesn't mean everything
That it seems
They builds their lives around ridiculous dreams
See what they bring... nothing

It's pathetic and outrageous
How it's gotten so built up and overrated
The whole thing's grown so contagious
When the filth, the filth becomes contaminated

Can't afford to wait any longer
As I'm getting weaker they're
Growing stronger and they believe
In order to succeed you gotta
Have more than fellow man's achieved

Not me
I'm doing just fine wastin' time
Scraping by barely

Like the freight train that's run out of tracks
There's no going forward and turning back
Once again I failed to achieve any of my plans
Once again I returned back to the
Place where I began.
10. Torn Apart (2:27)
Drive the wedge, drive the wedge deeper
The people are just sheep coralled by their keepers
Torn apart, ripped in two
Straight thru the center & both sides lose
All is lost, just chipped away
I guess constant change is here to stay

Stuck in a corner of my world
Still lost from times ago
I've planted everything I've ever known
Just to watch none of it grow
Torn apart, ripped in two
Straight thru the center, both sides lose
All is lost, just chipped away
I guess constant change is here to stay

Still talkin' to my shadows
Once again just like before
Just like me, the shadows agree
I've been drenched in spite and
Doused in negativity

Separated further, separate it

Beaten in the back of the head
Just keep on drivin'... drivin' the wedge

Further separated, further I separate it

The wedge, it divides you
From yourself
And yourself from everyone else
11. Uncrossing (2:22)
From above the thick of the woods
It's a clear path out, which everyone can see
But me, 'cause I'm down in it,
I'm lost beneath these trees
I can't see, I can't see clearly
I'm at the threshold of the crossroads
My mind is so clouded
I don't know which way to go

Don't know where I'm going
Where I wanna be
I cannot find my way thru all these twisted trees!
Gotta stop following trails I can't see
Tonight we shall see what's on the
Other side of the uncrossing
This quest can be so haunting

So I cleared a path
Where nothing stands except for me
Amongst the fallen trees
Face to face with the uncrossing
The voices can be so taunting

Before I can relax & enjoy my victory
I realize once again, my life is in
The weeds of the uncrossing
The repetition can be so exhausting

I've finally found my place in this world
It's out lost...
Lost in the woods
12. Derailled (3:47)
Climb, rise up to the bottom
Where every inch is several miles
Higher, yes higher it's not the last of it
The bridge of ignorance has been reduced to ashes
So seek and you'll find
Everything you've ever cherished
You chose to leave behind...
On the wall

Climb alone, your insecurities shown
Your weaknesses exposed
When you arrived you've accomplished nothing
And feel empty inside
So you sit and you wait
And you remain stagnant
As the hours turn to days

Or you'll fall to the side and hide
Watch them as they all pass you by
You must decide it's time
Do you join them or continue to climb

And possibly stay alive

Rise up to the bottom, before I let you down
Be not afraid, I go before you always
No, not this time
Together we shall both be
13. Baitin' the Traps (3:34)
The slithering, squealing & squirming
You are the snake dropping dimes
You seek vengeance but vengeance is mine
You've learned by watching the ways of the rat
And practice the art of knife in back

You seek every open opportunity
To inject your venom
But you never sink in your teeth
You don't have what it takes to strike like a snake
Rats get devoured when rats take the bait

You pick and you pry, droppin' names, droppin' lies
Outrageous stories, empty excuses & rabid alibis
A sometimes person who keeps swtichin' sides
You should remember to cover your tracks
A lil' better next time you try to hide

Quietly you creep, diseased nibbling teeth
In order to catch the rat you must
Set the trap with left over
Rumors, ego, and scraps

Squealin', squirmin', you are the snake droppin' dimes
You seek vengeance but vengeance is mine
You've learned by watching the ways of the rat
Practice the art of knife in back

So you ruin everything you could never be
You avoid and ignore
The fact that you are a rat doesn't
Annoy you anymore
The spring... it snaps
The trap crushes down upon
The back of the rat
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