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III: the Rommel Chronicles | Full Album Lyrics

Hail of Bullets - III: the Rommel Chronicles cover art

III: the Rommel Chronicles

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsMetal Blade Records
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Lyrics > H > Hail of Bullets Lyrics (31) > III: the Rommel Chronicles Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-11-30)
1. Swoop of the Falcon (5:20)
Year of a legend
Habitat the Corps
Battle his element

Into the Great War
Keep the Right Wing strong
First encounter
Reported, killed at Dun

To live as a hero
One must survive
In a Hail of Bullets
Worn out but alive

Stalemate in the West
Damp entrenchments
Austere conditions
Wire entanglements

Wounded whilst charging
Fixed on bayonet
Storming earthworks
MG's and Hand Grenades

To live as a hero
One must survive
Devoted to his men
Brings them out alive

Quality of decision
His was indeed
Like the swoop of the falcon
Of pure warrior's breed
2. Pour le Mérite (4:14)
Transferred to the South East, Gebirgsbatallion.
Promoted Oberleutnant, wearing high decorations.
Threatened Austria requests, German reinforcements.
Deployment of the 14th Army, Rommel's Detachment.

To capture Mount Matajur,
this mission's last objective.
Savage close quarter fights,
prove past drills effective.
Pressing on, climbing steep,
Reaching the points marked.
No other alternative, go forward and go hard!

Causing heavy casualties, clear opposing nests.
Overpower outposts, seizing the crest.
Rushing on to Longarone, speed means surprise.
Whole brigades surrender, vanquished at sunrise.

As the battlefields go silent,
and troops leave their frontiers.
Not to command in combat, for over 20 years.

Loyalty, bravery, at last bring his reward.
To gain this palm for gallantry, the highest award.
Join those in remembrance, valorous elite.
For fatherland and emperor, Pour Le Merite!
3. DG-7 (6:25)
Theatre World War II, not an exercise.
Inferior in numbers, secrecy assured surprise.

At concentration area, all units mobilized,
the code word fell at 13:45.
Veritable fortresses, riding out at dusk.
On the road to victory they drive.

Concealed thoroughfare, elusive ghosts.
Route DG-7, to the Channel coast.

Avoid traffic congestion, removing barricades.
Rarely stopped for any length of time
The day goes to the side that is the first
to plaster its opponent with fire.

Sections blazing, at breakneck speed.
Shock to confound, mauling metal steeds.

Concealed thoroughfare, elusive ghosts.
Route DG-7, to the Channel coast.

(guitar lead: Stephan)

Tough resistance whilst crossing the Meuse
Murderous shelling from the river banks
Providing smoke to obscure observation
Building large pontoons to ferry tanks.

Directing the panzers, turrets traversed left.
Confused withdrawal, spreading collapse.
Smashing inferno, a foe in decline.
Roaring tracks and engines, crack the Maginot line.

(guitar harmony: Ed)

4. To the Last Breath of Man and Beast (3:11)
Ever onwards goes the spook division.
The Blitzkrieg upon France now unleashed.
Strike with clenched fist not with open palm,
to the last breath of man and beast.

(guitar lead: Paul)

Critical the Arras infiltration,
matildas withstanding German Pak.
Efficient in its horizontal modus,
losses mounted by destructive Flak.

Standing in full vision over the Somme,
Inspiring soldiers to the maximum.
Splinters whistling, danger ignored.
Pointing out targets, leading the horde.
Regrouping forces in rectangular box.
Flachenmarsch manoeuvre, passing roadblocks.

Through trackless fields, movement unopposed.
Reaching the Channel, 'Am at coast.'

Racing on towards the Cherbourg structures.
Heavy bombings on the fortresses.
Six weeks war ends in flame and smoke.
Surrender follows after armistice.
5. DAK (3:45)
A grave calamity, one Axis power retreats.
Near annihilation, impending defeat.
Coalition warfare, appealing support.
Vanguard's arrival, impressive cohort.

Despite risk of air-raids, unload at floodlight.
Between dusk and dawn, all onto the dockside.
Supervising general, in personal command.
Preceding skirmishes, as more contingents land.

Instant operations, formations explore.
Promulgated title, Deutsches Afrika Korps.

(tremolo abuse: Paul / Stephan)
6. The Desert Fox (5:20)
Disregarding orders, objectives set.
Stance indications, 'Ultra' intercepts.
Gaining experience, desolate landscape.
With small existing forces, in undeveloped state.

Altitude reconnaissance, in his Storch he flies.
Observing and designing, the watcher from the skies.
Preliminary probe, adversaries expelled.
Soon to become the nightmare, of the Commonwealth.

Cardboard dummies, to deceive.
Brilliant stroke, enemy leaves.
Keeping pressure, on full pursuit.
the 5th light, DAK en route.
Progress halts, re-stock, re-fuel...
Tempo matters, on to the next duel.
Securing Lybia, re-conquesting Cyrenaica.

Tremendous demands, enormous strain.
Blocked air filters, sweltering plains.
Locate headquarters by watch and compass.
Mechili clear, make for it, drive fast.
Blinding sandstorms, scorpion bites.
Scorching days, chilling nights.
Natural player, this great game.
The Desert Fox, obtaining his fame.
7. Tobruk (4:26)
Clashes in the badlands, ever raging on.
Tenacious fighting, to hold the cauldron.
Maintain possession of the vital fort.
Regain initiative, capture the port.

Inaction on both sides, time to re-organize.
Initial Axis motion, after restoring supplies.

Advancing spearhead, pillars of dust.
Blackened horizon, decisive thrust.
Fierce resistance, pouring shells.
Murderous heat, combat in hell.

Imposing stronghold, a hard nut to crack.
Phalanx configuration, concentrated attack.

(guitar lead: Paul)

Piercing through minefields, bold enterprise.
Gazala taken, Tobruk the price.
8. Farewell to Africa (2:51)
Brilliantly performed escape.
Divisions in dramatic shape.
Rearguard hostilities, anti-tank lines.
High speed withdrawal, secured by mines.

Demand for replenishments,
gasoline and nourishment.
Yet guns rapid firing, the dreadful 88.
Inflicting damage, ravage armored plates.

Trying to rescue what's left of his troops,
save them from imprisonment.
No further glory in future offensives.
Evacuate this continent,
tormented by malady and foul intrigue.
The genius forced to depart,
guiding his army till the very end,
fighting bold and hard.

(guitar lead: Paul)

One last blow at Kasserine, then vanish from the scene.
GI's fleeing in panic, Tigers on their heels.
One more courageous triumph, chaos; creation of steel.

Trying to rescue what's left of his troops,
save them from imprisonment.
No further glory in future offensives.
Evacuate this continent,
tormented by malady and foul intrigue.
The genius forced to depart,
leaving his valiant and tough 'Afrikaner',
with pain in his heart.
9. The Final Front (4:45)
New assignment, North West Europe command.
Inspect the Atlantic Wall and its hinterland.
Prepare the strongest possible, positional defense.
Energizing forces, boost morale of men.

Marshall resources, there never is enough.
Emplace obstructions, 'Rommel Asparagus'.
X-Shaped iron hedges, tripods of steel.
Concrete bunkers, flooded fields.

Viewpoint ignored, reserves held back.
Diversion 'Fortitude', successfully distracts.
Massive armada, countless crafts appear.
Nautical salvos, D-Day is here!

(guitar lead: Stephen)

Amphibious landings, marines wading ashore.
Situation desperate, submitting reports.
Last meeting in Berlin, the tyrant's tomb.
Political solution, deliverance from doom.

Severely wounded, as fighters dive.
Fractured skull, again survived.
Hospitalized, country condemned.
The war is lost, this is the end.
10. Death of a Field Marshal (5:31)
Disillusion, recovery at home.
Faith disintegrated, his lament, his oath.
Accused of High Treason, plotting the attempt.
Mistaken conspirator, a Field Marshal condemned.

The choice between dishonor and death by cyanide.
Succumbed to his injuries, silenced suicide.
Father, husband, Desert Fox, loyal serving man.
A farewell with dignity, baton in his left hand.

"Wie wird das Urteil der Geschichte über mich
lauten? Wenn ich Erfolg habe, werden alle anderen
den Ruhm beanspruchen. Aber wenn ich scheitere,
wird jeder meinen Kopf fordern."
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