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The Curse over Mankind Full Album Lyrics

Hades Archer - The Curse over Mankind cover art

The Curse over Mankind

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  87.5 / 100
Votes :  2
Lyrics > H > Hades Archer Lyrics (21) > The Curse over Mankind Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-01)
1. The Darkest Flame (3:08)
Spirit of the wild, rider of the night
Keeper of the dark flame, “Xeper” alive
Bringer of torture of weakness and scum
Messenger from tempest enlight thy path...

Supreme is the being, primordial our mind
Carrier of black sparks burning inside
The night crawler that afraids the blind
Stronger is the wisdom that spreads it blaze...

“Supra gnosis
De ente lucifugum
Sophia et virtutes
Non compos mentis”

Beholder of the dark, beholder of the unlight
Elevated to tame the “Fifth and the Sound”
The innermost “Shining one” almighty and proud
Let's the individuals reign supreme...
2. Atlas Falls (3:48)
Falling in the arena of the titan beasts
The pits of cauldrons burning high
Tired destructures bearing land riots
Huge pillars fall down under endlessly
Eroded by the subterranean gnawing of Tetis
Magma regurgitated in noxious anger
Antediluvian scroll reveals from past
Punishment, the hammer of the gods' roars!

Atlas falls

Prophets dreamt with a messenger
Festing on earth the counterpoint and rapture
Trowning in gold their wretched creed
Betraying with paramount slaves' doctrines
Armageddon is coming to enlight our will
The beginning of bestial dawn shall coming soon
Falling foundations to rest in lava
Glorify the splendour in Doomsday!

Atlas falls

Battle of beasts, earthquakes and war
The hammer is falling, world chaos
Mortal shreds by a killing spree
Slaughtered masses, red tide

Whole disaster, torment from Hell
Desecrates the coward temples of faith
Angels with trumpets, ghostriders of death
Summoning them a foretold snare

Falling of Atlas by tyrants' scouge
Broken bones by merciless hatred
Erupted evil from giant's entrails
Wrath of ragers, crawl you in pain

Blizzards of Typhon I call to thee
Spread the dragon breath for world's meltdown
Armoured Echidna, warhorses march forth
Aris reclaims bloodsports from the highest
Insatiable famine of Cronos devouring
Land dwellers into oblivion surpassing chaos
Fate of Gorgon freezes braves' courage
Possessed in fright by the glare of thy bane!

Upstairs of heaven falling down for ages
Atlas kneels down at the waterfalls of emptiness
Iapetos devours the war carrion
Gods' corpses laid on earth for men damnation
The crown of weakness bleeding in despair
With the sound of Furias and Morias crying
The soul gift it corpses, the son his god
Prelude of religious world sunset!
3. Guardian of the Coven (7:17)
Hideous creature of the night
Rides in your back the empress of sin
Spirit that flights high into trance of obscurity
Your daughters celebrate down here

Embodiment of victory and freedom
Black is the colour for the unlife
Captor of souls in the towers of silence
Now lurks with the sound of the bells!

Black eagle, guardian of witches...
Black eagle, proctector of coven...

Flight into the vast of Archadian forest
Your shadow that covers the Shaman's cape
Nature secrecies hidden for witness
Kept it into the shining eyes of the Chon Chon

From the abyss of Daath was saw your silhouette
Just a whole course from the cosmic serpent
Curse from the deathstrike of Kai Kai and Ten Ten
Ovations to Oprichious and it strenght!

Black eagle, guardian of witches...
Black eagle, proctector of coven...

Adds the ingredients in the oldest cauldron
Let the zighotical beast breathes eternal life
Into the flying of Zos Kia Kultus
Twist to the daughter tonight

Stir to the undeads behind the portals
Waiting to face the Warlock's delight
Black winds announce the vigilant's landing
From Salem it presence prevails!

Black eagle, guardian of witches...
Black eagle, proctector of coven...
4. Satan Desecrates (1:31)
5. Salem's Curses (1:50)
6. Abyss (5:02)
7. Primordial (Mortuary Drape cover) (3:07)
Destroy the church of the priest - rising the heathens
Proclaming of the mercy damaging the instinct of man
Fuck the nun and kill the priest - I spit on their message

In capitalism rule pope and state are united
They are the masters of this world deceding on our life
What it means rebellion if I'm not in the dogma
I'm proud to walk and let down in the dark

Wild and free, primordial
Wild and free, primordial
Wild and free, primordial
Wild and free, primordial

There is an animal in me which makes me strong
A latent power calling bestiality
The cult has been tormented but it survived in the time
Wisdom of ancients manuscripts has been all burned

Nature and purity were injured in nomine god
Good and evil are in confront - relative concept
Lucifer is the lord and bringer of light
He is the brother of christ the pettifogger

Wild and free, primordial
Wild and free, primordial
Wild and free, primordial
Wild and free, primordial
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