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Dawn of the End Full Album Lyrics

Hatchet - Dawn of the End cover art

Dawn of the End

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-19)
1. After the Dark (1:16)
2. Silenced by Death (5:59)
To take a stand
Repress control
Silenced by the hands of the unknown
Expose their lies
You're the elite
The one who gives hope to those who die in fear!
Against society
No human dares
To tread the blackened waters of the iron fist!
Time to assassinate
What you despise
They know you're coming, time to stare death in the face!

Death walks alone
Concealed in secrecy
A plot to snuff you out, you will never know!
Your covers blown
You're marked a traitor
You've turned your back, on those who are your leaders
So called Democracy
Or more like Tyranny
They'll stop st nothing, to bring you to your knees!
There'll be no rest
Until there's blood shed
You must decide now, it's your life lost or theirs!

Kill! Whoever is your enemy
Kill! To set yourself free
Lie! They'll never get the best of you
Die! It's your only true relief
Kill! For everything you stand for
Kill! To settle your scores
Lie! Tell them what they wanna hear
Die! If you're dying on your knees

To despise the higher powers of all mankind
Designed to bring our demise
To save us from ourselves...
Defied, no turning back to heed their lies
Witness all decline
Obey or face the end
Silenced by death

(Lead: Ramos)

The change is upon
Violence will arise
The weak will fall
Cast to the earth
In total silence!
3. Screams of the Night (5:53)
Wake into your dreams, nightly terrors that plague you
Shut inside your web of lies
Prisoner of your own demise.
Seeking out the cries, plaguing your subconscious
Daring not know where they dwell, they will hunt you down

Into the night
You try to find, a way to escape
Struggle to fight
your inner lies, learn to embrace
Out of the light
Open your eyes, the way to relieve your mind
Screams of the night!

Clenching your fists, trying now to grip your thoughts
Sanity lost!
Hateful emotions, threaten to tear you in two
Soul consumed!
A schizophrenic mind, thoughts dwell in lunacy
To live, to die, a reason to kill
Above their right, into their hell!

Now crawling closer, you clearly see
It's not those, but you who screams

Through the fog and the mist of the night, you can't believe
It's not the way you predicted to be
The hatred bleeds from the nightmare,
Your dream, the vision you seek
Falling from grace you must now be set free!

Coming to grips, there's one thing to do
Voice in your head, commands death from you!
Screams of the night!

(Lead: Ramos / Webb)

There's no stopping, thoughts come from within
Dreams of death!
Can't control yourself, it's programmed in you mind
Void of restraint!
Now you're awaken, your body craves the kill!
Their lives, yours, victims of prey
Trained to kill, the screams you crave!
4. Fall from Grace (5:33)
Fall from the phantom skies
Dry, bleaked and worn
Senses of fear
Overwhelm your sense of life
Desolation of mind
Spreads through body and soul
Chill your bones with fright
Paranoia creeps through your veins

Sinister intentions
Relinquish your dreams
Deafening silence
Visions drive you insane
Unrelenting darkness
Feeds the pain
Witness your death
Fall from grace!

Shattered lies
Withered time
Descending from the light
Angel of the night

(Fall from grace!)
Watch your
(Fall from grace!)
Heed my
(Fall from grace!)
Face the wrath of the dark!

(Lead: Ramos)
(Lead: Webb)

Blood drips from your eyes, evil tears
Shunned from holy life, now you must rise

Now your dreams have gone
Wake to this hell
Feel not the light
But eternal black
Violent embrace
Death warms your soul
Now watch us fall
Fall from grace!
5. Revelations of Good and Evil (3:34)
6. Signals of Infection (4:06)
Signals of Infection

Now take a look, Evil that I see
Everything you once knew, it's not reality
Threat of infection, spreading
Virus of creation, killing
We must pull together, reject this disease
Find a place of shelter, back to the sea
We must fight back is the plan of action
Time is running is out, with minutes to react!

Black days of plague, a new dark age of man
Chaos is the order, now make a stand
Consumed by fear, they have the upper hand
End is drawing near, time for us to kill
Take them out by night, it's the only way
Swiftly creep from the fog, they are now our prey
Sole survivors of the raid we have lost hope
No relief from this hell, we will now kill!

Signals of infection!
Signals of...infection!
Signals of infection the end of mankind
Fall to the ground, we will now die
Signals of infection the end of you and I
Falling to the ground you will now die!!!
7. Dawn of the End (4:47)
The final day of life
A never ending night
Season of the deceased
Takes our world by storm
The total end is upon
All of mankind will burn
The final hour draws near
Brought by our own fear

The time of life is lost
Self-indulged to death
Satan laughs in flames
God hangs his head in shame
There is none to blame
Except the human race
Self destructive ways
Bring the end of life

The last night
The final dawn
Evil is now upon
Dawn of the end
Mass extinction
Operation kill
The end of our world
Dawn of the end

Now to hell we ride
One way ticket to death
Those who did not fear
They will surely DIE

Those who remain
Cordoned, burned alive
Troops line the streets
Directive shoot to kill...

(Lead: Ramos)
(Lead: Webb)

Now you will smell the stench
The human death
Endless bodies will line
World city streets
The blackened end
All desolation
Mankind is extinct
Erased from this hell!
8. Sinister Thoughts (4:06)
A broken mind
Forgotten soul
Captivated within
No remorse
Eternal pain
Release your solace to the world
Plot destruction
Hope they suffer
Take the lives by brutal force
What you seek
Eager to watch the pain they'll reap

Evil intentions
Desire power
End of life
Mass extinction
Is what you preach
Make them face the fate they'll meet
Violent murder, seize your world
Your desire
Feed your pleasure with their pain!

Sinister thoughts
Life lost
Sinister thoughts
Evil mind
Now watch them fall to their knees

(Lead: Ramos)
(Lead: Webb)

Vacant mind
Seeks only death
Lurk among your thoughts
Evil dwells!
9. Welcome to the Plague (5:04)
Unto this plague of life
Consumed by greed
Impartial thoughts desire
Objects of lust
No morality
Products of filth
Stitching our eyes shut
Desensitizing life

Drones of the earth

You're fed endless lies
Taught not to think
You drink it with a smile
Ingest the lies
Corruption of the highest
Propaganda pumped through your veins
Excruciating numbness
Welcome to your freedom of lies

Buy into their regression
Process no reaction
Welcome to your plague

(Lead: Ramos)
(Lead: Webb)
(Lead: Ramos)

A vision of perfection
Enshrouded in their design
Just simple false reflection
False ideas forced
Invite the lies inside you
Now greet them with a smile
This plague is now your fate
The masses under plague
10. Vanishing Point (5:46)
Deranged for a kill
Give into desire
Stripped of life and game
Farther closer now

Agonized, she's conscious
Final thoughts are left
Tantalizing flesh
Salivating, you wait

Attack with aggression
Victimized of an aid
Blindfold and Chloroform
Now claim your way

Lurching to sight
Seize her with force
To your place, of secrecy
Will not return

Suffer to the point of no return!

Suffer to the point of no return!

Suffer to the point of no return!


Back on she lies
Fear has your soul
Screams as you penetrate
Sodomized to satisfy

Release all your tension
To your satisfaction
Your grin of evil
Now steal her life

Staring down, in vain
Killing with no remorse
Frantic eyes, dying
Now claim your next
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