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Proliferation Lyrics

Harlott - Proliferation cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-04-03)
1. Proliferation (5:00)
The new age dawns
A failing tolerance
Paradigm shifting to awaken
Fail safe clause
The same old politics
Comforting in death with a plan to save them all
From total nothingness
Killing for good reason
Finish what we abhor
To prolong the emptiness
Terminal velocity of procreation

We're replicating the complications
Hidden far from sight
Degeneration and point mutations
Cannot stop the rise

Banish from existence
Take the only road we know

The world unbalanced spirals from control

No more
Can't take this arrogance
We deserve nothing
To nothing is where we fall
Forsaken hominids
Far beyond the point
Survival has no call
Our vulnerability
Stemming from the source
That we hold dear

The pall
That cloaks man's coffin

Once triumphant
Fading black

Were complicating our replications
Given with no right
Mass mutation kills evolution
The system falls behind

We've broken through the threshold to the point of no return

Warheads stocked in silos buried deep beneath the dust
Catastrophic fission at the fingertips of failing trust
Terrible uncertainty, prepared for world decline
Apocalyptic deity, our fate will come in time

Prepare for war
To hell with delegates
Fully loaded clip with a name on every round
One for each continent
Bringing on the end
The kill switch flicked
It's done
Embrace liberation
Don't it feel good
Knowing that we're in control
The dominant species
Justly so, we end it all

Everything will die
2. Denature (3:58)
Spreading like an airborne prion
Smothering with infectious disease
The human plague, saturating the earth
Ripping life from its own survival means

Epitaph of God's creation
Blackening eventuality
Bringers of apocalyptic decay
Ending all life's prosperity

Burgeoning hostility our time runs out
The world is graced with desolation's hold
Denaturing the planet as all life unfolds
Listen for the epidemic's call
Hear its call

This dying species fades away
Denature earth

Welcome to the dark cessation
Feel a suffering, the third degree
Submit to the immolation
Ceasing everything that they could be
Walk among the devastation
See the limit of this breed
Imposed upon, all life will bow to the curse
No remorse, no regret, no amnesty

Struggling futility our time runs out
The world embraces desolation's hold
Denaturing the planet as all life unfolds
Listen for the epidemic's call
Hear its call
An ashen empire void of life
Choking on death
Extinguished light
Nothing remains, this is the end
Denature earth

First light, the morning comes
Illuminates the mire
Cold death
Decaying turmoil
The corpses start to pile

Striking like an inborn weakness
Withering hereditary ease
The human plague, perishing on this earth
Consumed all it could, and now it bleeds

Epitaph of God's creation
Blackening becomes eternity
Bringers of apocalyptic dismay
End of life in this finality

Struggling futility our time is up
The world submits to desolation's hold
Denaturing the planet as all life unfolds
Listen for the epidemic's call
Hear its call

This dying species fades away
There'll be no life in the dawning day
Nothing is the end
Denature earth
3. Systematic Reduction (1:35)
Protocol initiated
Killing tendency created
Malignant abomination
Existential sin

Maker of annihilation
Revel in my own creation
Glorious indifference
A nihilistic grin

Built for single purpose
Indestructible, remorseless
Diabolical efficiency
To end humanity

Surgical equipment
Rendered unto this new movement
Disassembled, reassembled for the mechapocalypse

Bodies burning, live, unwilling
Wretched system
Programmed killings
Population, dissolution
Vast and perfect retribution
Systematic reduction

Rising, self replicating, amassing numbers more than needed
Gross and grotesque over production of death machines
Organic flesh casing grafted
Every living thing a target
Nothing will escape
This design is immaculate

All are weak to the hunter-seeker
All are viable, unblinking eye

Bodies churning, organ grinder
Wreaking havoc, life defiler
Immolation, persecution
This precision's no illusion

Systematic reduction
All will suffer my construction
Unrelenting vile instruction
Execute systematic reduction
4. Restless (2:22)
Haunted in the mindscape
Cursory pursuit of a nameless dread

Give in to fatigue
You're dragging through quicksand
Subject to my will

Seed once dormant
Germinating fear
Overcoming your defiance
Become reliant

Rotting in the core
Like addiction
Weakening the mind
Through imprecation

No one will find me
Buried inside
I'll make you restless
Make you tired

Falter to the madness
All consuming

Gutting your beliefs
Memories held dear
Nothing more
See the remnants of your life

Reciting malediciton
I am the execration
Perfection of sadism
Putting sickness in your head

Brutality inception
Like a cancer grows
Until the withering makes you wish you were dead

Trapped in insomnia
Awaken to the night
This restless life I've given you
A never-ending plight
5. The Fading Light (4:31)
Damned if we didn't fucking heed the words
The wise men told of the coming storm
But pride and greed, the desirable traits
It's like we always wanted to see our fate

Arms race, genocide, plague, famine, all that died
Products of an overbearing need to kill
Our sublety and subterfuge
Saw our methods brought onto the global scale

Cold war's burn then die
Martyr's take their life
Worthless emblems fall away
Reveal the end in sight

Extinction's calling
Send us to an early grave
Toxic fallout
Nuclear shadow cloaks the way

There's no more warnings
As the light begins to fade
The sky turns black
Eternal nightfall ends our days

Evil by design, we have lived our last
Domination proven with the fatal blast
More fuel to the fire, as the smoke flies higher
See the construct fail by the embers glow

Amidst the crawling chaos
Mushroom clouds
Signs of the times
A never failing obedience to the endless possession

We were always meant to cease by our own hand
Nothing could interfere, this was the plan

Burning bright, the obelisk will bathe this world in fire
Eternal beacon of extinction
Endless flaming pyre
6. Lord of War (4:06)
20 million rounds laying waste to hordes of man
The infantile militia desecrate at your command
You light the fuse, summon abuse
And cultivate this death
Importing lies, exporting lives
And stain it all blood red

Straight from hell
You play the part well
Self-crowned king
Of endless suffering

Ambassador of riotous violence
Consecrating lifeless darkness
Ignore the price, so long as you get paid
Nominate the victim, die for peace
Live your own disdain

Tyrant of despicable warfare
Inciting the progress nowhere
Icon of deception, heed no blame
Privatising conflict for the green
What be your name

40.000 dead in a single fucking day
Globalise your genocide, life the price to pay
Exacerbate relations, warring nations what you need
Gain the wealth, feel no guilt, money cannot bleed

Born of hell
The part was made so well
Stolen king
Of priceless suffering
7. Civil Unrest (4:45)
Broken systems evolution
Injustice feeds revolution
Furthering decrepitude
Breeds millions more of the waking brood

Driven weak and beaten down
The shackles of oppression
Now the time has come to overpower
Depose those in the blackened towers

Worthless, insignificant
But numbers bring the threat
Brainwashed, docile, can't you see?
A greater power yet

Civil unrest
Cities fall
Monuments will crumble
Neath this catastrophic force

Those in power seek to fool the foolish
Masses that give them their power
Fucked if we can't see beyond their lies

Those with nothing can lose nothing
Violent concoction of retribution
Fucked are those that forced us to this life

Destitution in the streets
Dystopia, the air we breathe
Unease runs rampant
Diseased habits
Take no more from this hateful gambit

Rise up to the front lines
Take the fight to the source
Embittered icons of oppression
Make them know your scorn

Strike against the choking hand
The truth they spit is false
Listen no more to their lies
Become the cleansing storm

Their nefarious intentions
Nothing can indemnify
Pray for help, the commination
No such divine intervention
Pyrophoric citizens
The fire lit inside
Desperate, formidable
The unity can't be denied

Make them know your scorn
Become the cleansing storm
8. Hellbent (4:40)
Darkness, I fixate on severing necks
Quenching the more that you bleed
Draining your chalice engages my lust
Fulfilling an unholy need
Next to restraint, I thrive on my hate
Losing the struggle inside
Psychotic urges my only command
Satan unwilling my mind

Hate, coursing through my veins
You will know I'm hellbent

Mindless, I kill
Dominating fury
Innocent blood spilled

I feel myself drawn to the kill
Undying desire to render you dead
Losing all sense of self-will
Tearing you open for reasons I keep
Striking your limbs from the core
Visceral carnage will follow
The bloodshed is all I well ever adore

Bloodshed, my thirst has been sated for now
Return to a slumber, unrestful at best
Awaiting my next rise to kill
Deep in the chasm where once I was free
I feel intuition decline
Hands that were once mine now strike on their own
All part of the devil's design

Hate, coursing through my veins
Burning in my hell
Calling out your name
You will know I'm hellbent
9. Bloodlust (2:01)
Violent death, the motive I embody wills my hatred
Vicious plans inherent, my contingency is sacred
Deadly vision steers me to a propagation ending entity
A monument of death to this disgusting breed's finality

Festering capacity of sickening prophetic visions
Rampant, my atrocities
Broken self restraint to dull the scream in my head
It's fucking over for this planet will incur my wrath

Devastation roils in my wake
Nothing will prevail
Execution final
No reprieve
Impostition vital
I will always give in to the bloodlust

Bodies mounting in the mayhem
I have brought
Entire empires to their knees
Severed heads to kill the serpent
Final weapon for the mission
Exit strategy fruition
Closing in
Your inhibition makes you stone cold dead weight

Desecration boils in my blood
Nothing will be saved
Execution final
No reprieve
Holocaust revival
I will always give in to the bloodlust

I will make it so you suffer but the end will come
Like a blessing you will pass but I first I need my fun
Nothing else will satisfy
Just the fact that you will die
My elation felt when darkness fills your eyes
Ruination of the body
Bathing in the blood
Exhumation of the past, the glory in my work
Odious collection, tooth and skin totem
Reflection of humanities direciton
With that my will is done

Desecration, my ambition
Wasting from within
Bloodlust is my life, my soul, my sin
10. Cross Contamination (3:07)
Dying for a lack of faith in your aspersion
Victims of a message you revere
Total population under one word, yours
For his glory you will wipe the planet clear
Resistance, the watcher seeks
Indoctrination of the weak
Removal of the vigilant that stand against your plight
Apocalypse for all, no absolution
No recourse for those who cannot see the light

Cross contamination
Vile insemination
Mutilating nations
Empyrean death

Killing fields
The burning villages of natives
Raping, pillaging, enslaving
Weak and helpless fall beneath the lord

Death camps
Internment so fatal
Torture, castration
Enable thraldom
Broken down they will submit
The holy cause

Deadly since the dawn of the fable
Your delusion sending the power to the head
Righteous in the mind, breaking your own rules
Judge me not, there's so much more to come yet
Spreaing, infiltrating
This new orders reach is never ending
Grasping at the root, upending all existing life
And who deny will feel your wrath, no mercy
Powered by your gods to take a life
11. Legion (3:39)
Hunting, no truce
Our violence is a desecrating force
No use, to run away and hide
Beceause our hatred knows no bounds except for hell itself
You are answer, you'll suffer
Until our hunger is fulfilled

We have come to dominate
Worthless lives, annihilate
Harbingers of futile war
We settle every fucking score

Bloodshed, we live for
There's no controlling our aggression
Murder, no recall
Absent minded present danger
Mindless obsession
A taste for death and warring terror
Godless oppression
Suffocating life with vengeance

We are many
From countless regions
Psycholic army
Call me legion
Taste your sorrow
As you become it
Your final chapter
Because we are Harlott

Riot, we strike
Our madness is our means of power
Taking your life
We are always prepped for battle
Terror, we spread
You're weakened and you can't surrender
Victory, you're dead
Our battle plan has come, you must decide
Which way you want to die
12. Means to an End (4:52)
Born useless
Raised to align with the drove
Cut down
Reason to resist

Melting point
Die cast
Pressure formed
The very last discretion
Beaten from us
Make us compliant

Filled with the notion
That the corporate greed
Is a necessary evil
That humanity needs

Few will deny it
Pacifism ever quiet
Desecration running riot
From the men who lead

Activated soldiery power
We race towards the line
Psychotic ingression
Now we know the sign

There's a means to an end staring in our face
Redemption bright behind its eyes
The masses screaming for the end of days
Fulfilling with a cleansing fire

The construct brings us to the brink
Collateral damage
That target in sight
Not worthless
Is that what you think

Maniacs laugh with their finger poised above
The buttoms that will end it all
Stalemate tension at its breaking point
The redemption switch
A siren's call

Psycho manifestation
Bleed with the rest of your kind
All will bow to terror
And welcome its design

There's a means to invoke no future
And its temptation is too much to bear
The glory of our power is realised
As our ashes fills the air

Were elated as we burn it all away
All will join the ending of society
A mass extinction of the horde
Kings will fall beneath their useless pawns

The motion cannot be reversed
This mechanism suffocates the earth
And now as we await the curtain call
To implement the means to end it all

Die worthless
Destiny resigns your hope
Cut down
Nothing will persist
All gone

Pressure point
Dead last
The very last dissection of a species
Make us notional

Filled with desire to
Incorporate the creed
Unnecessary evil
Of humanities seed

Few will survive it
The planet will go quiet
An ending to the riot
Man's final scene
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