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Raw Sorcery Full Album Lyrics

Hang the Bastard - Raw Sorcery cover art

Raw Sorcery

GenresDoom Metal, Sludge Metal, Metalcore
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-07)
1. Failed Harvest (3:20)
Failed Harvest Looking out
All I See Is waste and disease
Dark times are coming our way
We brought this on ourselves
A fate that we deserve
2. Raw Sorcery (3:37)
The storm is brewing, The tides are rising
Evil doers are converging
Cloaked men and women
Preparing for this worlds demise
Wizards and witches performing black masses
Spilling the blood of the meek
Preparing all virgin fools for the harvest
You won’t find God here
Now there’s no escape
Your end is fucking here
No one can save you now
This worlds been doomed since the dawn of time
This worlds been doomed since the dawn of this rotten humanity
You won’t find God here
This world is crashing down
No one will be spared
The children will be colored blood red
The ground will open
And hell on earth begins
No one can save you now.
3. Doomed Fucking Doomed (3:26)
Another fucking waste, Another fucking lie
Isolated again
A kid who doesn’t know his place
What’s to lose, when you’ve lost everything
Roads leading to nowhere
But it’s leading away from you
And when I see your face
I want to tear it apart
Push it, Rip it, Fuck it, Kill it
In 20 years, I’ve never felt so low
So I’m pushing and pushing
Trying to not give a fuck
About the shitty things you did
You’re the reason I feel disconnected
4. Pillage Your Village (5:08)
Pillage you village
Burn all your crops
Kill all the live stock
Fun never stops
Pillage your village
Plunder your wine
Laugh at your lepers
Dine on your swine
Taking what I can
Destroy everything
I feed on pain, not please
Smell the blood and sweat in the air
Fucking love these guilty pleasures
Don’t care about your feeling
You give it all
And I’m waiting to receive.
5. Awaken Ye Heathens (2:36)
Filling my world with hate
You’ll be at the receiving end of my wraith
So cower in fear
Before you meet your bitter ending
Awaken, Where’s your soul?
Crashed on the rocks
You can’t see
You’re in hell
Your world is falling apart
And I’m one bringing it down
Earthquakes and hurricanes
Your life is fucking over
Are you through?
Let me tell you something
My skull brims with hate
And you’re the fucking cause
You can’t see
You’re in hell.
6. Oblivion (5:18)
You’ll fade away in to the darkness
We’ll waste away in to Oblivion
Raining down chaos
Bringer of war
These are your beliefs
Based on stories of old
Oh how you will suffer
At the hands of the wretched that you cast aside
As you watched children burn
Comfortable in the knowledge that you where going to a better place
Telling stories to control
Weak minded fools
I won’t fall into your trap
And let your tear my soul apart
I can see, with clear eyes that we live in a cold world
Even if your reign of fear
Should come to an end
It’ll be too late
This worlds been wasting away for far too long
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